Haul Roundup 2.0: July-December 2018

Last summer, I did a TBR Roundup & Haul Roundup, and I revisited the first of those last week (you can see it here if you missed it!). I was originally going to do this every 6 months (which is why today is covering July through December of 2018), but after today’s post, this will become a quarterly post—so expect the next one in April!

Anyways, we’ve got a lotta hauls to talk about, so let’s jump in!


July — 31 books hauled:

july2.pngReview copies: 26
Purchased print: 2
Purchased ebooks: 1

Read: 20
Still on TBR:


August — 59 books hauled:

august2.pngReview copies: 31
Purchased print: 11
Purchased ebooks: 8

Read: 26
Still on TBR:


September — 46 books hauled:

september2.pngReview copies: 13
Purchased print: 31
Purchased ebooks: 2

Read: 18
Still on TBR:


October — 62 books hauled:

october2.pngReview copies: 11
Purchased print: 23
Purchased ebooks: 10

Read: 23
Still on TBR:


November 1 & 2 — 68 books hauled:

november2.pngReview copies: 31
Purchased print: 11
Purchased ebooks: 25

Read: 14
Still on TBR:


December 1 & 2 — 73 books hauled:

december2.pngReview copies: 32
Purchased print: 16
Purchased ebooks: 3

Read: 12
Still on TBR:


Overall Results:


This is… well, to be honest, mortifying. I knew that I hauled way too many books in 2018, but I had no idea the number was this high just for the second half of the year, or that I had actually read so few of the books I hauled in those 6 months.

All I know is that this is super eye-opening and motivational to stay on path with my goals for hauling less this year and focusing more on my backlist TBR and catching up on review copies!


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20 thoughts on “Haul Roundup 2.0: July-December 2018

      1. AWESOOOOME! I did order a whole bunch of books, but I’m not counting them as haul until they’ve arrived and.. since they’re all pre-orders? [And if they’re not, they fit my buy rules so WHOOP.] I think my haul will be my sub boxes books and then FC’s of ARC’s I loved or something. That’s it. :’)

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  1. OHMYGAWD…..that’s a lot of books! I don’t know whether to be jealous or pass you the paper bag to breathe into again! I have hauled 15 this month and I nearly had a panic about that!


  2. Okay, so your tbr may be massive but think about how many 5 star reads you have waiting for you! Yeah, this is a stressful tbr but there are going to be some real gems in there, Destiny!


  3. Haha I feel you. I rarely read the books i buy right away. And it is just so easy to keep buying. At least now you know and you can decide what you want to do with the information (adding in that there doesn’t have to be action taken if you are fine with it at the end of it all).


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