State of the ARC #3: September!

It’s time for another State of the ARC post!

Basically, the meme is intended to motivate you to catch up on your ARCs! At the end of every month, everyone posts their progress for the month. The meme’s description says it’s for overdue ARCs, but I have a lot of unreleased ones to be read, too, so I’ll be counting both.

State-of-the-ARC.png(image credit to Avalinah’s Books)


My current State of the ARC…


September’s Progress…


In September, I have (so far) completed 10 UNRELEASED review copies, and 1 OVERDUE review copy.


In Progress:

I decided to add this new “in progress” section because I always do my State of the ARC post a few days before the month ends, which means it’s usually missing at least one title in progress! Right now, I have 2 review copies in progress and should finish them both within the next day or so.



I also acquired 11 new review copies (3 physical, 8 digital—way more manageable than August’s ARC haul!). I have already read of the new additions.



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15 thoughts on “State of the ARC #3: September!

  1. I am SO HAPPY you got approved for The Gilded Wolves after all! Since your tweet, I didn’t even have the balls to say I got approved for it, hahaha. [I know I shouldn’t mind but I didn’t feel like going IN YOUR FACE about it because it just suuuucks whenever that happens. :’)]


    1. Aw thank you! ❤ Haha I'm glad you got it, too! I think I must have requested it too soon, or something, because I had requested it the DAY they uploaded it to Netgalley, and they denied me within like, an hour, I think? It was so weird! But when I made that tweet, Roshani DMed me immediately and encouraged me to try again, and they sent me a widget the next morning to override the denial on NG. I was SO excited, I literally danced in my seat a little :') lmao.


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