December Digital Haul—my new job brought in some perks!

My new job as a youth librarian doesn’t start until tomorrow, but Netgalley gave me the go-ahead to change over to librarian status week before last, and, uh… well. You’ll see. 😂

(Click the titles for Goodreads links!)



  • Wicked Saints — Emily A. Duncan (april 2nd, 2019)
    • YA gothic fantasy inspired by DnD clerics, involving assassinations, war, bloodshed, forbidden romance
      • (I screamed a little when I received this blog tour email and literally feel this WEIGHT of gratitude in my chest every time I remember I have this waiting for me because WOW talk about anticipated releases 😭💕)
  • Love Looks Pretty On You — Lang Leav (jan 29th, 2019)
    • adult poetry collection, releasing
      • Lang Leav is my #1 fave modern poet and I LOVED this so much
  • Child of the Moon — Jessica Semaan (jan 8th, 2019)
    • adult poetry collection about abuse, healing, immigration, feminism, and self-love
      • The writing was okay but the themes were WONDERFUL
  • Chameleon Aura — Billy Chapata (jan 22nd, 2019)
    • adult poetry collection about love and loss from a Zimbabwean author
  • You Are Here — Dawn Lanuza (feb 12th, 2019)
    • adult poetry collection about self-love


  • soft magic. — Upile Chisala (released)
    • adult poetry collection about spirituality, gender, and blackness
  • The Devouring Gray — Christine Lynn Herman (april 16th, 2019)
    • YA urban fantasy about chosen ones and monsters, pitched for fans of The Raven Cycle + Stranger Things
  • Waves — Ingrid Chabbert (may 7th, 2019)
    • adult nonfiction graphic novel about two women and their struggles with infertility
      • this DESTROYED me but it was soooo good!
  • Bone Parish, Vol. 1 — Cullen Bunn (may 7th, 2019)
    • adult horror graphic novel about a New Orleans family who makes drugs from corpse ash
      • super creepy and gross, def recommend
  • Unfollowing You — Komal Kapoor (feb 5th, 2019)
    • adult nonfiction poetry collection about the end of a “situationship”
      • literally AWFUL and the entire thing was a build-up to an online dating site’s advertisement, yikes


  • Somewhere Only We Know — Maurene Goo (may 7th, 2019)
    • YA contemporary about a K-pop star and tabloid reporter falling in love
      • also this title gets the Keane song by this name stuck in my head EVERY TIME I see it
  • We Hunt the Flame — Hafsah Faizal (may 14th, 2019)
    • YA fantasy, reluctant royals, inspired by ancient Arabia (wow please & thank you this sounds so good I’m emotional?) and it has ELVES
  • Girls on the Verge — Sharon Biggs Waller (april 9th, 2019)
    • YA contemporary about a girl who enlists two friends on a road trip to get an abortion
  • Never-Contented Things — Sarah Porter (march 19th, 2019)
    • YA dark fantasy about cruel feyfolk



  • Goodbye, Perfect — Sara Barnard (jan 29th, 2019; already out in UK)
    • YA contemporary about a girl who must choose whether or not to rat out her missing bestie for her relationship with a teacher
  • The Exact Opposite of Okay — Laura Steven (june 11th, 2019; already out in UK)
    • YA contemporary about slut-shaming & misogyny
  • Hello Girls — Brittany Cavallaro & Emily Henry (august 6th, 2019)
    • YA contemporary about 2 girls on a road trip to run away from the sexist men in their lives
  • Let’s Call it a Doomsday — Katie Henry (august 6th, 2019)
    • YA contemporary about two girls—one who is a doomsday prepper and the other who has predicted the world’s end
  • Missing, Presumed Dead — Emma Berquist (may 21st, 2019)
    • YA paranormal about a teen who sees deaths before they happen and has to help one of “her” ghosts find revenge (confirmed f/f romance by the author, yes please give me queer ghost/human loves!!)

Misc. eARCs: 


  • Clouded by Envy — Candace Robinson (feb 19th, 2019)
    • YA fantasy about fae siblings and curses
      • thank you, Candace!
  • The Same Deep Water As You — Chad Lutzke
    • YA/NA horror/dark fiction, releasing january 11th—I’m not even sure what this is about, but I love Chad’s writing so I jumped at the chance to read it!
      • thank you, Chad!

Kindle Sales & Gifts:


  • GOTH — Otsuichi
    • adult horror manga (I think this is also available in standard novel formatting)
      • I read this and gave it 3.5 stars, it was pretty good
  • The Restorer — Amanda Stevens
    • adult paranormal, ghost hunter… falls in love with a ghost? maybe? PLEASE?
  • Fortune Box — Madeleine Swann
    • adult horror/bizarro about a company mailing out random disgusting/terrifying packages to unsuspecting strangers
      • thank you, Harker!
  • Fear the Drowning Deep — Sarah Glenn Marsh
    • YA historical fantasy/paranormal, witches & dangerous sea things!
      • thank you, Colleen!


  • Black Iris — Elliot Wake (formerly writing as Leah Raeder)
    • NA contemporary about sex, slut-shaming, queer romance, and bullying
      • thank you, Haley!
  • Naked in Death — J. D. Robb
    • adult mystery/romance, this book is the intro to a series that is currently 47 BOOKS DEEP, WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF
      • thank you, Haley!
  • Rolling in the Deep — Mira Grant
    • adult horror novella, prequel to Into the Drowning Deep
      • thank you, Jayme!
  • Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 2 — edited by Kevin J. Kennedy
    • adult Christmas horror anthology
      • free at the time I got it, but it’s now on Kindle Unlimited if you’re still needing some spooky holiday vibes!

How was your December haul?


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41 thoughts on “December Digital Haul—my new job brought in some perks!

    1. Thank you soooo much! I’m so nervous I’ve been a wreck all day, haha. I’ve wanted this job for so long that it feels surreal that I’ve gotten it and I keep worrying I’m going to walk in tomorrow and say one thing and they’ll realize I have no clue what I’m doing and send me home. 😂😂


  1. On the up the In Death books are pretty quick reads. I read the first 4 now and they are nice inbetween books.
    I’m curious what you will think of The Restorer. I’ve read all but the last one and enjoyed the series though it went a little up and down for me.


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