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January 10, 2019

I mentioned recently that I wanted to start doing Tag Thursdays, so I decided to kick things off this week with one of the most unique (and in-depth) tags I’ve been tagged in recently: the A to Z book tag! Thank you to the lovely Kelly for the tag! It was originally created by The Perpetual Page Turner.

moonsdivider.pnga | author you’ve read the most books from:

According to Goodreads, my most read author is Sarah J. Maas at 17 books—but that’s just because I posted reviews for each of the Assassin’s Blade novellas. If I don’t count those individually, she’s tied with Joe Hill at 11 books each.

b | best sequel ever:

… sigh. I’m sorry. Y’all already know.


c | currently reading:

Even if I Fall, Darkfever, and my HP1 reread!

d | drink of choice while reading:

Definitely coffee or black tea with spearmint. Mmmm.

Related image

e | e-reader or physical book:

Honestly, I love both! I adore having shelves full of physical books, but an e-reader is more convenient, and with my very limited reading time lately, I’ve almost exclusively been reading ebooks for the last couple of weeks!

f | fictional character you would’ve dated in high school:

Kelly’s answer made me laugh because it was relatable: I’d love to say I would’ve dated some super cool brooding bad boy or badass lady assassin, but let’s be real, I would’ve gone straight for Peeta Mellark (and been happy as hell, because let’s be honest, Peeta was THE cutest and sweetest lil’ bean).

Image result for peeta smile gif

g | glad you gave this book a chance:

Definitely Stalking Jack the Ripper. I wasn’t sure if it would be for me, but I ended up adoring it.


h | hidden gem book:

One of my lifelong faves: The Only Alien on the Planet. I love this book so much, and it is so underrated, that I sometimes consider offering to pay people to read it just in the hopes that they will love it and help me hype it. Review here!


i | important moment in your reading life:

I’ve had a lot of important moments, but one that always comes to mind is the first time I read ACOTAR. I have a discussion post about it here (plus a whole list of books that impacted me in a big way here!), but the short of it is that I had an abusive ex who basically made me stop reading YA and made me think I was “too old” to be in fandoms anymore, and ACOTAR was my first big return to fangirling after I left him, so it’s forever important to me for that fact. ♥

j | just finished:

I have finished barely anything lately! But at the time I’m writing this (the night before it’s going live), I’m making really fast progress in Even if I Fall, so hopefully I’ll have finished that by the time this goes live.

k | kind of books you won’t read:

I think the only genre I just refuse to touch is anything Christian? Most of you know this, but I grew up Christian and have left the church many years ago, and it tends to be a touchy topic for me at this point in my life so I steer clear.

l | longest book you’ve read:

That’s a good question that I sadly don’t know the answer to. ? As a teen and preteen, I would challenge myself to find the biggest fantasy novels at my library and read them, but I remember almost none of them now, so I know there were some that were close to 1,000 pages, but I couldn’t possibly tell you which ones they were.

Image result for big book gif

m | major book hangover because of:

Unpopular response here, but I don’t get book hangovers, like… ever, really? ? I think, because I’m usually reading multiple things at once, it’s just hard for me to get caught in the “I can’t read anything else until I finish processing what I just finished” mindset. So I can’t remember my last book hangover!

n | number of bookcases you own:

Ummm… *counts on fingers…* Seven! In my defense, 2 of them aren’t “full-sized”. ?

o | one book you’ve read multiple times:

My most-read book is probably The Only Alien on the Planet, but after that… maybe Just Listen by Sarah Dessen?


p | preferred place to read:

Either laying in bed, or sitting at my desk.

q | quote that inspires you/gave you all the feels from a book:

Shameless plug for a post of quote images I made here.


r | reading regret:

I don’t tend to “regret” things often, so I had to think about this one a bit… but I guess it would be not reading the Percy Jackson books as a kid and thinking I was “too old” for them when they were new. (Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.)

s | series you’ve started and need to finish (all books are out):

How much time do you have? ? Throne of Glass, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lunar Chronicles, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

t | three of your all time favorite books:

ACOMAF, Circe, and Prince’s Gambit.

u | unapologetic fangirl for:

The Captive Prince series. I can honestly gush about it for ages.


v | very excited for this release:

There are so many good books releasing this year! A few top mentions would be King of Scars, Sorcery of Thorns, Wicked Saints, and Capturing the Devil. ???

w | worst bookish habits:

Probably how much I obsess over the physical state of my books. I really hate for my books to get damaged in any way and I become a little ridiculous over it at times. ?

x | x marks the spot! start at the top left of your bookshelf and pick the 27th book:


y | your latest book purchase:

I grabbed A Princess in Theory on sale for $1.99 from the kindle store a few days ago!


z | zzz-snatcher book—last book that kept you up way too late:

I’ve been really good about keeping a “normal” sleep schedule these last few weeks, but I’m pretty sure Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert kept me up late some time in December.


t a g s:

Bex / CassieKal / Reg / Heather / Sionna / Ellyn / Malanie / Sarah / Lauren / Kayla


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    1. What a fun tag!! Thank you for sharing and being so honest with your answers! I really enjoyed reading it – and you’re never too old for a bit of Percy Jackson 😉

    1. Umm…hi!
      I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I really like your blog. Your posts are entertaining to read and I really enjoy them.
      Keep up with the good work!!??

    1. Ah I did wonder what sort of questions there would be for some of the tricky letters in the alphabet. Good answers.

    1. What a lovely questionnaire! What did you think about Even If I Fall? I finished it a few days ago and quite liked it.

    1. Great tag, I would definitely have dated Peeta in high school as well and I always have way too many books going at the one time 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tag! This looks so fun. 🙂 Also, your drink of choice gif gave me a huge craving for a nice sweet latte!

    1. Love all your answers, Destiny! And YES to Peeta! Hahaha! It’s hard to imagine how I wasn’t a huge fan of that sweet little bean when I read the Hunger Games the first time! My love for him grew throughout the trilogy. And that Perks of Being a Wallflower quote is so beautiful! <3

    1. I love the convenience of ebooks + I love SJTR and I can’t wait for Capturing the Devil!

    1. I will forever be trash for A court of mist and fury. Most likely will be on my gravestone. this is fine. ?? Also I relate so much to your answer for S. much relatable ???

    1. peeta is indeed a great character, i really loved thg for his input to the story. really good tag, ill try and fit this in soon (as i always say and then fail to do)

    1. ahhh i am so excited to do this tagggggg!!!!!!!! i agree that Peeta is the sweetest, most precious, SOFTEST beam of buttercups in this world. (katniss didn’t deserve him whatsoever, i think she’s with him as a last resort, but i’m learning to cope w these things)
      + i cannot wait to read ACOTAR sequel, i didn’t like the first one???? i think i gave it 2 stars, i just couldn’t get into it, but everyone says book 2 is amazing and i should just stick w the series, so i’m feeling hopeful! <3 <3

      1. lmaooo SAME though. Peeta deserved better. like US. People who would appreciate his soft bean-ness and baking skills ♥ (actually I feel like I basically found myself an IRL version of Peeta? so it works out alright lmao)
        OMG book 2 is a million worlds better than book 1!! I hope you like it ♥ but I’ll still love you if you don’t~ :3

    1. I love your choice of Peeta Mellark as the boy you would have dated at school. That’s so accurate for me as well! Just listen is also one of my favourite books, it’s so poignant and heartfelt with just the right mix of serious and romance. 🙂

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