January Digital Haul: Don’t mind me, just drowning in eARCs.

The infamous “new librarian gets themselves into a world of trouble with NetGalley” saga continues.

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I got a lot of NetGalley approvals this month, but a lot of them were kids’ books, which I know many of you aren’t interested in, so I decided to start sorting them by age range in case you want to skim past. 😊

adult fiction:


adult NONfiction:






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Kindle Sales & Gifts:



Did you bring in any fun digital hauls this month? Let me know in the comments!


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49 thoughts on “January Digital Haul: Don’t mind me, just drowning in eARCs.

  1. Besides the two tarot books on Netgalley that you sent me (which I am so excited to read!), I also got a copy of The Invited, an upcoming release from one of my fav authors (also from NG, haha). ARCs are almost always the only eBooks I get, so my digital hauls are usually pretty limited! 🙂


      1. I mostly end up grabbing the kindle freebies when someone happens to mention them in a review or on Twitter and it’s something that I want to read. But that rarely happens!

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  2. I completely feel the drowning in eARCS. I keep thinking that I’m almost to the bottom of my pile, but then I get clicker happy and end up with several more. I received three books in January from NetGalley. Maid by Stephanie Land, Juliet The Maniac by Juliet Escoria and Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay.


      1. Definitely not! Imagine all the readers advisory you’ll be able to do. For real, I’ve worked in a bunch of library positions, and from pages to the director patrons aren’t going to differentiate. If you work in a library they’re going to think of you as a librarian and your thoughts on books are going to carry weight. You’re working with kids and you need to be on top of kids books, yeah, but you’re also going to be able to rec books to their older siblings and parents, which I can say from experience will help you advance quickly in the eyes of both your admin and patrons!


      2. This is all so true. ♥ Thank you for this, because I really honestly needed the reassurance. It’s hard sometimes to remember that these ARCs are a partnership with the publishers, and a way to help me with my job—not me just being a greedy grabby-hands haha.

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    1. On one hand, I’m like, I almost feel… *bad* about this many eARCs? Like, is it too much, you know? But on the other hand, I keep reminding myself that my imposter syndrome has kicked in BIG TIME lately and that, yes, it DOES make sense for publishers to favor librarians when we have the opportunity to put these books in patrons’ hands. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering when all of these publishers are going to revoke my privileges and be like, “NOPE, NOT LIBRARIAN ENOUGH FOR US!” It’s… been a weird place to be in, mentally. 😅

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      1. Hahaha, I can imagine the struggle you must be dealing with! it does make sense, but I guess that – to others that don’t really know / see you as a librarian – it might feel.. weird to see you with ALL THESE ARC’S. [Although I’m used to seeing you drowning in ARC’s so I’m not really bothered, haha!]


      2. Yeah, I hear you! I honestly don’t get it. I get a few snarky or weird comments every single month when I post my hauls and it makes me so freaking uncomfortable because I know bloggers who get way more ARCs than I do, or way bigger ones than mine, and I’ve never felt the need to say anything rude to them about it? I’m honestly to the point where I’m tempted to stop posting hauls at all because it’s getting old. 😦 I’m not hurting anyone. Sigh.. sorry for the mini-rant. I’m just frustrated with some of the behavior I’ve had to deal with lately, people have just… not been very nice over the past few weeks. 😦

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      3. Social media lately has shown me you’re not the only one struggling with things like this. Seriously. It’s like, new year, new ways to annoy and frustrate and make people feel down or something. What’s up with that?
        You shouldn’t feel bad about your hauls. I actually LOVE seeing hauls, even if they do tend to frustrate me a bit once in a while. [Like, even more so if you just got denied for seven requests on Edelweiss and feel like the whole publishing industry hates you but whatever. xD] It’s not like I’ll start blaming other bloggers for that. You can’t help it that you’re so lucky to get all the ARC’s while others have less luck. It’s not up to you.

        But I do see why you’d want to stop posting the hauls – I hope you won’t though. 🙂


      4. I’ve definitely struggled with the impostor syndrome, but soon you’ll start seeing the readers advisory rolling in and you’ll realize just how beneficial eARCs are to both you and your patrons! And anyone who’s upset that you’re getting more ARCs than they are should stay in their lane.

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      5. Word. ♥ Thank you! I’ve already found ARCs so helpful (99% of my current acquisitions request list for the region is made up of books I loved as ARCs), and I think I just need to keep in mind that this is what ARCs were originally made for—early reviews from people getting books in readers’ hands—and I don’t need to feel guilty for using them as planned!

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    1. Oh noooo! Well, you’ll get them caught up and improve that percentage in no time. 🙂 And then, as you read and review more, your percentage stops being affected so much by new ones, thankfully! I have no idea what your ratios look like, so you may already know this, and if you do, feel free to ignore me 😅

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  3. As a librarian who has gone through this, I have a couple pointers. Mostly, at the beginning it mostly just feels selfish, but you are going to have SUCH A BIG impact on your patrons. Especially because you work with kids and their families, your word regarding recs is going to be invaluable, and so you’ll need a really wide range of knowledge. Even if you don’t read/review them all, even skimming and getting an idea what it’s about and what the style is so you can rec it is so helpful. ❤ You’ve got this, love!


    1. Thank you so much. ♥ I needed this! It’s been hard, adjusting to the paradox of being a librarian and blogger at the same time, because a lot of times, those two worlds don’t actually mesh as much as people think they would, and I don’t think some people have been totally understanding of why my reviewing life is so much different than it was 6 weeks ago. And you made such a good point about how sometimes ARCs are provided for us just to skim and get a feel for, not just to review critically! I need to remember that next time I start struggling with the way I view myself. ♥

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