2019 Reading Log & Stats

Here is where you can find my 2019 reading log & stats, with live updates!

You can either scroll through the embedded sheet below, or click HERE, where you should be able to comment directly on the sheet if you’d like to!


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Just a 26-year-old children's librarian trying to juggle motherhood, grad school, blogging, gaming, and everyday life.

21 thoughts on “2019 Reading Log & Stats

    1. Thank you! Do you mean my post, or the spreadsheets? I’m assuming you mean the spreadsheet, in which case, credit actually goes to Kaleena and you can grab it here! I usually make my own sheets for everything but decided to take advantage of how lovely hers was this time around and save myself some time!

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  1. Heh, I never even considered adding my ARC’s to my 2019 haul.. In a way, I’d say it’s brilliant – especially since it makes your “money saved” rocket right up there, but on the other hand I’m like.. “Nah; doesn’t give a true view of what I’m saving on books?” I don’t knoooow.


    1. Understandable! I actually add mine for 2 reasons — 1) it’s easier for me to remember what to put in my hauls at the end of the month if it’s all in one place, and 2) I actually DO like to see it counted in my “money saved” because it helps remind me of how much money I’m saving on my reading habit by being a blogger/ARC reviewer! Sometimes, when I’m feeling mopey or ‘meh’ about my blog, I look at those numbers and it actually really motivates me! :’) Because, uh… ya girl DEFINITELY could never afford to buy all of these books, and my library system has a 6-month wait on putting holds on new releases from other branches, which means I would have to drive to the better branches 1-2 hours away to ever check out anything even remotely new!

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      1. Okay, those are valid reasons! But.. things I don’t really struggle with? Somehow? I did just think of a way I could TOTALLY add the “money saved on ARC’s thing” to my spreadsheets though! I’m simply going to add a column in the “ARC Stats & List” thing! HA! SOLVED!


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