State of the ARC 2.0: August Edition

It’s time for another State of the ARC post!

Basically, the meme is intended to motivate you to catch up on your ARCs! At the end of every month, everyone posts their progress for the month. The meme’s description says it’s for overdue ARCs, but I have a lot of unreleased ones to be read, too, so I’ll be counting both.

State-of-the-ARC.png(image credit to Avalinah’s Books)


My current State of the ARC…


August’s progress…


In July, I completed 11 UNRELEASED review copies, and 1 OVERDUE review copy.



While I did knock out 12 from my TBR in August, I also acquired 31 new review copies (14 physical, 17 digital). I have already read of the new additions.


And people wonder why I’m barely accepting any more review requests for the rest of the year… I’m so grateful for all of these, but compiling this collage made me realize how much work is cut out for me over the next few months, and now I need a nap! 😂


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43 thoughts on “State of the ARC 2.0: August Edition

  1. Good luck with your ARCs! I have so many just waiting to be picked up as well… It’s shameful 😭 But I’m a mood reader so it’s very hard to force myself to reader anything. My apologies to the publishers!
    (Hey, we’re doing our best!)


  2. I am seriously impressed with how much you’re able to read!! But I don’t blame you for putting together that impressive list and then being like, “Well, shit, I got a lot of reading ahead of me.” I have five new requests that just got approved and still half a dozen I need to get off the back burner and I’m stressing. Good luck!


  3. You have so many review copies to read but they all look fantastic so try not to stress about them!

    Of course, I recommend starting with Lost Boy by Christina Henry because it’s MY FAVOURITE THING EVER, but no pressure…


  4. Since I know how much you can read in a month, I’m suuuure you can do this!
    Although looking at it, I could use a nap as well because that’s a whole lot of books.
    [And then my brain starts wondering how many pages it is and I forbid you to calculate that or you might have a breakdown or something. xD]


    1. D’awww, shucks. ❤ Thanks, love! I've been a little slumpy lately so I'm hoping to bust the slump and get some major work done over the next few weeks. I did just sit down and read 90 pages of a book in one go without getting distracted, so I figure that's a good sign since that hasn't happened in a couple of weeks… 😐

      Heh… I actually keep up with the pages remaining on my monthly TBR each month, but it's a lot less than this would be. I think you're right and I would have a breakdown 😂

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      1. That’s definitely a good sign! I hope you’ve beaten the slump by now, but since I saw your review of Vicious this morning (probably the middle of the night for you) it sounded like you did!

        Seriously? You’re crazy! Even I don’t put THAT much pressure on myself, haha. I do tally up all the pages I read at the end of the month though. Simply to have some idea of how much I read in a month cause I don’t think the amount of books gives a good view of that. Reminds me I have yet to do that for my August books.. Oops!


      2. Yesss, thankfully! The slump died quietly in the night earlier this week, haha. Seriously though, I was slumping so bad, and then suddenly I picked up a book and a few hours later finished it and was like, “Wait, did I just read 300 pages in one sitting? WHAT?” I was so excited I did a little dance and I’m not ashamed to admit that. 😛

        I like the idea of keeping up with how many you read throughout the month! I have a page tracker in my bullet journal, so maybe I’ll start adding it all up at the end and seeing how it looks. You’re right, I think “pages read” is a more accurate viewpoint than “books read” – because I mean, if I read 5 short graphic novels or 1 MASSIVE book, the number 5 obviously looks more impressive until you think about it being a few hundred pages versus 800 or whatever…

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      3. RIP slump! May you never EVER return!
        Haha, you were right to do the dance. I would’ve done the same. I actually DID a little dance – while lying down – when I finished Library of Souls yesterday evening. I am SO HAPPY to be finished with Ransom Rigg’s trilogy. Seriously.

        Exactly! I find it gives waaay better insight in how much we actually read than the number of books. There’ve been months where I read the least amount of books, but the number of pages was about the same as other months so I didn’t really go all “oh darn, what went wrong this month?” about it, hah.


      4. I swear, if there was a spell I could do to NEVER slump again… 😂

        Aw, did you not enjoy it by the end, or were you just kind of tired of reading it? I have some series that I’m in the middle of that I honestly am enjoying but I know I’ll be relieved to finish them at the same time (like Percy Jackson).

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      5. Then you’d have to share it with the world because we could ALL benefit from that spell!

        I had to drag myself through the second installment, which automatically made me dread reading the third and final book. That definitely had a lot to do with my relief of finishing it. The third book was quite alright though; I just couldn’t wait to get it over with after the hell that was book two. :’)


      6. It’s definitely sad. Feels to me it’s one of those series you either love or hate and.. well. I’m more with the latter than anything else.
        I’m still going to give the movie a shot though. Maybe that’ll be waaay better? Idk.


      7. That’s because.. because.. I don’t know. Maybe because bad acting stays bad acting throughout the entire thing and if the plot’s meh, you just KNOW it isn’t going to change while we do know books can still end up surprising us?


    1. Aw, thank you! I have been obsessed with putting statistics in everything possible lately lol! Yeah, it definitely is a good way of keeping track, plus the thing that has surprised me is that, even though I feel a little overwhelmed about my new additions, I also have this sense of accomplishment looking at the ones I finished!


  5. Ooohhh I might have to pick up this meme! i’m so behind on my arcs since I got a book slump earlier in the year, in part due to some not so great arcs. I got so scared I’d fall into a slump again that I have been avoiding my arcs hard and I need to stop!
    This TBR looks amazing but I’m also not that jealous because I think I would die under the weight of it if it were my own ahah.
    Good luck! I hope you manage to stay on top of it for your own sanity aha.


    1. Oooh please do!! I’ve had a lot of fun participating in the meme. I’m sorry for your awful slump, I hope it doesn’t strike again! I’m always so scared of falling back into a slump after one ends. But yeah… I’m feeling a little overwhelmed lol so I appreciate the luck wishes! ❤

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