2017 Wrap-Up & Statistics

This is a little later than I intended for it to be, but here's my final 2017 wrap-up! In previous years, I never thought I could've passed 50k pages read in a year. As a teen, I read a lot, but "a lot" back then was probably 40 books a year. In my early twenties, … Continue reading 2017 Wrap-Up & Statistics

December ’17 Wrap-up

Well, that's it... the last month of the year is officially coming to a close! This isn't my 2017 wrap-up, just my December one. I hope to be posting the full 2017 wrap-up with statistics and breakdowns next week! ! = ARC / sent for review I’ll link to reviews wherever possible! ★★★★★: Every Heart … Continue reading December ’17 Wrap-up

August ’17 Haul & Wrap-up

Another month has passed, and you know what that means... time for a haul and wrap-up post! I had a pretty decent reading month, and I stuck to my book ban fairly well! Though I did splurge on a few purchases, most of this month's new additions to my shelves were given to me as … Continue reading August ’17 Haul & Wrap-up

July ’17 Haul & Wrap-up

Since last month was such a heavy haul, I went easy on the bank this month and stuck pretty well to my "nothing but kindle sales" book ban. I only purchased one physical book, and a few ebooks; the rest were ARCs and giveaway prizes! My reading this month was awesome, though, so I'll start with … Continue reading July ’17 Haul & Wrap-up

June Haul & Wrap-up

This month looks like a bit of a doozy, but I'm actually proud to announce that I set myself a goal of only purchasing ebooks that were on sale, and BOTM books... and I succeeded! Well, almost. June Wrap-Up The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan (review) ★★★★☆ Thirteen Chairs - Dave Shelton (review) ★★★★☆ What I … Continue reading June Haul & Wrap-up