Sunday Post — July 7th, 2019

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.


last week on the blog…

✨ Try a Chapter Challenge
✨ June Wrap
July-September 5-star predictions
July TBR
WWW Wednesday
GR TBR Purge #4
Immunity (YA sci-fi review)
Stacking the Shelves
Saturday Smalls (mini reviews: adult romance, graphic novels, poetry)
TBR Lows & Highs

next week on the blog…

* this is always subject to change!

✨ Salvation Day (adult sci-fi review)
✨ Criminal Intentions S1E2: Junk Shop Blues (adult mystery/romance review)
✨ Bi-Annual Statistics Update

new review arrivals

* = requested pre-ban
** = graphic novels/manga & poetry don’t count!
! = amazon vine, review not mandated

    • * His Hideous Heart
    • ** Witchy
    • ** Mooncakes
    • * Remember Me
    • ** Garden of Ravens
    • ! How it Feels to Float
    • ! Suffer Love
    • ! We Contain Multitudes
    • ** Love in Focus, Vol. 1
    • ! Quiver
    • The Work of Art


outside the blogosphere

Man, I’m so sad this week is over haha. I only had to work Monday through Wednesday, because we had the 4th of July off, and then got to also take Friday off for a long weekend. I’m typing this post up on Saturday night and high key SO sad that my weekend only has one more day in it, even though I’m super grateful (and a little spoiled) to have had a holiday weekend at all! I think this summer reading program has just got me so worn down, I need some time off… alas, the world does not stop turning for emotional and mental fatigue.

reading this weekend…

I’ve managed to get my current reads down to less than 10 titles and I am SO pleased with that! This is what I’m focusing on knocking out this weekend:

📚 In the Shadow of Spindrift House
📚 Ragged Alice

what I watched

🎥 Happy Death Day [library loan] (This. Was. AMAZING! I’ll be watching the second movie within the next day or two.)

what I listened to

* these are my favorite songs of the week!

🎵 Ben Howard — ‘Conrad’ (again)

what I played

🎮 Delicious – Emily’s Childhood Memories Platinum Edition (something you can all feel free to judge me for: I’ve been obsessed with the Delicious game franchise since I was a kid and have played every game in the series minus the most recent one. I’m currently doing a full re-play of the series leading up to the new release! This is my 4th play-through of this specific title.)


a few last words…




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