T10T: My Top Queer TBR Picks [#PRIDE]


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is “unpopular bookish opinions”, but in the theme of Pride Month, I thought I’d keep the queer lists coming and talk about some books high on my TBR with LGBTQ+ rep!

If you’d like to see last week’s Pride list, check out my favorite queer reads!



1. Call Down the Hawk
november 5th, 2019 

Sweet, gay baby Ronan. ♥ So help me, if some of this book isn’t precious, happy, peaceful, domestic Pynch… 😩


2. Black Tattoo
june ?, 2019

More taboo m/m romance from my fave? Yes, please! Cole’s starting a brand new series and I’m so excited. It was meant to release on the 1st, but he’s been a bit under the weather, so it’s been delayed for now. Crossing my fingers he feels better soon! ♥


3. Docile
march 3rd, 2020

“There is no consent under capitalism.” Sorry, I’m never going to stop sharing that tagline everywhere because it gives me CHILLS ON CHILLS. Augh. ♥ Brb, getting it tattooed on my forehead. But anyways, this is an upcoming queer sci-fi story from a trans author, it’s about sex and wealth, and I AM SO HERE FOR IT.


4. Rolling in the Deep

How have I not read this spooky sapphic mermaid story yet? Nobody knows! It’s so perfectly on brand for me that I think I’m low key scared. What if it disappoints me?!!? (Spoiler alert: it’s Mira Grant, it won’t.)


5. Wolfsong

An own-voice m/m werewolf romance? Yep, need that in my life for sure. Sneak peek at my summer TBR for you all: this one’s definitely on the list!


6. The Monster of Elendhaven
september 24th, 2019

The world needs more spooky gays, and Jennifer Giesbrecht is here to deliver. I read the first chapter of this for the latest Try a Chapter Challenge, and it just about tied with the winner (Gideon the Ninth). It’s super bloody and dark and I can’t wait.


7. The Priory of the Orange Tree

Queer women in power and dragons! Please! Very strongly considering putting myself on an ARC ban just so I can get to this ASAP because it’s slowly killing me inside that I haven’t read it yet.


8. Silver in the Wood
june 18th, 2019

Sometimes you just need soft gays in the forest. ♥ 


9. Beyond the Black Door
october 29th, 2019

Own-voice ace dark fantasy! I feel like all of my favorite authors have been raving about this one, too, so I’m doubly excited! And this cover 😍😍


10. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

I honestly don’t know how I haven’t read this story about a queer girl being sent to conversion camp yet. It’s been on my radar for SO LONG, and I want to see the movie so badly! I definitely have to get to this one ASAP.

What’s a queer story you’re looking forward to reading?


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5 thoughts on “T10T: My Top Queer TBR Picks [#PRIDE]

    1. Same on Call Down the Hawk! It’s gonna be so good (and probably painful, knowing Maggie, lol). And yes, same on Priory. I had it on my seasonal TBR but I haven’t even attempted it because I just knew I didn’t have the time lately.


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