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February 19, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic was supposed to be about books we loved that have less than 2,000 GR ratings, but I do underrated faves lists from time to time and wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. I once did a post where I listed the most widely-read books on my TBR, so I thought I’d do a spin on that:
the most widely-read books I gave 4+ stars!

To figure out this list, I went to my Goodreads “read” shelf, sorted by number of ratings, and picked out the top 10 that I’d given 4+ stars.

I opted to only use 1 book per series, because otherwise, literally this entire list was going to be the Harry Potter series and Hunger Games trilogy. ?



1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — J. K. Rowling
number of ratings: 5,770,114
average rating: 4.46 (my rating: 5)

2. The Hunger Games — Suzanne Collins
number of ratings: 5,631,536
average rating: 4.33 (my rating: 5)

3. The Fault in Our Stars — John Green
number of ratings: 2,960,033
average rating: 4.24 (my rating: 4.5)

4. The Lightning Thief — Rick Riordan
number of ratings: 1,663,286
average rating: 4.24 (my rating: 4)

5. City of Bones — Cassandra Clare
number of ratings: 1,410,737
average rating: 4.11 (my rating: 4)


6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower — Stephen Chbosky
number of ratings: 1,082,821
average rating: 4.20 (my rating: 5)

7. Cinder — Marissa Meyer
number of ratings: 564,902
average rating: 4.15 (my rating: 4.5)

8. Fangirl — Rainbow Rowell
number of ratings: 466,488
average rating: 4.09 (my rating: 4.5)

9. Throne of Glass — Sarah J. Maas
number of ratings: 450,565
average rating: 4.22 (my rating: 4)

10. Clockwork Prince — Cassandra Clare
number of ratings: 388,267
average rating: 4.45 (my rating: 4)
Clockwork Angel had almost 200,000 more ratings, but I only gave it 3 stars.


Were you surprised by any of these? The only one that surprised me was Fangirl — I didn’t think it was that widely read!


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  • Reply ✩ Ashley ✩ February 19, 2019 at 12:08 am

    Cinder and Fangirl surprise me! What a fun twist!! I wonder what my list would look like? (Besides all HP of course!)

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 19, 2019 at 9:26 am

      Haha you should look and see! I thought it was so funny that the first 10 were literally all just a mix of HP and Hunger Games books! ??

  • Reply Greg February 19, 2019 at 1:10 am

    The Hunger games- yay! And I’m a huge fan of Fangirl!!

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 19, 2019 at 9:29 am

      THG has to be one of my favorite series of all time! And Fangirl was so cute. I’m due for a reread of that one soon!

  • Reply ChrissiReads February 19, 2019 at 1:43 am

    Unlike other books on lists this week, I’m very familiar with this list. It’s interesting to look at what you gave 5 stars!

  • Reply Meeghan reads February 19, 2019 at 2:02 am

    I was expecting Maas to be much higher than it was!!

  • Reply zoe attempts to read !!! February 19, 2019 at 3:07 am

    i was not expecting POBAW to be so high in comparison to SJM and clockwork prince!!! a lot of my GR friends have read ToG & clockwork prince so i imagined they had more ratings haha!

  • Reply Brooke Lorren February 19, 2019 at 3:33 am

    I’ve read half of these… including Fangirl! I bought The Lunar Chronicles when it was on sale over Black Friday Weekend last year, but I haven’t read it yet.

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 19, 2019 at 9:36 am

      I hope you like TLC when you pick up the series! I feel like the first two books have some slow parts but they’re so worth it for book 3! Plus the whole series is honestly just overall really great ☺️

  • Reply Tea and Turned Pages February 19, 2019 at 8:09 am

    of course Harry Potter is number one lol.

  • Reply strugglingbookaholic February 19, 2019 at 10:16 am

    I really the spin you put on this week’s topic ? I feel inspired to see what my most rated books are, haha.

  • Reply L.M. Durand February 19, 2019 at 11:59 am

    I loved/read most of them. Amazing list!

  • Reply rachel @ typed truths February 20, 2019 at 12:10 am

    cinder above tog?? that surprised me until i remembered how big its tumblr fandom was back in the day. i knew fangilr was a popular title but – again – more than tog and clockprince?? i’m shocked

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 20, 2019 at 8:35 am

      It surprised me, too! I was off of tumblr for years so I think I must have missed the big fandom for TLC!

  • Reply evelynreads1 February 20, 2019 at 1:59 am

    The only book that kinda surprised my on this list was the perks of being a wallflower haha, maybe because I have not read it myself ..

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 20, 2019 at 11:57 pm

      Perks was one of my faves as a teen! Not sure how well it would hold up to a new reader today, sadly, but it was definitely a classic in its time. 🙂 Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy it if you ever do pick it up!

  • Reply Annemieke February 20, 2019 at 3:50 am

    Not surprised by any of these. So many people still talk about Fangirl these days.

  • Reply Malka @ Paper Procrastinators February 20, 2019 at 10:21 am

    I’m so proud to say that I have read every book on this list! In recent years I haven’t been able to say that so easily, but these books have all been out for a while, allowing me to get to them. And I’m so glad Fangirl is so widely read! It’s nice to know your favorite books are so well loved!

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 21, 2019 at 10:47 am

      That’s awesome! 😀 And yes, you’re right, it is really nice to see when your favorites are widely loved.

  • Reply Sarah February 20, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    I was surprised by Fangirl as well! The rest seemed right, though, from what I know of them. 🙂

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 21, 2019 at 10:51 am

      Right! Yeah, I think Fangirl was the only one that I legitimately raised an eyebrow at. ?

  • Reply Jessica at Booked J February 21, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    All of these books are SO GOOD and give me all kinds of feelings. Ugh! Great picks. I’m glad to see a different twist on this weeks topic! And now I want to reread like half of these but hahaha

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries February 22, 2019 at 8:44 am

      Haha aww thanks for reading, I’m glad you liked the list! Oh my gosh, same, doing this list totally made me want some rereads!

  • Reply Sunday Post — February 24, 2019 – howling libraries February 24, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    […] My Most Popular Beloved Books (list) […]

  • Reply Chrystal February 24, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Fangirl all the way! I need to reread this soon.

  • Reply Kelly | Another Book in the Wall February 25, 2019 at 3:02 am

    Oooh, so many of my favs here! Haha! I was a huge fan of Cinder, HP, Percy Jackson, ToG, and Fault in our Stars too! ?

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