Blasphemy! — T. J. Klune

Blasphemy! by T.J. Klune

TITLE: Blasphemy!
AUTHOR: T. J. Klune
RELEASED: December 11th, 2018
GENRE: Humor


Available to read for FREE on the author’s site, here!

He thought about whistling as he walked to work, but then reminded himself that he was the Beast Who Brings Misery to All, so instead, he scowled at everyone he saw.

I didn’t know that a 51-page story could make me this ridiculously happy, yet here we are. WOW. That was honestly one of the funniest, cutest, weirdest things I’ve ever read in my life and it makes me want to go buy literally every single thing T.J. Klune has ever released.

Like, first, it’s gay as the day is long, and there’s even a bit about how heterosexuality is “unnatural”, which made my queer little heart cackle with glee. Second, it’s so sacrilegious, which is hands down going to bother a lot of people, so if that sounds like you, pass on this one. But as a former Christian who doesn’t mind a good joke being cracked at religion’s expense, I was nearly in tears over some of this story (like God’s constant “medammit” and “I swear to me” remarks).

Also, the thinly veiled political jabs? I am LIVING. This is everything I ever wanted. And Jimmy is the most hilariously over-the-top ridiculous little thing I have ever seen. Just… WOW. A+++

“Let’s talk business. Last week, we were talking about you taking the entire American South since they’re mostly a lost cause. You still good with that?”

“So long as it doesn’t include Florida.”

God rolled his eyes. “Yeah, no. They’re on their own from here on out. Fucking wasteland, I shit you not. Anyway, let’s move on to white people who call the police on people of color for no other reason aside from being racist dicks. You got the special area opening for them, right?”

“Yep. Should be ready by next year. We’re constructing waterslides, but instead of water, it’s spoiled mayonnaise.”

“Fuuuuck me,” God breathed. “That sounds amazing. I might need to come down for the grand opening just to see that shit. You’re so fucked up for even thinking of it. I love it.”

Satan warmed at the praise.



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11 thoughts on “Blasphemy! — T. J. Klune

  1. This book made me laugh the entire time! When Jimmy declares himself the queen of hell? I stan. When Satan finds himself slowly charmed by Jimmy 💝💖💞💘💕


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