HAUL ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old Hauls

I did a TBR roundup post earlier this month (you can read it here), where I went through all of my old TBR posts from the last year and made charts based on how many of those books I had read during that month, at later dates, or not at all. Today, I'm doing the … Continue reading HAUL ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old Hauls

TBR ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old TBRs

I was thinking recently that June marked one year that I've been writing TBR and wrap-up posts, when an idea struck me: What if we looked back at all of my former TBR lists, and came up with some figures for how many TBR choices I've actually read since then? I wasn't sure if this would … Continue reading TBR ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old TBRs

Shortest and Longest Books On My TBR!

I was inspired to do this post after seeing Kathy's "Shortest Books On My TBR" post, where she mentioned she was inspired by seeing another blogger's list of the longest books on their TBR... so I decided to do both! Here are the 20 shortest and 20 longest titles currently on my TBR. I opted to exclude series-related shorts … Continue reading Shortest and Longest Books On My TBR!

Grab the Tissues — Sob-a-Thon Readathon!

Hello lovelies! I don't normally do readathons outside of the ones I help host over at Life & Lit, but this month, there's one being hosted on Twitter that I'm super excited about: Sob-a-Thon! Details: runs from May 21st to May 27th hosted by Mikayla, Sam, Rocky, Krisy, Becca, and Katie 5 challenges: 1 book … Continue reading Grab the Tissues — Sob-a-Thon Readathon!

Most Popular Books on My TBR

Today's post is going to be a little bit different — it's not necessarily a tag, as far as I'm aware, but I saw Adriana over at Perpetual Pages do it in a recent video, and loved the idea! Basically, you go to your Goodreads TBR shelf and sort your books by the number of … Continue reading Most Popular Books on My TBR

1-Year Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

Hello, everyone! Technically, tomorrow is the big day, but I was too excited to wait... IT'S MY 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BLOGGING! Yep, you read that right - it's been a whole year here at Howling Libraries, and I wouldn't have been able to stay committed this long without the amazing support from you all. To … Continue reading 1-Year Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

“Where Do My Books Come From?”

This is such a cool and unique post idea that I knew I had to do it as soon as I saw it over on Sarah's blog! It was originally created by Laura @ Reading in Bed. You go through the last 30 books you’ve read (your Goodreads "reading challenge" page is great for this!) and … Continue reading “Where Do My Books Come From?”