#StalkAlong ANNOUNCEMENT: Stalking Jack the Ripper Series Read-Along!

Hello, lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a read-along on my blog, but I thought June would be the perfect timing to kick off a STALKING JACK THE RIPPER SERIES READ-ALONG! 

This is going to be super casual; we’ll just read one book per month leading up to the release of the series finale, Capturing the Devil, which comes out on September 10th! I’ll be re-reading these along with you guys, and if anyone is interested, I can create a group chat on Twitter! I’ll also be hosting discussions on Twitter with the hashtag…


1) Stalking Jack the Ripper — June 1st→30th
2) Hunting Prince Dracula — July 1st→31st
3) Escaping From Houdini — August 1st→31st
4) Capturing the Devil — September 10th→30th

Please tell your friends and let’s make this as big and exciting as possible to celebrate the finale of this amazing series! It’s one of my personal favorites and I hope that you’ll all love it, too. If you’ve already read it like I have, please also feel free to re-read it with us, or even just to participate in the discussions leading up to the release of the finale!

If you’re interested in joining a group chat, please comment below letting me know what platform would be easiest for you (twitter, IG, or discord) and what your username on that platform is!



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73 thoughts on “#StalkAlong ANNOUNCEMENT: Stalking Jack the Ripper Series Read-Along!

  1. You already know I’m here for it. ❤

    Twitter's probably the best place for me when it comes to group chat (Discord being the worst, because I always forget to turn it on lmao) — but I'm down with whatever!


  2. Thank you for hosting this read-along. I’ve been wanting to read this for so long and this is what will finally get me to read it. In terms of group chat I think Twitter or Discord would be best for me, username is @SepiaAutumnOwl for both.


  3. I’m so excited for this read along!!! I would love to join a group chat! My IG is teardrops.on.my.bookshel and my Twitter is @dontblamelee 🙂 I’m not sure what discord is but I can look into it as well!


    1. Yaaaaay I’m so glad you’re joining (and your tweet reminded me that I hadn’t made the discord yet lol)! If you’d like to join the discord, the invite is here: I just made a Discord server, let me know if the invite works please! https://discord.gg/XBjsst

      If you’d prefer to be part of the DM chat on twitter, let me know as I’ll be making one there too! Or you can even be in both lol!


  4. I would love to join if it’s not too late! I just bought Stalking Jack the Ripper today!
    I feel stupid for asking this but what is discord?


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