T10T: Books I Love… With Antagonists I Love to Hate


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is “characters you’d be besties with”, but how could I narrow that down to 10?! (Besides, I did that topic a few months ago and my answers haven’t really changed much.) So, instead, let’s talk about ten antagonists I hate — from books I love!


1. charlie manx — nos4a2

Given that I’ve never hurt a child, and I’m not a child myself, I don’t think Mr. Manx would have much business with me, but I still don’t want to go on any trips to Christmasland.


2. the merrill family — kin

A family full of cannibalistic redneck serial killers? Noooo, thank you.


3. adam — sour candy

I usually try not to pick multiple books from the same author, but KPB is just too good at crafting antagonists that I genuinely DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH, and this creepy little shit is one of them for sure.

27687495. sy475 goodreads

4. the shelbys — the siren & the specter

The Shelbys are a couple who lives next-door to the house the MC is staying in, and they aren’t even *the* villain of the story necessarily, but they are villains in their own ways and they are ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. This is an all-time favorite read of mine, and these two were the easiest antagonists to hate.


5. terry hunt — we sold our souls

I mean, the first thing we learn about the dude is that he probably sold his bandmates’ souls just so his shitty nu-metal group come become famous. How messed up is that? Actually, maybe I do wanna meet this dude so I can kick ‘im.


6. osaron — a conjuring of light

I don’t know if this is just me, but a lot of fantasy antagonists, while awful, don’t really bother me all that much — even if they do terrible things, it can just be hard for me to internalize the idea of how scary or cruel they’d be IRL. Osaron, on the other hand? I remember reading ACOL and thinking that I would literally be terrified to live in a world with this power-hungry maniac in it.


7. daniel burne — a girl like her & damaged goods

AUGH. What a jerk! What an abusive, twisted, egomaniacal little… *screams forever* If Daniel were a real person who had done the things to poor Hannah and Laura that he does in the Ravenswood series, I wouldn’t want to meet him because I’d probably end up with a restraining order or worse. 😂

44569978. sy475 goodreads

8. the queen — the throne of glass series

For anyone who isn’t this far into the series, I won’t name this character (though I remember pegging her as a villain the moment she was first named), but this particular Queen is one of the most vile, awful characters and my fear of her actions is the single reason I haven’t finished Kingdom of Ash yet. 😭


9. dolores umbridge — hp & the order of the phoenix

How could I make this list and not include Umbridge, amirite?? She’s gone down in history as the Worst Villain Ever for a lot of us, no doubt; in fact, I’d easily say that, as a kid, I hated her worse than Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and the Dursleys combined.


10. …spoilers… — captive prince

I didn’t want to name this character, either, because when you start the series, you’re not quite sure how to feel about them through Damen’s lens. That said, there’s a final-book reveal about this character that I predicted but DESPERATELY hoped I was wrong about, and watching it all unfold felt like a literal punch to the gut. If you’ve read the third book in this series, you probably know who I’m talking about, but if you don’t:

Clicky clicky

The Regent, of course. What a piece of TRASH! I’m never going to stop screaming about how much I hate him and everything he put poor Laurent and those other boys through. 😭



Did I miss a character you’d hate to meet? Let me know who it is!


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16 thoughts on “T10T: Books I Love… With Antagonists I Love to Hate

  1. Great list! Umbridge is the woooorst and that’s why I love to hate her, just like you do. She’s worse than Voldemort in some ways because I bet most of us have known an Umbridge at some point in our lives. Then again, with the way politics is around the world at the moment I’d say quite a lot of us are seeing a few Voldemorts, too. NOS4R2 and Captive Prince are two I’d like to read! 🙂


  2. I love your topic today! A good villain (or even villain adjacent) is always great for a book. Man, my 19-year-old started rereading the HP books this weekend and we got talking about how much we both hate OOTP because of Umbridge. Man, that book made me rage (and I was an adult when I read it).

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!


  3. Love your topic choice this week! I agree with so many of these. Villains are so delectably evil, it’s impossible to not love to hate them. (Which, dang, that statement was a mouthful. Textful? Whatever, haha.)


  4. Your pick for Captive Prince is one of my most HATED characters ever omg. Dolores falls VERY close behind.
    Fun post!


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