August 2017:

T10T: Hidden Gems in YA

Diversity Spotlight Thursday #4

T10T: Ten Books I Loved in Middle/High School

Diversity Spotlight Thursday #3

T10T: Ten Book Recommendations for People Who Love Shipping

Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2

Top 5 Wednesdays: 2nd Book is Best

Diversity Spotlight Thursday #1

July 2017:

Book Beginnings: All the Crooked Saints

Top 5 Wednesday: Series That Got Better

Book Beginnings: Daughter of the Burning City

Top 5 Wednesday: Outside of the Western World

Book Beginnings: The Art of Starving

Top 5 Wednesday: Children’s Books

Book Beginnings: The Wood

Top 5 Wednesday: Books Without Romance

June 2017:

Book Beginnings: Final Girls

Top 10 Tuesday: Best Reads of 2017 (So Far)

Stacking the Shelves: 06.24.17

Book Beginnings: A Darker Shade of Magic

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite “Unlikable” Protagonists

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start

Stacking the Shelves: 06.17.17

Book Beginnings: Little Wrecks

Top 5 Wednesday: Side Ships

Top 10 Tuesday: Father’s Day Freebie

Stacking the Shelves: 06.10.17

Book Beginnings 06.09.17: What I Lost

T5W 06.07.17: Books For Your Hogwarts House

T10T: 06.06.17 – Horror TBR Highlights!

Book Beginnings 06.02.17: The Raven Boys

May 2017:

T5W 05.31.17: Fandoms You Are No Longer In

T10T 05.30.17: Most Anticipated Books for the Second Half of 2017

T5W 05.24.17: Favorite Minor Characters

Throwback Thursday: 05.18.17

T5W 05.17.17: Summer Reads

Throwback Thursday: 05.11.17

T5W 05.10.17: Books as Event Themes

T5W 05.03.17: Favorite SFF Cover Art

April 2017:

T5W 04.26.17: Authors You Want to Read More From