June ’18 Haul (And a Book Ban Update!)

As I mentioned in my May haul, I started a book ban this month, and I did really well with it! I'll recap the rules for my ban below, but basically, everything that I hauled this month was a May purchase that hadn't delivered yet, OR it fit into at least one of the following … Continue reading June ’18 Haul (And a Book Ban Update!)

May ’18 Haul (& Returning to My Ban!)

What up, this is my 400TH POST! Thanks for sticking with me through so much of my nonsense, you amazing book dragons! Now, with you all as my witness, I am back on a legitimate book ban after this post. My shelves are full, my TBR is beyond hope, and my bank account is in a … Continue reading May ’18 Haul (& Returning to My Ban!)

Moody May — No TBR?!

Hello, lovelies! I know I usually wait until the first of the month to post my TBR, but May is a special case because, well... I'm not creating one! I know, I'll wait for you all to overcome your shock... Seriously, though, my friend Kathy @ Books and Munches has created an awesome challenge for … Continue reading Moody May — No TBR?!

Circe — Madeline Miller (ARC Review)

  TITLE: Circe AUTHOR: Madeline Miller RELEASES: April 10th, 2018; Little, Brown and Company GENRE: Fantasy AGE RANGE: Adult SYNOPSIS: In the house of Helios, god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born. But Circe is a strange child--not powerful, like her father, nor viciously alluring like her mother. Turning to the world of … Continue reading Circe — Madeline Miller (ARC Review)

Ghost Slayer — Majanka Verstraete (ARC Review)

  TITLE: Ghost Slayer AUTHOR: Majanka Verstraete RELEASES: April 14th, 2018; Fire Quill Publishing GENRE: Urban/Paranormal Fantasy AGE RANGE: New Adult SYNOPSIS: Twenty-one-year-old Kaelyn has spent half her life hunting ghosts and killing them. But she’s not like the other ghost hunters who have to rely on spells and curses to banish ghosts back to where they came from, … Continue reading Ghost Slayer — Majanka Verstraete (ARC Review)

To Kill A Kingdom — Alexandra Christo (ARC Review)

TITLE: To Kill A Kingdom AUTHOR: Alexandra Christo RELEASES: March 6th, 2018; Feiwel & Friends GENRE: Fantasy AGE RANGE: YA SYNOPSIS: Princess Lira is siren royalty and the most lethal of them all. With the hearts of seventeen princes in her collection, she is revered across the sea. Until a twist of fate forces her to kill one of her … Continue reading To Kill A Kingdom — Alexandra Christo (ARC Review)

More Than We Can Tell — Brigid Kemmerer (ARC Review)

  TITLE: More Than We Can Tell AUTHOR: Brigid Kemmerer RELEASES: March 6th, 2018; Bloomsbury Children's GENRE: Contemporary AGE RANGE: YA SYNOPSIS: Rev Fletcher is battling the demons of his past. But with loving adoptive parents by his side, he’s managed to keep them at bay...until he gets a letter from his abusive father and the trauma of his childhood comes … Continue reading More Than We Can Tell — Brigid Kemmerer (ARC Review)