T10T: My Most Anticipated Diverse 2018 Releases


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt was actually to list 10 books that give you the travel bug, but I always struggle with those sorts of topics because… well, as someone who reads mostly fantasy, most of what I read takes place in worlds I don’t want to visit!

Instead, I decided to re-do a list I’ve done before that you guys were pretty fond of: my most anticipated diverse releases, in order of release date!


1. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings — Ellen Oh & Elsie Chapman

rep: Filipino, Chinese, Hmong, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Korean, Gujarati, Indian, Japanese
This is an anthology of Asian authors retelling Asian folklore and myths, and is totally gorgeous and worth picking up. Review here!

RELEASES JUNE 26, 2018 — YA fantasy


2. Fresh Ink — Lamar Giles

rep: Asian-American, black, Native American, Muslim, Japanese, Iranian, Latinx, Filipino, trans, f/f
This is an anthology of authors of color telling stories about life as a teen of color in today’s society. Very hard-hitting, 100% worth a read. Review here!

RELEASES AUGUST 14, 2018 — YA contemporary


3. To Be Honest — Maggie Ann Martin

rep: fat
Savannah, a plus size teen, has to survive one more year of high school – but she has to do it alone, with her weight-obsessed mother. Ouch!

RELEASES AUGUST 21, 2018 — YA contemporary


4. Mirage — Somaiya Daud

rep: Moroccan
Amani is forced into servitude as a cruel princess’ body double, but an unexpected relationship with the princess’ fiance shakes things up.

RELEASES AUGUST 28, 2018 — YA fantasy


5. Summer Bird Blue — Akemi Dawn Bowman

rep: ace/aro, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Samoan
After Rumi’s younger sister Lea dies in a car accident, Rumi is sent to work through her grief and rage with her aunt in Hawaii, where she slowly falls back in love with music, life, and herself. I adored this one. Review coming soon!

RELEASES SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 — YA contemporary


6. The Storm Runner — J.C. Cervantes

rep: Mayan, disability
Zane is a lonely child, whose only friend is a dog named Rosie. When exploring a dormant volcano, Zane manages to wake an evil Mayan god, and is set off on an adventure to save the world – and, more importantly, his dog.

RELEASES SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 — MG fantasy


7. The Sisters of the Winter Wood — Rena Rossner

rep: Jewish
Sisters Liba and Laya have escaped the suffering of Jews like them by living in a sheltered, quiet village, but when they are left to themselves, they discover that fairy tales sometimes come true in the worst ways.

RELEASES SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 — adult fantasy


8. Blanca & Roja — Anna-Marie McLemore

rep: Latinx, f/f, trans
Blanca and Roja are two cursed sisters, who have always known their curse would find them someday, and trap one of them in the body of a swan.

RELEASES OCTOBER 9, 2018 — YA fantasy


9. Girls of Paper and Fire — Natasha Ngan

rep: Asian, f/f
When Lei is taken to become a Paper Girl – a girl in training to become a consort of the king’s – she falls in love with a fellow Paper Girl in training, and is wrapped into a plot of treason and revenge.

RELEASES NOVEMBER 6, 2018 — YA fantasy


10. Empire of Sand — Tasha Suri

rep: Indian
Mehr is the descendant of desert spirits, but her own powers to manipulate the gods’ dreams are hidden even from her, until the Emperor’s cruel mystics recognize her strengths and capture her in an attempt to make her one of their own.

RELEASES NOVEMBER 13, 2018 — adult fantasy

What upcoming diverse title(s) are YOU most excited for? Were any of these already on your TBR, or have you read them?


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50 thoughts on “T10T: My Most Anticipated Diverse 2018 Releases

  1. Oh, I”m SO excited for you to read Girls of Paper and Fire! It was absolutely stunning and I have a feeling you’re going to love it. ❤ And aahh I'm so glad that we both loved Summer Bird Blue! Such a beautiful story and I'm blessed to have buddy read it with you! 😘


    1. Aww, no worries, a lot of people’s feeds are super messed up lately, mine included! It sucks! 😦 But yesss, they all sound so good, and that cover of The Sisters of the Winter Wood literally makes me want to cry a little for how much I love it lol.


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