Review Policy

Hello! Whether you are a reader requesting a review, an author looking for input, or a publicist hoping to share ARCs, I would kindly ask that you read the following before contacting me.

What I read:

My favorite genres are horror, YA/NA fantasy, YA/NA contemporary, and YA/NA LGBTQ+ fiction. I also dabble in thrillers, sci-fi, graphic novels, poetry, memoirs, YA/NA historical fiction, and middle grade fantasy. None of these genres are automatic “no” answers, so feel free to ask!

What I DON’T read:

It is incredibly rare that you will convince me to read erotica, adult romance, adult contemporary, or adult fiction at all (besides the exceptions listed above).

Note to indie authors:

Though I would absolutely love to read and review every indie author’s book that comes across my path, sadly, my own TBR pile is a monstrous beast. As you can understand, this doesn’t leave me for much time to read books that I don’t feel fully invested in. If you feel like the genre of your book fits the guidelines of what I read, and are convinced that your plot can offer me something genuinely unique, feel free to email me, but please do not feel wounded if I end up passing on reviewing your book. ♡

Also, I do not read eBooks very frequently, so your request is more likely to be approved if you can offer a print copy.