DISCUSSION: Mid-Year Reading Goal Update!

With the year halfway over, I know I’ve already done an update on my reading stats so far, but I also wanted to talk about our reading goals!

I know I’m not the only one who made a list of 2018 reading resolutions (you can read my main goal post here, or my list of 10 resolutions here), so I wanted to update you all on how my resolutions are going, as well as to ask you guys how YOUR resolutions are going!

My Updates…

GOAL: Goodreads challenge of 150 books
STATUS: 141/150 – 94% there and 66 books ahead of schedule!

GOAL: “must read” list of 24 titles
STATUS: 11/24 down, so I’m almost on track! I should be knocking out 5-6 more for the throwback bingo, though!


GOAL: finish more series!
STATUS: so far this year, I’ve completed 6 previously ongoing series, which is like… probably a record for me as the self-appointed Queen of Avoiding Finales.

GOAL: request less ARCs!
STATUS: I requested and/or accepted 123 ARCs in 2017 (from April-ish to December), and have requested 51 ARCs in 2018. I’d say I’m doing a little better! What really matters is that I’m only requesting ARCs I genuinely want to read now.


GOAL: book bans for most of the year
STATUS: HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, we all know damn well I have not been on a book ban this year until my current one started on June 1st. I have hauled waaaaay too many books so far this year. That said, my current ban is going at least until the end of August, but possibly the rest of the year, and I’m doing very well so far!

GOAL: looser TBRs
STATUS: I succeeded at this for the first 2 months, I think. My TBR for July was 15 books long.


GOAL: DNF more books
STATUS: I am actually kicking ass at this one! I no longer force myself to trudge through books I’m hating. I’ve DNFed 14 books so far this year.

GOAL: review books within 1-2 days
STATUS: … I don’t wanna talk about this.

cute-cat-on-stack-of-old-books-animated-gif.gif(^ absolutely judging my RTC stack)

GOAL: read less books at once
STATUS: currentreading.png *sigh*

GOAL: read pre-orders ASAP (or stop pre-ordering so much!)
STATUS: So far in 2018, I don’t think I’ve read a single pre-order when it arrived except Obsidio and ACOFAS. 😐 Oops.

So, those are my reading goal updates! Do you have any advice for how I could be doing a better job with the ones I’m kinda failing at? 😂 How are your goals going?


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42 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Mid-Year Reading Goal Update!

  1. You are way more goal oriented than me 🤣 I am failing at the few sad goals I have in place this year (although I am not sure I can still consider them “in place”). And let’s face it l, we only claim to be on book buying bans to make ourselves feel better 😉💖


  2. I’m so impressed by your “finish more series” goal and accomplishments! Lol, I set myself a “Book series to Finish” TBR for 2018 back in February and I haven’t finished a single one yet still. 😅
    Tho I am determined to finally finish The Remnant Chronicles this month, but we’ll see…

    And lol on your review goal! I totally feel ya there: I have a long book review to-do list that keeps growing in my planner. I don’t know if this would work for you, but I remember you talking about how you like to do scheduled reading a couple of weeks ago. Is there anyway you could tie review writing into that? “I can’t read anymore of this book until I write XXX words for a review of this other book.” I don’t know, just a thought. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Keri! Oooh, I love the idea of a whole TBR for series you want to finish, though. 😀 Good luck!

      Bahaha, I’m glad I’m not the only one. That’s a really good idea, actually! I am gonna have to try that. 😀 Thank you!


  3. Good lord, my brain cells pretty much implode on me whenever I try to read four books at once, but 12 is a whole another level!!! How do you keep track of all the characters??
    And I’m with you on DNFing more books. I definitely have to work at getting over the guilt and anxiety of letting a book go early.


    1. Weirdly enough, I don’t have a big problem with keeping the stories and characters straight! I think the biggest problem it presents is that it sometimes can be hard for me to review the books afterwards, because if I start several books at roughly the same time, chances are high that I’ll finish them all close together, too.

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  4. Looks great! Really good that you are not forcing yourself through bad books anymore. It sometimes is a bit hard to dnf books, especially ones you THOUGHT you were going to like or others are raving about.. But in the end, you probably feel better if you don’t spend your time with a bad story.

    And woah, that is a crazy amount of books you’ve read, congrats 🙂


  5. It looks like you are doing pretty well. Reviewing within 2 days I would like as well but sometimes it just isn’t possible so I count jotting down my thoughts to help with the review haha.


  6. LOOOOL at your goal and status of “review books within 1-2 days”. I imagine all bloggers have the same feeling towards this goal 😛 I have been operating ‘within 3-4 weeks’ for most of this year which I think is good enough for now… But it looks like you’re making awesome progress with most of your goals 🙂 I am at 77% of my Goodreads goal and feeling like I’ve achieved a miracle, haha – 96% is a great accomplishment!!


  7. You are doing so well with your goals this year!! Congrats on almost being done with your Goodreads challenge! DNFing books is a godsend, honestly. It’s saved me from so many reading slumps. I am also trying to request fewer ARCs this year, and I think I’m succeeding at that goal so far! Oh man, I feel you on failing at reviewing books 1-2 days after finishing… *thinks about the book I finished three weeks ago that I still need to write a review for*


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