TBR Lows & Highs #23

The WINNER of last week’s “lows” vote was… *drumroll*

LOVE & GELATO by Jenna Evans Welch!

As promised, I’ll now add this book to my “top-TBR” shelf on Goodreads to remind me to read it within the next 18 months.


  • Link back to the original post at Howling Libraries
  • Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, ascending
  • Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the “lows”)
    • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Find 5+ titles that are at the BOTTOM of your TBR—books you want to read someday, just not right now!
  • Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation
  • Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, descending
  • List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the “highs”)


(books that are LOW on my TBR—vote in the comments for which one I should move UP on my list and I’ll read it within 18 months!)


1. MARY: Unleashed — Hillary Monahan

2. Lullaby — Chuck Palahniuk

3. Dreamfall — Amy Plum

4. Suffer the Children — Craig DiLouie

5. Once and for All — Sarah Dessen



1. Sand Chronicles, Vol. 1 — Hinako Ashihara
• YA romance manga
• recommendation from Paloma

2. Dreamin’ Sun, Vol. 1 — Ichigo Takano
• YA romance manga
• I loved Orange so much I’m going through Ichigo Takano withdrawals??

3. Mera: Tidebreaker — Danielle Paige (owned, ARC; releasing april 2019)
• YA superhero comic about Mera (from Aquaman?? I guess? I don’t follow any DC comics besides Batman and even that barely happens)
• I’m just checking this out to decide if I want to put it on my order sheet for the YA collection in a few months 🤷‍♀️

4. Hope and Other Punchlines — Julie Buxbaum (releasing may 2019)
• YA contemporary
• I loved Tell Me Three Things a lot (and still need to read What to Say Next)

5. Hungry Hearts — edited by Elsie Chapman (owned, ARC; releasing june 2019)
• YA contemporary anthology
• short stories about the importance of food to various cultures—I’m so excited for this I danced around my living room when I got the ARC approval ♥ 😂


6. The Smoke — Simon Ings (owned, ARC; releasing january 22nd)
• adult sci-fi/dystopian
• you just gotta read the GR synopsis, it sounds so weird but I couldn’t NOT say yes when they offered me a copy because I’m so intrigued!

7. The Collected Schizophrenias — Esme Weijun Wang (releasing february 2019)
• adult nonfiction (essays) about mental health
• a quote from the author sold me on this so fast:

Good morning.
How frightening every day is,
and how brilliant.
May we have what we need.
May we face our terrors head-on,
& never alone.
Eyes up. Let’s go.

8. Me, Myself, They — Joshua M. Ferguson (releasing may 2019)
• adult nonfiction/memoir
• an own-voice memoir on being enby!! My NB spouse and I are so excited for this ♥

9. The Tradition — Jericho Brown (releasing april 2019)
• adult nonfiction/poetry
• poetry memoir on life as a gay black man and trauma survivor

10. Dragon Unleashed — Grace Draven (releasing september 2019)
• adult fantasy
• we finally have an official synopsis and cover for the sequel to Phoenix Unbound and I could cry tears of joy forever 😭


11. Something Like Gravity — Amber Smith (releasing june 2019)
• YA contemporary
• a trans boy’s love story! ♥

12. Technically, You Started It — Lana Wood Johnson (releasing june 2019)
• YA contemporary
• kids falling in love through text messages will get me every time

13. No One Here is Lonely — Sarah Everett (releasing february 2019)
• YA contemporary (sci-fi lite?)
• a girl falls in love with her dead crush’s voice recordings/AI? Idk I’m here for the weird tragic stuff

14. The Weight of Our Sky — Hanna Alkaf (releasing february 2019)
• YA hist-fic
• a Malaysian girl with OCD who believes she has a djinn inside her, sounds good to me

15. The Gutter Prayer — Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (releasing january 22nd)
• adult dark fantasy
• someone told me there are ghouls and I just immediately added it and regret nothing

Which book from my “lows” do you think I should add to my “top-TBR” shelf?


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18 thoughts on “TBR Lows & Highs #23

  1. Couldn’t pass up The Gutter Prayer and Technically , You Started It — just added both to my TBR. I love stories where they fall in love through letters/texts and mistaken identity might make it even better!! Thanks for making my TBR grow even more!! Hahaha.


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