10 Movies I Want to Finally See in 2019 [#Project14Lists no. 7]

December 24, 2018

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This is my SEVENTH post in the #Project14Lists series, hosted by Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch! You can find more information here, as well as a thread of my posts for the event here.

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Today’s #Project14Lists post is…

10 Movies I Want to Finally See in 2019!

Like I mentioned in my “life” goals and my TV-related posts over the last week, I want to take more time to veg out and catch up on films (and shows) in 2019. These are all films I’ve been meaning to watch—whether it’s been for years, or just a few weeks.


Based on the tweets I’ve seen, I think I must be part of the only 2% of bisexual people in the world who haven’t seen this film yet. ?
Image result for thor ragnarok gif


Again, shocked I haven’t seen this. I used to stay super on top of the MCU films, but haven’t made the time to see the last few!
Image result for infinity war gif


I know this just came out, but I’m still surprised I haven’t watched it yet! (Let’s be honest, I might watch this before 2019 begins.)
Image result for dumplin gif

4. HALLOWEEN (2018)

I wanted to go see this one in theatres, but it’s tough to find the chance to go when you have a toddler! ? So I’ll be checking this one out as soon as it hits Redbox.
Image result for halloween 2018 gif


As much as I love the Evil Dead franchise, I realized recently that I still hadn’t watched Army of Darkness! I have no idea what to expect based on the snippets I’ve seen, but I’m always excited to see Bruce Campbell in action.
Image result for army of darkness gif

6. CAM

I feel like I’ve heard so many rave reviews about this new Netflix original that I have to watch it immediately.
Image result for cam 2018 netflix gif


I completely forgot this existed until scrolling through the oldest reaches of my Netflix List a few days ago, but now I keep thinking I should watch it, because it must have intrigued me at some point, and it has pretty solid reviews. (Plus… Ryan Gosling.)
Image result for blue valentine gif


Do I even have to say anything? Chapter 1 of the reboot was AMAZING and I’m so excited for Chapter 2.
Image result for it chapter 2

9. PET SEMATARY (2019)

Image result for pet sematary 2019 gif

10. THE LION KING (2019)

The Lion King was my childhood. Period. I can’t wait. ♥ LOOK AT THE PRECIOUS BABY SIMBA, how am I even supposed to cope with him losing Mufasa ???
Image result for lion king 2019 gif

Which of these do you think I should watch first (of those already released)? Are any of these favorites of yours, or do you have any movies you’d like to watch soon?


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    1. Gurl i haven’t seen thor ragnarock too i am part of that two percent. I will start watching more movies next year i hardly watched any this year

      1. Hahahaha I’m glad I’m not alone at least!! Same, I don’t think I honestly sat through an entire movie from start to finish in this entire year until August, maybe? And even then it was only a couple of movies per month. Good luck to both of us on catching up next year! 😀

    1. I absolutely adore Ragnarok! I’ve seen it at least 5 times ? I really want to see Dumplin’ too. Great choices!

      1. Awww that makes me so happy ? I just realized last night that it’s on Netflix now which is so convenient, it’s like the universe is over here nudging me to watch it ASAP! Thank you, Louise!

    1. Infinity War is such a crazy movie in the best way 😀 I can’t wait to see what you think of it! Ragnarok had some good parts of it but I think the humor didn’t completely work for me, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

        1. It’s all good. It’s still enjoyable for sure. I think with over half the movie being improv, I wasn’t sure how to react to it. But still worth the watch 🙂

    1. Oh, I have to watch Dumplin too! I LOVE Thor Ragnarok tho! It’s honestly one of my favorite Marvel movies now. So in my completely unbiased opinion, I think that should be the first one you watch! Hehe. Lovely list! ?

      1. Dumplin’ looks so precious! And I love the cast. 🙂 Hahaha well conveniently enough, I noticed last night that Ragnarok is on Netflix, so it should be an easy one to prioritize! 😀 Thank you so much, lovely! <3

    1. How do you manage to hold off seeing Ragnarok and Infinity War and avoid all the spoilers? ? It’s like a jungle out there ? I really want to watch more non-western movie next year, I think it’s really important to pay attention to them (going to write a separate post about the why and some recs soon ahaha!). But of course, I really want to see Dark Phoenix and Endgame next year, they are my most anticipated movies!

      1. I am very good at scrolling very quickly. ? Honestly though, I stayed off of social media as much as possible when Infinity War first came out, because I knew I wouldn’t get the chance to see it in theatres and I knew that was when the most spoilers would be posted. My spouse sadly didn’t luck out and got spoiled for a lot of stuff the weekend it released! Boooo. 🙁

    1. You’re in for a real treat with Thor. I think that was the funniest Marvel film! 😀
      I just watched Dumplin’ over the weekend. Oh.My.God. you need to watch it, especially if you’ve read the book. So many emotions; I love it! ❤️
      Also Blue Valentine was a good movie. I watched it years ago, and if anything Ryan Gosling is really cute in this (not the best guy, but cute)

    1. I didn’t really like Thor in his previous movies but Ragnarok changed my mind so you have to go watch it!

    1. watch thor and infinity war sooooooooooooooooon!! watched these last year and they were amazing. i’m so anxious for avengers: end game. and i can’t wait for the lion king. what a throwback.

    1. Thor: Ragnarok was GOOD. Up there with the best of the MCU in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to watching Dumplin’! I’ve just got few other movies to catch up on first.

    1. Cam was sooo bizarre, I definitely want to hear your thoughts once you’ve seen it!! I’m also stoked for all of those 2019 releases. 🙂

    1. Ragnarok was a lot of fun. And I’m not a thor fan haha. I still have to watch infinity war as well. Ugh. Right with you on it being hard to go to the theatres with a toddler. It is just hard to find time to watch anything mostly haha.

      1. I’m excited for Ragnarok! Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten around to Infinity War yet though lol. Yes it is! In my house, it seems like all we watch is whatever he wants to watch. ?

    1. *cries* Thor Ragnarok is so good and Infinity War is so overhyped.
      That being said, The Lion King and Dumplin’ both look great!

      1. LMAO you are the first person I’ve heard call Infinity War overhyped but honestly I don’t doubt it, I tend to go into MCU films with my expectations held at bay because a lot of the ones everyone raves about are the ones I don’t love as much? ? Other than Black Panther, of course, because that was worth all the hype to me!

        1. Black Panther is amazing and worth every ounce of hype!
          I love Ragnarok because the director just let the cast go ham and Taika Waititi is hilarious. But yeah, Infinity War is just way too much. It’s one of those movies where I’ll turn up for the first day of release and I’ll watch it at the cinema and I’ll buy the dvd but then I’ll probably never watch it again.

          1. lmao I wish I didn’t know that feeling on the whole seeing it in theatres, buying it, then never rewatching it. My spouse told me last night he wants to watch IW, and I told him we have to watch Ragnarok first, and then we realized neither of us have seen Civil War (how???) and THEN he told me he’s never seen Winter Soldier, which is… probably my favorite film in the MCU besides Black Panther?! I WAS SHOOK. I didn’t realize he hadn’t seen it. ? So now we’re like, okay, we should just binge watch a whole bunch of them…

            1. Haha, honestly you’re not really missing all tha tmuch, but they are still fun to watch! Ragnarok is amazing, Civil War is skippable (seriously, just watch the trailer or read a summary), Winter soldier… is not my fave but to each their own, I’m glad you like it! Haha, you should do a mini re/watch! Let me know how you go! Also, random but have you seen Spider-Verse?

            1. No, I haven’t seen Spider-verse yet!! I want to so badly but we’re never really able to get to the theatres so I’m probably having to wait for that one to come out on DVD! Have you?

            1. I saw it the other day and absolutely loved it! It’s worth seeing in the cinema if you can make it, but it’s going to be amazing either way so don’t worry about it!

    1. Blue Valentine made me cry so much a few years ago when I watched it. Now that I’m in a lovely relationship I’m excited to see what kind of reaction it will get out of me! Guess I’ll find out in 2019 ?

    1. OH. I saw the trailer for The Lion King when we went to see Crimes of Grindelwald not that long ago and I kept jumping up and down in my seat, pointing at the screen and staring at the BF. if THAT wasn’t obvious, I don’t know what would’ve been but he sure as hell is taking me on a date night to go and watch that movie. Little wiggle will simply have to annoy grandma for a night. :’)

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