Wicked Saints — Emily A. Duncan

I’m sorry for directing you here from Goodreads, but as GR has recently been cracking down heavily on reviewers who mention authors in an even remotely negative fashion in their reviews, I wasn’t going to risk this one being on GR’s site.

I’m removing my rating/review because, despite having liked this at the time I read it, a few things have happened:

1) almost immediately after posting my initial review, I got over the Post-Read High™ (this is a very real struggle for me sometimes!) and realized that it’s… pretty mediocre writing at best?

2) something stuck out to me the entire time I was reading Wicked Saints and has only become a stronger feeling in the months since: I honestly don’t think I can jive with a book that has a character who is so obviously and blatantly written as a fanfiction of another character. If you think it’s just a coincidence, please take a moment to peruse the author’s social media for her endless obsession with Leigh Bardugo’s The Darkling, because even before I knew about it, I kept reading this book and thinking, “Wow, is this guy really just a rip-off of The Darkling?”

3) If you can separate art from artist, that’s totally fine and I don’t judge for that, but I can’t. I try really hard to in cases like this, because I feel like the YA book community has been dog-piling her a bit lately and I didn’t want to join it, but… dammit, Emily’s social media presence has ruined her for me. Even after realizing this book was more of a 3-star read for me (as opposed to the 4.5 I gave it upon completion), I fully intended to read the sequel, but after watching her make sweeping generalizations about teens, subtweet her negative reviewers constantly, and generally act like a jerk over and over again, I can’t stomach the idea of giving her another penny of my money, or of directing another reader in her direction.



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18 thoughts on “Wicked Saints — Emily A. Duncan

  1. Destiny I LOVED this review–you made me more excited for this book than I was before (which is saying something because it’s one of my most-anticipated releases)! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book later this month because it seems absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to fall in love with the world and the characters.


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