T10T: Manga On My TBR


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic was supposed to be about bookish places I’d love to visit, but I didn’t feel like redoing that topic. (The only downside to having followed the T10T meme for so long now is that there are occasionally repeats!)

Instead, I wanted to do something totally different and talk about manga! I adored manga as a kid/teen but stopped reading it for several years, and have recently really gotten back into it. Here are ten manga I want to read soon!



1. Black Butler [series] by Yana Toboso
YA paranormal fantasy

2. Sand Chronicles [series] by Hinako Ashihara
YA romance

3. The Crimson Spell [series] by Ayano Yamane
adult fantasy/romance (m/m)

4. No Touching At All by Kou Yoneda
adult romance (m/m; boss/employee)

5. Dreamin’ Sun [series] by Ichigo Takano
YA romance (from the author of Orange, which I loved!)


6. Deadman Wonderland [series] by Jinsei Kataoka & Kazuma Kondou
adult horror

7. Tokyo Ghoul [series] by Sui Ishida
adult horror

8. The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service [series] by Eiji Otsuka & Housui Yamazaki
adult horror

9. The Bride Was a Boy by Chii
adult nonfiction/romance (with own-voice trans rep!)

10. Ten Count [series] by Rihito Takarai
adult romance (m/m; therapist/client; OCD rep)


Do you enjoy reading manga? Let me know your favorite recommendations in the comments! I’ll check out any age range and genre (though my faves are romance and horror)!


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34 thoughts on “T10T: Manga On My TBR

  1. I’m slowly getting more into manga, and I’m loving it! My brother gifted me Children of the whales for my birthday, and I absolutely love that series! I also recently read the first volume of Horimiya, and that one is really cute!
    I want to read dreamin’ sun as well!



  2. I’ve never read manga! I always like seeing lists like this though exactly because I’m so clueless haha! I like that there’s so many different choices- YA, adult, fantasy, etc. Ten Count has me curious for the OCD rep.


    1. I think when I was 10-11, so that would be 15-16 years ago now! A best friend of mine when we were kids had a subscription to the Shonen Jump manga magazine (I think it was a quarterly one — it was MASSIVE and had a volume each of multiple manga series, all fantasy and/or action and aimed at preteens). I used to borrow her copies after she read them and fell in love right away!


  3. I used to read a lot of manga in my teens but haven’t kept up with it at all. I still prefer Clamp over all other things. You might enjoy xxxHolic from them? Tokyo Ghoul is still one I am really interested in.


    1. Haha I feel you! I wish manga wasn’t so hard to access without purchasing outright — I can’t justify to buy all the manga I want, but my library system isn’t great about it, either! I’m just slowly collecting bits when I can. I’ll check out Black Bird, thank you!


  4. I love Black Butler! Also, I’m not sure how much you know about Ten Count but at times it is VERY explicit. This doesn’t detract from the story though and the art is beautiful! Oh and, I agree with whoever above recommended xxxHolic, it’s super fun and kind of psychological thriller-y.


      1. I hope you like xxxHolic when you get to it! If you end up enjoying Ten Count you might like a mangaka called Ogawa Chise’s works, they’re pretty explicit too and most of them deal with psychological abuse and stuff like that, but the art is absolutely beautiful (she also writes under Takagi Shigeyoshi and that stuff is less psychological) 😁


  5. I recently read the first volume of Black Butler and really enjoyed it! I’ve never watched the anime, so everything in the story was a surprise to me. I can’t wait to continue the series. I really want to make an effort to read more manga this year, even though I find it hard to spend the money on it. They’re such fast reads, but so expensive! Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to get to all of these.

    Some that are on my to-read list are Fullmetal Alchemist, Bloom Into You, and Orange.


    1. Oh awesome! I haven’t checked out the Black Butler anime either, I definitely want to check out the manga first. I feel you, though!! It’s hard to buy them up when I know I’ll read it in no time and need the next volume, especially given how many volumes are in some of these series already. 😅

      Thank you for the recommendations! Orange was AMAZING. I always forget that FMA was a manga and not just an anime, but I really want to check out that series. I saw episodes here and there as a kid but never got super into it. And I’m looking up Bloom Into You now!

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