The 2018 Mid-Year Stats Update (Nerds, Rejoice!)

I was originally going to do the Mid Year Freak Out Tag, but I decided I wanted to do something a little more personal and unique: a stats update!

See, I’m a nerd when it comes to statistics. I love keeping up with data and making little charts and all kinds of goodies like that, and I make it easy on myself by keeping up with a huge spreadsheet of every single book I read and/or haul. To make this post a little lighter on graphics, though, I’ll be presenting some of the stats as lists. 🙂


Total books read: 134
(Last year: 210 — I’m on track to beat last year’s number!)

Pages read: 41,844
(Last year: 56,765 — I’m on track to beat this, too, by a LOT! I read a lot of graphic novels last year, I guess…)

Rereads: 10
(Last year: 6 — my goal was to reread more books this year, and it’s working!)

Average rating: 4.2
(Last year: 3.8 — I’m reading better books this year, I guess?)


Total number of hauled books: 268

ARCs/review copies: 58

Trades: 31

Gifts/prizes: 20

Purchases: 159
(aaaand this is why I’m on a book ban… but in my defense, most of these were kindle sales and BookOutlet hauls! I’m not comfortable stating the amount spent, but trust me when I say it’s probably less than you think it is)




As you can see, I’ve read more fantasy than anything at 38.5%, but contemporary is a close second at 27.4%! I expect these numbers to shift as I read more horror and thrillers later in the year.



I’m actually surprised by how high the percentage is for ARCs (that’s “uncorrected proof” on the chart); I knew I read a lot of them, but didn’t think it was 1/3 of my overall reading! I’m also surprised my ebook percentage is so low, but I guess that’s just because my eARCs are combined with my physical ARCs in the chart.



Mostly novels (which is what I mark anything above 250pg), but this will change a bit; I have 4-5 anthology ARCs on my TBR, as well as a couple of horror anthologies I’d like to reread for Halloween!

Author Genders:


That liiiiittle bitty purple sliver doesn’t have a label, but it’s for nonbinary authors! As you can see, I have almost exclusively read books written by women this year. It’s not intentional, but I’m not mad about it!

Protagonist Genders:


I actually didn’t think “ensemble” would be 1/4 of the chart, but it makes sense when I consider how many anthologies I read, or books with POVs from characters of multiple genders.

Age Ranges:


I don’t have 2017’s charts anymore, but I remember that 2017 was waaaay heavier on YA than this year has been so far, which tells me I’m succeeding at branching out a little this year!

Star Ratings:


Wow. I had NO IDEA I’d read so many 5-star books over the last 6 months! This totally blew my mind – I honestly thought I’d read more 4-star reads than anything else. (The 0s are for books I DNFed too soon to rate.)

Year Published:


I’ve read more 2018 releases than anything else, which makes sense, given how many ARCs I’ve read this year! I have a ton of backlist titles I want to read before the end of the year, so I hope to raise the 2010-2017 bar pretty drastically by December.

Acquired From:


This is one of those things that I keep up with solely because I’m a chart geek. I did not think my library percent would be that high! I think most of those are from my summer class reading – thanks, grad school! 😛

Those are all of the charts I have that are even remotely interesting, but I think it’s going to be cool to look back on this at the end of the year and compare my mid-year and end-of-year statistics.

Do you keep up with your statistics? If so, what do you use? Just your Goodreads “year in books”, or a spreadsheet, or maybe a reading journal? Let me know in a comment (and tell me whether or not you like this type of post)!




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41 thoughts on “The 2018 Mid-Year Stats Update (Nerds, Rejoice!)

  1. I like this post, it looks like it was a lot of work to put together! I don’t really keep track of my books except for using Goodreads. However, I recently made some spread sheets for my TBR and ARCs I just have to remember to use them


    1. Thank you! It’s mostly just a lot of upkeep – I pull up my spreadsheet and update it at least once a day. 🙂 It took me a little while to get used to using spreadsheets, but I started using one for my ARCs last spring and I don’t know what I would do without it now!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I loved looking at all these charts; they were so fun & interesting to look at. 😍 I can’t wait to see your end-of-year statistics and compare them to now; that will be fun to see as well, hehe. 🙂

    I mainly use Goodreads and a simple google spreadsheet (it’s not very comprehensive, haha) to track my reading.


  3. I love seeing other people’s stats. I stopped showing mine mid-year though haha. #lazy I keep track of mine in a little booklet. I am so not counting how many books i hauled this year right now. Too confronting haha. I love that you read so many by female’s. I’m about 50/50 on that.


    1. Bahaha I don’t blame you, it can get to be a little much, right? And yeah! I think I just get drawn to female authors subconsciously for some reason! But I want to get into more adult fantasy and grimdark later this year so my ratios might even out a little since most of the popular authors there are men.

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  4. Okay but teach me how to read 134 books by this time because damn that is impressive. I’ve read 49 books this year. My goal is 100. I also love all the charts. It’s so fun seeing the statistics of it.


    1. Dude I don’t even know, honestly, but I think part of it is because some of them are children’s books for my class? Beyond that, I think it’s just because I never sleep and never leave my house LMAO. I have no life and it’s kinda sad but books are like… literally the only thing I ever really do? (Except lately, I’m watching a little more TV) But I think your goal is awesome and you’re already on track so way to freaking go! ♥ And thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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