10 books at the top of my wishlist [Top 10 Tuesday]

June 21, 2022

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday post! This week’s theme is “bookish wishes” and the prompt is to list your Amazon wishlist link along with 10 books you’d most like to add to your collection. I went back and forth a LOT on whether I would join in this week’s theme because I have a hard time posting my wishlist or asking for things, but I know that I really like gifting books to my friends, and so I finally decided, what the hell, I’ll join in! 🤷‍♀️

My Amazon wishlist is here! ♥

10 books on my wishlist:

  • Exquisite Corpse // Poppy Z. Brite → I’ve heard people rave about this for years and never read it!
  • Swordheart // T. Kingfisher → I heard Riley rave about this fantasy romance and it sounds SO good. The hero is a spirit trapped in a sword? Whaaaa?!
  • Return to the Black Farm // Elias Witherow → The first book in this series was one of the most messed-up horror books I’ve EVER read, and I need more.
  • Under the Whispering Door // T.J. Klune → I just want to read all the Klune books now. ♥
  • Horseman // Christina Henry → I’ve read almost everything CH has written and loved them all, but I haven’t gotten to this one yet!

  • 40-Love // Olivia Dade → I loved the first book in this series and am overdue for continuing it!
  • A Marvellous Light // Freya Marske → I’ve been seeing this queer fantasy romance everywhere and it sounds so good.
  • Bunny // Mona Awad → I love “weird” thrillers and horror, and I’m told this fits the bill well!
  • Harrow County Omnibus, Vol. 1 // Cullen Bunn → This collects the first 4 volumes, and I’ve read the first one and LOVED it!
  • Nettle & Bone // T. Kingfisher → Yes, another Kingfisher book, but I heard this has a ghost dog companion?! Sold.

Have you read any of these books, or are any of them on your wishlist?
Let me know in the comments, and feel free to drop a link to your T10T post for the week!



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    1. We share A Marvellous Light and Under the Whispering Door on our list today! Though my list focuses on the ebooks I’ve read and now what to own physical copies of haha. I really loved the two mentions. They were favorite reads from last year!

      1. I love that! A lot of times the books I ask my family for when it comes time for birthday/Christmas gifts are also print copies of ebooks I loved haha. Sometimes you love them so much that you just NEED them on your shelf! 🥰

    1. I bought a copy of Bunny when it was released but still haven’t read it. I’d love to read it by the end of the year😁

    1. I’ve been wanting to read A Marvellous Light! It sounds fantastic. I’ve also had my eye on Bunny but I don’t always do well with weird books 😀

      1. A Marvellous Light really sounds SO good! I feel like so many people have loved it and I’m so excited to read it. 🙂 Haha that’s totally fair about Bunny and weird books, though!!

    1. Swordheart is AMAZING, as is A Marvellous Light!!! I really hope you enjoy them.

    1. Great list, Destiny! I read the first book in that Olivia Dade series and have been meaning to continue with it cos it was so wholesome and sweet. I also really want to read A Marvellous Light cos it sounds so good. I hope you enjoy these books whenever you get your hands on them!

    1. Awesome wishlist! I haven’t read any of these, but several are on my TBR. I’m glad you decided to join in the fun. I hope you get some of the books on your wishlist.

      1. Isn’t it such a good title? Honestly, I’ve grown to become such a sucker for an eye-catching title, especially when it comes to horror books. Plus, I’ve heard it’s REALLY dark!

    1. Bunny was definitely super weird (and was queer imo!), I hope you end up liking it. 🙂

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