Did I accomplish my 2022 goals?

January 23, 2023

Let’s look back on my 2022 reading goals!

(While you’re at it, feel free to check out my 2023 goals if you missed them!)

Despite January being almost over, I haven’t done any of my 2022 “wrap up” posts (like my favorite books of the year). It’s never too late though, right? I thought I’d start off with a glance back at my 2022 goals and how they went! I had a mix of “life”, reading, and content goals for 2022, and I think I did pretty well overall.

✨ life goals ✨

I had 3 “life goals” for 2022:

1. Time management: I wanted to spend less time on Twitch and social media in 2022, and I did a great job with this one. I spent a LOT less time on Twitch in particular, which made me feel a little bit guilty (especially when it comes to close friends and the streamers I’m a moderator for). Thankfully, everyone was very understanding and it helped with my mental health immensely!

2. Daily routines: While I didn’t end up sticking to a set daily routine for long, I started tracking my habits religiously with Habitica (which is one of my all-time favorite sites/apps!) and realized that I didn’t need a strict schedule as much as I needed something to hold myself accountable with. I’m calling this one a win!

3. Bullet journaling: Not only did I stick to my reading journal very well in 2022, but I enjoyed it so much that it motivated me to try out a regular non-bookish bullet journal again, and I’ve been absolutely loving it! It’s been such a fun artistic outlet and it motivates me!

✨ reading goals ✨

I had 4 reading goals for 2022:

1. 3-4 current reads at a time, maximum: I stuck to this one for a whopping two months before breaking it, and I never made it back to this goal by the end of the year. 😅 It’s on my 2023 goals, too, but I haven’t quite achieved it for this year yet, either.

2. 3 TBR jar picks per month: I did GREAT with this goal! I think December was the only month where I didn’t complete my TBR jar picks.

3. Choose review copies carefully: While I still ended up with a few here or there that I regretted requesting or accepting, I was much pickier in 2022 and feel like I succeeded more or less here.

4. Read more current releases: I definitely read more new (and new-ish) releases in 2022 than the past few years! According to my spreadsheet, about 75% of what I read in 2022 was published in 2020 or later.

✨ content creation goals ✨

I had 3 content creation goals, and this was the most tentative of my lists because I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with my content in 2022. I’m still not exactly sure what my 2023 goals are regarding this, because I’m still missing creating some video-based content and I can’t figure out if I want to come back to booktube or try out IG reels or what. I know I’m not cut out for booktok, that’s for sure. 😅

1. A consistent blogging schedule: I did get better about posting weekly updates, but I didn’t really get back into a routine last year.

2. More bookstagram content: I definitely posted more on bookstagram in 2022! I had barely posted anything from 2019 to 2021, so the fact that I posted something every month in 2022 — and posted on a weekly basis most months, sometimes even a few times per week — was a HUGE accomplishment!

3. Video content: I made a couple of IG reels, but nothing fancy. It did feel good to make and edit those reels, though, and I’ve really been feeling the bug lately, so… we’ll see 👀

That’s it! Overall, I feel like I did pretty well with my 2022 goals and I’m proud of my progress. Mostly, I’m really proud of how much I took back my personal time and learned to set boundaries for myself last year, and that’s a theme I definitely want to continue improving this year. 🥰

How did your 2022 goals go? Did you have any reading OR non-bookish goals that you succeeded at? Come celebrate with me!


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    1. I’m so proud of you! One big goal for 2022 for me was get off my ass, banish the self-doubt and fear, and get my first novel ready for publication. I’m so excited to say that I’m publishing it via Amazon KDP on February 21, 2023!!

    1. I hope your goals for 2023 are going great so far! One of my 2022 goals was to buy less books, and I didn’t entirely stick to it. I am determined to stick to it in 2023.

      1. Thank you! It’s been a mixed bag so far for this month, but January has been a wild month in general, so I’m hoping to get on track soon. 😂 Good luck with your big goal, I know how tough that one is!!

    1. habitica looks awesome! i started using the Finch app a few months ago and visiting my little bird every day has really helped me keep up with habits and self care.

      1. I looove Habitica so much! Aw, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Finch! I tried that one a little while back and it wasn’t perfect for me but it was SO freaking cute and I loved how cozy it was 🥰

    1. You did great with your goals, yay! So happy and proud of you for putting boundaries and spending less time on social media. I really should do that ahah 🙂 Wishing you all the best for 2023! x

      1. Thank you so much, Marie! Haha spending less time on social media is SO hard but has been really rewarding (and has gotten so much easier as time has passed, thankfully). Good luck with your 2023 goals! 🥰

    1. Ohh you just reminded me of Habitica again!! I used to have the App back in 2019 but then stopped using it because it was super glitchy for me. Just signed up again and it’s so much better now 🥰 I have been trying to stick to daily routines more in 2023 so this is perfect 💖

      1. Oh no, that sucks that the app was so bad back then! I only used the website until a few months ago and while I don’t *love* the app, I feel like it has been functioning fairly well for me, so I hope it will for you too! 😀

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