Heathen, Vol. 1 – Natasha Alterici (ARC Review)

A graphic novel about a lesbian viking who's been exiled from her home, so she goes off on an adventure to save the former queen of the Valkyrie, Brynhild, and to rescue other LGBTQ+ individuals so they don't have to fear the same fate she underwent? Do you think it was even possible for me… Continue reading Heathen, Vol. 1 – Natasha Alterici (ARC Review)


The Wood – Chelsea Bobulski (ARC Review)

"Dad tells me the wood is not a place to play. It is a place for business, and it is more powerful than I could ever imagine. He tells me I cannot forget the rules of the wood. There are three. Do not travel from the paths. Do not linger after dark. Do not ignore… Continue reading The Wood – Chelsea Bobulski (ARC Review)


Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon (Reread Review)

“I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing.” Reread review time! I originally gave this 5 stars when I read it last year, but upon rereading it, I had to lower it to 4 stars. While I still really enjoyed the relationship that develops between… Continue reading Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon (Reread Review)


Book Beginnings: The Art of Starving

* Book Beginnings is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader, where every Friday, bloggers post the first sentence (or few sentences) of their current read, as well as their first impressions of the book! * This week, I’ll be highlighting one of my current reads, The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller. Congratulations! You… Continue reading Book Beginnings: The Art of Starving


The “How I Choose My Books” Tag

Thank you so much to Stephanie over at Stephanie's Novel Fiction for tagging me! Steph is such a sweet person and I LOVE her blog, so you should definitely go follow her! ♡ 1. Find a book on your shelves or ereader with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? I'm… Continue reading The “How I Choose My Books” Tag


Top 5 Wednesday: Children’s Books

* Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme/challenge for book bloggers, hosted by Lainey and Sam. The goal is for bloggers to choose their top 5 picks for the week’s given challenge, and you can find out more over on Goodreads! * This week's challenge is to pick your top 5 children's books! This can include middle grade, which is great… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: Children’s Books


Just Listen – Sarah Dessen (Reread Review)

“No matter how much time has passed, these things still affect us and the world we live in. If you don't pay attention to the past, you'll never understand the future. It's all linked together.” I'm so in my feelings about finally writing a review for this book! This has been my favorite Sarah Dessen… Continue reading Just Listen – Sarah Dessen (Reread Review)