Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

I was tagged by Jamsu to do this fun little Halloween-themed tag! Click the book covers for Goodreads links. ♥


  • Answer all prompts.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Tag 1-13 people.
  • Link back to this post.
  • Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)
  • Have fun!

WITCH — a magical character or book:


For this one, I’ll go with An Enchantment of Ravens. It’s a fantasy standalone about a girl who gets kidnapped by a fae prince, and it’s full of magic and whimsy and it’s just really adorable. Plus, check out that incredible Charlie Bowater cover. ♥

WEREWOLF — the perfect book to read at night:


I think Kill Creek is a great nighttime horror read because it’s creepy and atmospheric enough that a dark, quiet setting really amps up the mood.

FRANKENSTEIN — a book that truly shocked you:


I’m a really hard person to catch off-guard when it comes to twists (which is why I tend to rate thrillers so harshly sometimes), so this one took me a second, but I have to say, A Head Full of Ghosts took me by surprise in two ways. 1) Paul Tremblay goes there, with certain scenes that I was not expecting, and 2) something happens very abruptly at the end of this book that… how to explain this without spoiling? It gave me the end result I expected, but not through the method I expected, and I actually gasped out loud while listening to the audiobook.

THE DEVIL — a dark, evil character:


Okay, the thing is, I can’t tell you who the dark, evil character is in this book because it’s a horror/mystery crossover and that would ruin the whole thing, but when you find out who the “bad guy” in Horns is… I have read this book twice and watched its film adaptation three times and I still rage every time over how much I hate this asshole.

GRIM REAPER — a character that never should have died:


NO SPOILERS, but if you’ve read Crooked Kingdom, you know there’s a pretty important character death, and I am still broken over it. 😭

ZOMBIE — a book that made you “hungry” for more:


There are so many short stories in this anthology that made me desperately want MORE horror from those authors! Especially the Jay Kristoff contribution—it left me like, “Why are you only writing sci-fi and fantasy when you’re so good at horror, too?!” 😂💖

GARGOYLE — a character that you would protect at all cost:


Locke & Key is a graphic novel series about this family who loses their father and moves to their inherited family house, and a bunch of weird, demonic shit goes down. Anyways, the youngest sibling is this little boy named Bode, and he is the most precious, zany, weird little munchkin, and he triggers all of my maternal needs to protect. ♥

VAMPIRE — a book that sucked the life out of you:


I’m just going to pick one of my least favorite books of all time, which is The Hazel Wood. If you loved this book, that’s awesome, please don’t yell at me—but I hated this book so much, it made me rage endlessly, it was one of the biggest disappointments of my entire reading life, and it put me into a terrible slump when I finished it.

GHOST — a book that still haunts you:


Okay, this one might sound a little silly, but The Enchanted Attic is a children’s/MG horror book I read as a little kid, and something in it has stuck with me all these years. There’s a ghost in Nicole’s house’s attic, and it plays the cello late at night, and there’s a passage in the book that describes the cello music as being super mournful and haunting. To this day, when I hear cellos (one of my favorite instruments!), I almost always think back to this book and remember it fondly (though it TERRIFIED me as a child!).

DEMON — a book that really scared you:


I feel like this has to be The Siren and the Specter, because I read it late at night in a dark, quiet house and it scared me badly enough that I stopped reading it in mid-chapter and went to bed! 😂 I noped right out of there.

SKELETON — a character you have a bone to pick with:


I’m totally stealing Jamsu’s answer for this and going with Nesta Archeron from the ACOTAR series. I hated her from the moment her character was introduced, and by the end of ACOFAS, current ruling is… you guessed it, I still freaking hate her. I loathe the way she treats Feyre, Rhys, and Cassian (STOP BEING MEAN TO MY BAT BABY) and I’m so torn over the next installment because I’m SO EXCITED to spend so much time with Cass, but she has a long way to go if SJM wants to redeem her for me.

MUMMY — a book you would preserve throughout time:

… just one? How could I possibly choose?! I can’t. I’m sorry. I WON’T!

CREEPY DOLL — a cover too scary to look at:

I honestly can’t think of a single cover that scares me right now, but I LOVE creepy covers, and there are two authors that immediately come to mind whose covers I love:

1) Kealan Patrick Burke—I am obsessed with most of his covers and I think he designs them himself, as well as covers for other authors:


2) Darcy Coates—most of her releases over the last couple of years follow a specific “haunted house” theme, and I love how they all fit together:


THE MONSTER MASH — tag your friends!

I’ll tag Heather, Bookish Pisces, Bex, Reg, and anyone else who wants to do this tag!



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27 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

    1. Thank you! An Enchantment of Ravens has definitely been a little polarizing, which makes me sad, but I think it’s mostly because it’s a fantasy standalone and it’s a bit short, so I know a lot of people said they wished it had been another 200 pages or so!


  1. This is a fun tag, I just saw it on another blog too! An Enchantment of Ravens has such an amazing cover, and it sounds good too. And Dead Leaves is another awesome cover.


  2. OMG SHIVERS! *flails* I still have my collection (which was never complete, but I’ve got a lot of them). Most people I knew read Goosebumps (which I also read), but I always thought Shivers was scarier, and man, it messed with me. xD This was a really cute tag!


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