12 in 12 Challenge: 2022!

January 4, 2022

I know I’ve been posting a lot of 2022 TBRs and goals lately, but this is the last one, I swear:

I’m doing the “12 in 12” challenge!

You might have seen this around on social media lately, plus I know some folks did it in past years as well, but essentially the goal is to have 12 friends each recommend you a book to read in the coming year. I know a lot of people are going to read one book per month, but I’m just going to work through the list at my own pace throughout the year. I was really lucky and all 12 of the people I asked for recommendations were willing to pick out a book for me! I hand-picked a dozen people who I knew would either hand-pick something based on my interests, or whose tastes are similar to mine, so I have a VERY good feeling about this selection!


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this list! ♥

12 recommendations : 12 friends : 12 months

🌟 The Shadow of What Was Lost
🌟 adult fantasy
🌟 recommended by my spouse


🌟 Full Throttle
🌟 adult horror short story collection
🌟 recommended by Sarah

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🌟 I Hear the Sunspot
🌟 NA romance
🌟 recommended by Ellyn


🌟 Empire of the Vampire
🌟 adult fantasy
🌟 recommended by Rachel


🌟 Tender is the Flesh
🌟 adult horror/dystopia
🌟 chosen by Isaac*

* I let my 6-year-old son choose a book off of my TBR cart and this is the one he picked. Needless to say, he hasn’t read it. 😂


🌟 The Heart’s Invisible Furies
🌟 adult literary fiction
🌟 recommended by Kay


🌟 Sin Eater
🌟 adult historical fantasy
🌟 recommended by Cathy


🌟 My Best Friend’s Exorcism
🌟 YA horror
🌟 recommended by Bex


🌟 A Dowry of Blood
🌟 adult horror
🌟 recommended by Riley

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🌟 Reception
🌟 adult horror
🌟 recommended by Stephanie

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🌟 Pestilence
🌟 new adult paranormal romance
🌟 recommended by Malli


🌟 The Trials of Morrigan Crow
🌟 MG fantasy
🌟 recommended by Melanie

Are you participating in this challenge? Here’s the template if you want to use it!



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    1. I hope you will enjoy all of these! I love Empire of the Vampire and Nevermoor!

    1. Good luck with your TBR, Destiny! 💕 I 100% second Nevermoor, it’s SO good! I decided to read it on a whim and it has since become one of my all-time favorites 🥰 I’m hoping to read books 2 + 3 this year!

      1. Thank you! I think Nevermoor is the one that I’ve had the most people say they second the recommendation for, which has me sooo excited to read it, especially because it’s been ages since I picked up a MG fantasy book. That makes me so happy that it’s an all time fave for you!

    1. I’m like completely out of the loop on all things books / releases so the only one I know is Empire of the Vampire. I’ve been reading that one! For.. a long while actually. It’s soooo slow, but so good too. I’m savouring it – that’s my excuse. [Honestly, I’ve not been in the mood to hold a book that big and that’s simply why I keep picking up other books which is the most stupid excuse ever but hey, it’s life.]

      1. LOL for what it’s worth, I can 100% relate to “this book is too big/heavy and I don’t feel like dealing with it”! 😂 I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it, though!

    1. Fantastic challenge! I’ve looked up several of these books – I’m especially intrigued by I Hear The Sunspot.

    1. i’m excited to see your thoughts on all of these but obviously STOKED to see what you think of Full Throttle!

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