Hauls, Wrap-ups, & TBRs

February 2019:

February TBR: Fantastic Feb & Splattertine’s Day!

January 2019:

Monthly “Try a Chapter” Challenge: February 2019
January Physical Haul: You’re never gonna believe the size of this one…
January Wrap: What a weird month?
January Digital Haul: Don’t mind me, just drowning in eARCs.
Haul Roundup 2.0: July-December 2018
TBR Roundup 2.0: July-December 2018
January TBR: New year, new rules!

December 2018:

NEW SERIES: Monthly “Try a Chapter” Challenge!
December Wrap: Closing the Year with a BANG!
December Digital Haul—my new job brought in some perks!
December Physical Haul—my last big haul for a while?! (hopefully)
2019 TBR
Winter TBR
Short-a-thon TBR Time!
Seasonal TBR Jar — Winter Wishes!
December TBR: Readathons Everywhere!

November 2018:

November Wrap: The Month That Reading Forgot
November Physical Haul, AKA the Haul I Honestly THOUGHT Would Be Small
November Digital Haul: So Many Kindle Sales!
November TBR & Monthly Goals

October 2018:

October Wrap, AKA “Holy Crap, I Read SO MUCH This Month?!”
October Birthday Haul!
October TBR: Too Many Books, Too Little Time

September 2018:

September Wrap (& Lots of Shout-outs!)
September Haul: Creepies Everywhere!
Horror Recommendations, Pt. II: My Creepy TBR!
T10T: Autumn TBR
NEW SERIES: Seasonal TBR Jar — Autumn Creepies!
September TBR: No Theme?!

August 2018:

August Wrap
August Haul—Ending My Book Ban?
Assigned Reading Wrap-Up: Summer Semester!
August TBR: #ARCAugust & #BookTubeAThon 2018!

July 2018:

July Haul—My Smallest Haul Ever?
July Wrap
HAUL ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old Hauls
Booktubeathon TBR
TBR ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old TBRs
July TBR: Nostalgia & Sci-Fi July!

June 2018:

June/Pride Wrap
June ’18 Haul (And a Book Ban Update!)
TBR Jar ReadAThon Sign-Up & Throwback Event Announcement!
Assigned Reading: My Summer Class TBR!

May 2018:

May ’18 Wrap
May ’18 Haul (& Returning to My Ban!)
Grab the Tissues — Sob-a-Thon Readathon TBR
Moody May — No TBR?!

April 2018:

April ’18 Wrap
April ’18 Haul
April ’18 TBR: ARCs and ApTHRILL

March 2018:

March ’18 Wrap
March ’18 Haul
March ’18 TBR: Women’s History Month Bingo & Munches in March

February 2018:

February ’18 Wrap-Up
February ’18 Haul
February ’18 TBR: Black History Month & Fantastic February!

January 2018:

January ’18 Wrap-Up
January ’18 Haul
January ’18 TBR: Life & Lit events and Beat the Backlist!

December 2017:

December ’17 Wrap-up
December ’17 Haul
#ReadersCrossing Sign-Up & TBR
Yule Bingo: December ’17 TBR

November 2017:

November ’17 Wrap-up
November ’17 Haul
November ’17 TBR

October 2017:

October ’17 eARC Haul
October ’17 Haul & Wrap-up
October TBR: BOO!kish Bingo and OWNtober

September 2017:

September ’17 Haul & Wrap-up
#TheReadingQuest Wrap-up
September ’17 TBR

August 2017:

August ’17 Haul & Wrap-up
#TheReadingQuest Update!
#TheReadingQuest TBR
August ’17 TBR

July 2017:

July ’17 Haul & Wrap-up
July ’17 TBR

June 2017:

June ’17 Haul & Wrap-up
June ’17 TBR

May 2017:

May ’17 Haul & Wrap-Up