Stacking the Shelves — April 27th, 2019

April 27, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

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This week, we’re adding kindle unlimited and library hauls to the lists!


Physical Review Copies:

  • Nothing this week!


NetGalley/Edelweiss Approvals:

  • The Bone Houses — Emily Lloyd-Jones
    • YA fantasy/horror; Ryn’s family owns a graveyard she must tend, where the dead are sometimes cursed to rise again and attack the living
  • Angel Mage — Garth Nix
    • new adult fantasy; a mix of archangels, archaic magic, plagues, people being transformed into beastlings, and a plot to reunite with a lost lover
  • Faker — Sarah Smith
    • adult romance; Emmie is one of the only women at her power tool company, and things heat up when she’s forced to work with her enemy/colleague Tate; half-Filipino main character, enemies-to-lovers rom-com
  • The Toll — Cherie Priest
    • adult horror; a newlywed couple are honeymooning in a swamp when the wife goes missing; described as a slow-creeping dread horror (AKA my favorite style of horror)
  • Super Fun Sexy Times — Meredith McClaren
    • adult SFF graphic novel anthology; I guess this is a graphic novel anthology about queer superheroes? The cover art looked so pretty!

  • We Are the Perfect Girl — Ariel Kaplan
    • YA contemporary; two best friends use one girl’s beauty and the other girl’s personality to woo a boy together through texts
  • Crown of Coral and Pearl — Mara Rutherford
    • YA fantasy; Nor must unexpectedly take her twin sister’s place to go marry the Crown Prince, but finds horrible truths about the royal family
  • Dragonslayer — Duncan M. Hamilton
    • adult fantasy; a former guard for the King is very abruptly sent on a mission to slay a dragon who was thought extinct centuries ago
  • Crown of Oblivion — Julie Eshbaugh
    • YA fantasy; Astrid is forced to live as the Princess’ surrogate and bear all of her physical punishments unless she enters the Race of Oblivion, where she’ll have her memory wiped clear and forced into a competition to the death
  • The Survival List — Courtney Sheinmel
    • YA contemporary; a girl is left a list of strange clues that she hopes will explain why her sister killed herself

  • Kingdom of Souls — Rena Barron
    • YA fantasy; a magic-less daughter of witchdoctors considers trading years of life for magic to fight the Demon King; West African-inspired fantasy
  • Well Met — Jen DeLuca
    • adult romance; mild-enemies-to-lovers set at a Ren Faire
  • The Resurrectionists — Michael Patrick Hicks
    • adult horror/hist-fic novella; a recently freed former slave gets pulled into a new war of Lovecraftian nature


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:


  • One Word Kill — Mark Lawrence — amazon prime/first reads freebie
    • YA fantasy; in 1986, Nick and his D&D group get a new member who turns their games into a strangely real fantasy world; features multiple queer &/or POC characters + a terminal illness depiction


Physical Purchases & Gifts:


  • The Dead House — Dawn Kurtagich — found this for $3 at BAM!
    • YA horror; 20 years after a high school loses 3 students to sudden deaths and 1 student goes missing, a diary is discovered of a disturbed student who might be the only suspect — if she exists at all


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

  • The Empty Man — Cullen Bunn — kindle unlimited
    • adult horror graphic novel; the Empty Man disease causes rage, hallucinations, dementia, and then catatonia or death
  • Monstress, Vol. 1 (reread) & 2 — Marjorie M. Liu — physical library loan
    • adult fantasy/steampunk graphic novel; 1900s matriarchal Asia AU where a teen girl/war veteran struggles to survive and learns she shares a psychic link with a terrifying monster
  • American Gods, Vol. 1: Shadows — Neil Gaiman — physical library loan
    • adult fantasy graphic novel; part 1 of the American Gods adaptation


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    1. Eagerly awaiting pretty much every single one of your YA fantasy reviews because I’m trash for it.
      (I stan it? Is that what it is now?)

    1. monstress is so, soooo good! one of the best graphic novels i have ever read, imho. and it’s queer too!!
      i just picked up the dead houses from the library the other day. her other book, and the trees crept in, was super unique and weird and wonderful so i’m intrigued to see what this will be like. i love that it’s told in a multimedia format.

      1. 1) Monstress has stolen my whole soul or what was left of it anyways
        2) I didn’t know that about The Dead Houses being told in a multimedia format!! Or And the Trees Crept In? Whichever one you were referring to (I have both on my TBR!)

    1. I wish my library had monstress! I really want to read that one, but it is quite expensive..

      1. I hope they get it so you can read it! I know volumes 1-3 are coming out in one big hardback collection soon. Maybe you could put in a request for them to order it? *crossing fingers for you!*

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