10 Games I Want to (re)Play in 2019 [#Project14Lists no. 11]

December 28, 2018

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This is my ELEVENTH post in the #Project14Lists series, hosted by Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch! You can find more information here, as well as a thread of my posts for the event here.

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Today’s #Project14Lists post is…

10 Games I Want to (re)Play in 2019

If you’ve been around any length of time, you know that, while reading is my main jam, gaming is my second favorite hobby, and has been for about as long as I can remember. (No, really, some of my oldest memories are sitting in my dad’s lap “helping” him play Zelda games on our SNES. Aaaaand I just aged myself again…)

As I’ve mentioned a lot lately, one of my biggest self-care goals for 2019 is getting back into gaming, so here are ten games I want to play (or replay) in 2019!

1. FINAL FANTASY X (replay)

My favorite game of all time. I have it on the PS2, PS3, PS4, and PC, and have played it from start to finish probably a solid… seven times? Anyways, I’m due for another replay next year.
Image result for final fantasy x gif


X-2, on the other hand, I’ve never actually beaten! I’d love to make 2019 the year I finally finish the duology (even if X-2’s battle system did enrage me a little all those years ago).
Image result for final fantasy x-2 gif

3. KINGDOM HEARTS 1-2 (replay) & 3

In preparation for the KH3 release (insert “it’s been 84 years” gif), I’ve recently started a new replay of KH1. I’m low key hoping to make the time to finish it within the next week or so to give myself plenty of time to replay KH2 before the new game drops at the end of January!

Image result for kingdom hearts gif(be still, 9-year-old Destiny’s beating heart)

4. STARDEW VALLEY (continuing)

I’m not starting a new game or anything, I just really want to make more time for SDV in the coming year (and maybe to finally try out the new multiplayer features).
Image result for stardew valley gif


I played a trial of this that Humble Bundle offering their subscribers recently and OH. MY. GOD. I am SO ready for the full version to drop.
Image result for forager game gif


I’ve been following the Overwatch lore (the heroes, their shorts, etc.) since the game was in beta mode, but I didn’t create my own profile until a few months ago. My spouse has been playing it all that time, and I’ve loved watching and learning, but I’m AWFUL at shooters. That said, I’m determined that I’m going to get almost decent at it in 2019. (If you’re curious, I main as Ashe, but my fave is Zarya.)
Image result for overwatch gif zarya


I just got this as a freebie Humble Bundle was offering a week or two ago, and while I’ve never played a LEGO game, it looks so damn cute it’s right at the top of my list.
Image result for lego hobbit gif


Don’t laugh. I’ve been eyeing this for ages and I’m finally going to treat myself to it. (And by that, I mean that I just double-checked, and it’s still on sale for half off, so ya girl literally JUST bought it.)
Image result for dream daddy gif


We recently got a PSVR system, and it came with the cutest little puzzle platformer, Moss. It features a little bitty mouse on a quest, and after watching my spouse play it for all of 2 and a half minutes, I’m already obsessed with her and know I NEED to play it.
Image result for moss gif psvr


See previous game’s explanation: cuteness.
Image result for astro bot rescue mission gif


I couldn’t possibly make this post without mentioning one unnamed 2019 release…


It hasn’t been announced yet what the working title will be or when it will be released (besides “some time in 2019”), but WOW, am I already so prepared to pre-order this the SECOND it becomes available. I’ve been an AC fanatic since the first game in the franchise back in the Gamecube days, and I am LONG past ready for a new mainline game. ♥ I literally screamed (and cried a little) when the announcement was made. ?
Related image

Are you a gamer? Are any of these favorites of yours, or ones you’re looking forward to? Let me know!


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    1. I really need to make time for gaming! I read way too much *looks around to make sure no one will kill me for saying that*, I need to make time for other hobbies 🙂
      I totally love that you got Dream Daddy and want to hear all your thoughts on it! That is one I definitely want to play at some point haha. For now I can only play mobile games since my laptop can’t play anything and my fiance hogs his computer, but eventually I want to play more Final Fantasy games. And one day I’ll buy a PS Vita so I can play more Otome games and Persona games. I love the Persona series~

      1. LMAO noooo, nobody is allowed to kill you for that! I keep saying I’m saving Dream Daddy for the new year and focusing on reading right now, but let’s be honest, I’m probably going to cave and play it today. ? Boooo about your laptop, though! Mine is okay-ish, it can handle most games but some of them have to be on the very lowest settings (like Overwatch). I don’t mind the graphics issue too much as long as there’s no lag, though. WoW did okay but would lag sometimes and that’s so annoying when you’re in the middle of a big dungeon! >:( I hope you get to buy a Vita soon, though! I’ve never played any Persona games but I’ve had friends who played them around me and they looked so cool.

        1. Yeah, I grabbed this laptop for school and internet surfing, not really games, so… *shrugs* eventually haha.
          Persona is sooo fun. It is part fighting, part relationship building game with multiple endings (Good, Real, Bad). I really recommend it ^_^
          Have fun with Dream Daddy!

          1. Makes sense~! I got a really good deal on mine but it’s just a low-end gaming laptop. I’m hoping maybe by the end of 2019 to invest in another desktop because I really miss having one. And Persona really does sound so cool, I need to look into it.
            Thank you! ♥

    1. Omg, I’ve played a bit of Dream Daddy (and by that I mean, I watched a friend play it) but, I’m feeling very non-gamer right now because all I do is play Mariokart on my DS. 🙁

      1. Dream Daddy looks SO FREAKING CUTE and I love the GameGrumps so I want to support them, so I’m just super excited it was half off and I was able to grab it!! Aww, that doesn’t make you a non-gamer at all! I honestly hate how so much of the gaming community has this elitist attitude that makes us feel this way sometimes 🙁 even if all you played were mobile games, I’d still consider you a gamer! ♥

    1. What system do you play Overwatch on?! Ya girl is always down with playing with you if you want! I have PS4!
      This all is a list of beautiful games, and if Dream Daddy is still on sale when I get paid, I’m gonna swipe it up!

      1. I play it on PC but we do also have it on the PS4, so once I get comfortable enough for gaming with people I know I’ll have to figure out the PS4 controls and hit you up! ♥ Right now I’m just so hilariously awful at it that I’m terrified to play with people who know me. ? I got my feelings hurt a few nights ago playing multiplayer with randos because someone was being a dick. They kept fussing that nobody would play support so I switched to a support char (despite not being comfortable with it AT ALL) and they weren’t happy with my attempts. ?‍♀️ I hate the gaming community 90% of the time so it’s no big deal but shit like that makes me so wary sometimes and reminds me of why I’ve never gotten super into multiplayer games!!

        1. Aw, I completely understand that! I don’t mind that you’re awful at it though, hahaha. We all start somewhere + I’m not amazing or anything. But, yeah, I refuse to have my mic on when I’m playing with strangers, because people are so damn mean. :/

    1. Strawdew Valley is so much fun. I haven’t played in a long time. I have been dying to play the new multiplayer. I am just waiting to get back into it once my boyfriend gets a new computer. Also I am very intrigued by Dream Daddy. One I have not heard of but looks interesting lol. Also I am so happy to see Animal Crossing on here. I am freaking out that it will be out sometime next year. I am dying for that release date.

      1. It really is so much fun! It’s so cute and easy-going and I love it. Dream Daddy looks hilarious and fun so I’ll let you know!! And yessss to Animal Crossing! I’ve been checking every week for news on it!

        1. I hope you’ve been enjoying Dream Daddy if you’ve gotten a chance to play. Omg it’s killing me that they haven’t said anything yet. I need to know the release date asap.

    1. I’m so ready for Kingdom Hearts 3! ??I’ve been re-watching cutscenes from previous games & watched a couple of the promo trailers to prepare for it! Other than that, I’m going to avoid the KH side of the internet until release ?✨❤

    1. I’m planning to replay Dragon Age 🙂 Maybe next year. Haven’t really been in the mood that much this year. When i felt like playing, i played Secret World Legends 🙂
      Haven’t played any of the games you listed. Overwatch looks good!

    1. We really need to talk about games more with each other haha, especially as I need to play more in 2019 (especially ESPECIALLY as my PhD is supposed to be about gaming… lol). There are so many games I’m excited to play next year and I’ve been thinking about doing a goals list like this so I can try and keep on track for once haha.
      I’m also treating myself to a Switch once I submit my research proposal on Jan 11th bc a) I want to be able to play Stardew Valley actually out and about and b) BECAUSE I NEED THE NEW AC GAME THE MINUTE ITS RELEASED OMFG HOW EXCITED AM I?!

      1. Haha we totally do! Oooooh, yay for Switch! Terry loves ours, though I haven’t played it much yet. We’ve already said, though, that we might save up and get a second one when AC releases so we can play multiplayer with each other. ? I’m waiting and hoping they’re going to release an AC-specific model like they have with the 3DS.

        1. YESSSSSS. My best friend gave me her AC 3DS and it’s so pretty. Playing multiplayer is definitely the most fun thing, I love visiting my partner and my friends towns.

    1. Stardew Valley has been stressing me out since I don’t know how to do ANYTHING so I think I need to skim the wiki and give it another shot. It’s fun when I can figure it out, but I hate not knowing how to play something! I love tutorials!
      I haven’t played Animal Crossing since high school, but I might pick it up on the Switch when this new one is released! It looks so relaxing and fun.

      1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that!! Hopefully you still remember everything well enough to not need the replays, at least! It’s been so long since I’d played #2 that I barely remember it.

    1. Stardew !! Been a while I havent played either, and got nobody to try the multiplayer with (yet)
      I’ve mostly been playing sims 4, zelda breath of the wild (CANT LET IT GO YET) and animal crossing new leaf ?

    1. Ashe (and Bob) are AMAZING!! I want to be awesome as Hanzo and Widow, but I am also not very good at shooter games… But I am amazing at Stardew Valley, and also The Sims. ??

    1. I am not a gamer at all (my husband used to be, but he’s not playing as much recently) but ahhh, have fun! I’m hoping to start playing more DnD next year. I started this year and I LOVE IT. I’m hoping to finally start a game with my friends like we’ve been talking about.

    1. I’m not a gamer but I enjoy watching my boyfriend play games especially Overwatch. I want to go back playing Pokémon on my Nintendo though. The only other game I play is Tsum Tsum ?

    1. I cannot WAIT for the Animal Crossing game! It’s going to be so cool! <3
      I really need to dig out my PS2 and play a bunch of the games you mentioned. A lot of the Final Fantasy games were my jam in high school, especially 7 & 8.

      1. Saaaaaame! So excited haha. 😀
        Oooooh, you totally should. I still have mine and crank it up every now and then when I’m feeling nostalgic for something that hasn’t been remastered.

    1. I haven’t played the LEGO Hobbit yet but I LOVE the lord of the rings game so much! I played through the whole campaign with my sister in only a few weeks. ? And I need to start playing Stardew Valley soon!

    1. Still giving Animal Crossing the stink-eye. Can’t help it. I’ll keep doing it until a Switch magically shows up at my house, okay.
      Apart from that. I think I caught the BF playing Forager on his phone a while back? Not sure though but it LOOKS the same? Eh, I’ll have to try and remember to ask him, haha. He’s constantly switching the games he plays so lord knows what he’s into now. :’)

      1. I know there was a beta version of Forager (I don’t remember what all platforms it was on), but the full edition isn’t coming out until later this month (here in the US, at least — any chance it’s already out there? If so I AM SO JEALOUS)

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