T10T: Favorite Covers of 2018


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt was actually Books With My Favorite Color on the Cover, but I have three favorite colors (kelly green, purple, and black), so I opted to do this instead!

NOTE: I had to stick to 2018 covers, because if I branched out into 2019, this list was gonna be 15-20 instead of 10…

From least favorite to favorite…


10. Emergency Contact — Mary H.K. Choi
Released: March 27th, 2018

9. 9 From the Nine Worlds — Rick Riordan
Releasing: October 2nd, 2018

8. The Way You Make Me Feel — Maurene Goo
Releasing: May 8th, 2018

7. Summer Bird Blue — Akemi Dawn Bowman
Releasing: September 11th, 2018


6. The Astonishing Color of After — Emily X.R. Pan
Released: March 20th, 2018

5. Muse of Nightmares — Laini Taylor
Releasing: October 2nd, 2018

4. Escaping From Houdini — Kerri Maniscalco
Releasing: September 18th, 2018


3. Girls of Paper and Fire — Natasha Ngan
Releasing: November 6th, 2018

2. Bright We Burn — Kiersten White
Releasing: July 10th, 2018


1. Darkdawn — Jay Kristoff
Releasing: November ???, 2018

What has been your favorite cover of 2018 so far? Are you excited for any of the books on my list?


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69 thoughts on “T10T: Favorite Covers of 2018

  1. Ooh, I love the spin you put on this TTT! All these covers are pretty, especially Girls of Paper and Fire! I can’t wait till it releases!


  2. 2018 is such a good year for covers (and books for that matter)??? I’m super excited for 9 From the Nine Worlds – the cover looks fantastic. I’m also super excited for Escaping From Houdini but, the cover is definitely not my favourite.


  3. I quite like 9 From the Nine Worlds cover as well but it is so different from the others he’s had. Even so I am super excited for it. I can’t really choose between all the pretty covers. Too many


    1. Yes, it is VERY different from the others he’s got! I always like his covers, for the most part. I think the only exception is the Kane series, I don’t love those. But I always say that Magnus and Apollo have some of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen in any series!

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  4. So many aesthetically pleasing books being released this year ❤ Also, I had no idea that Rick Riordan is coming out with another book?!?!?!


  5. OOOoooo why are all the books this year so pretty??? Next year looks like they are going to be better… and we’re just going to buy all the pretties….my back account will not stand for this!
    I really liked the new cover for Vicious by V.E. Schwab… and Vengeful’s cover is also lovely…. except that the vicious book I have now will not match it’s sequel ;_; *crying silently inside*


  6. I love some of these covers. The Astonishing Color of After cover really made me want to grab a copy when I saw it. The colours of Summer Bird Blue are gorgeous. Darkdawn is so obviously Jay Kristoff at a glance. I’m currently reading Nevernight so I should be ready to read book 3 when it comes out 🙂


    1. Okay, so my favorite thing about Astonishing is actually UNDER the dust jacket… the naked hardback is HOT PINK! It’s so gorgeous! And yes, Darkdawn really is so Kristoff, haha. ♥ I love it. Yay! I’m hoping to pick up Godsgrave in the next month or two.


      1. I heard a lot of people talking about Starfish. I was eying it at the library the other day. If I haven’t forgotten my library card at home I was going to borrow it. Next time.


  7. I love the cover for 9 From the Nine World even though I don’t have any interest in Rick Riordan’s books. But somehow the cover reminds me of World of Warcraft haha 😀 one of my favourites of this year is The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill! I actually just ordered my hardcover copy and cannot wait TO STARE AT IT ALL THE TIME 😀


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