December 10, 2018

I’ve been talking about this a bit on social media, but it’s time to make the official announcement for my big January readathon…


Late-a-thon is a month-long readathon from January 1st to 31st dedicated to working on overdue review copies and ARCS!

If you don’t read ARCs, or don’t have any overdue ones, you can still join! Just make a list of books you meant to read already, whether they’ve been on your TBR a long time or are leftover from a 2018 reading challenge.

After posting a poll on Twitter, I was STUNNED by the literal hundreds of votes I received in favor of this month-long readathon, so here we are!

I know a lot of you have challenges to begin in January, but don’t fret!

Late-a-thon is the perfect readathon to combine with other readathons and challenges!

You can choose overdue titles to fit the other themes! In this case, I’ll be making a TBR jar of overdue review copies and pulling from that jar, which lets me commit to Late-a-thon and January Jam Jar at the same time.


Here’s how you can join…

  • Create a TBR in a blog post, tweet, or whatever else you like to use. If you’re joining January Jam Jar, make a list of the books going in your jar!
  • Leave a comment here with a link to your TBR so I can add you to the sign-up list below! SIGN-UPS OPEN UNTIL JANUARY 15TH!
  • Use #LateAThon on social media!
  • READ AT LEAST ONE “LATE” BOOK IN JANUARY—that’s it! You don’t have to commit the whole month to it (in fact, many participants are just doing it for a week of their choosing), nor do you have to fulfill a certain number of titles or challenges.

My Late-a-thon Goals:

Like I said earlier, I’ll be making a TBR jar of my overdue review copies for January. Rather than list them all below, I’ll just put a link to my Goodreads shelf here, where you can view the list in its entirety!


Do you have any “late” books you need to read? Let me know in the comments if you’re joining in!


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  • Reply booksintheskye December 10, 2018 at 9:10 am

    For the link to my TBR is it okay if it’s like a blog link or does it have to be a GR link?

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:39 am

      It can totally be a blog link! Or a link to a tweet, or an instagram post, or GR, or anything you like!! ♥

    • Reply ~CB~ December 19, 2018 at 7:19 am

      Hey! I’d love to participate! I’m already trying to fit in my overdue arcs where I can will all my other monthly groups and challenges, this is PERFECT!!!

  • Reply heather@nightlyreading December 10, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Joining! There are so many that I have to finish for 2018!

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:42 am

      Yaaaay, I’m so glad you’re joining! 😀 I really hope you’re able to get to Sawkill Girls and That Night because I loved both of those!

  • Reply #LateAThon| Desperately needed to help with my overflowing 2018 TBR! – NightlyReading December 10, 2018 at 9:36 am

    […] before I can even think of looking a head to 2019. So when I saw the big announcement over at Howling Libraries for the Late-A-Thon, I knew that I needed to jump on […]

  • Reply Sarah December 10, 2018 at 9:42 am

    This sounds like something right up my alley, and falls in line with what I was already planning to do in 2019, which is catch up on overdue ARCs. This will the jump start I need, haha.

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:42 am

      Yay! 😀 This makes me so happy haha. Yeah, that’s where I originally thought of it, was honestly just inspired by my own personal goal of catching up in 2019. Then I figured, “hmm, I wonder if anyone would wanna join me?” and the Twitter responses were HUGE!

  • Reply Briana Prieto December 10, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Keeping this list short to actually focus on reading these!

  • Reply Rose (Litness Blog) December 10, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Yesss! I have a few that are overdue and a couple handfuls that publish early 2019. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had almost 60 – good luck and godspeed!

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:48 am

      Thank you!! <3 And good luck with catching up on yours, too, I know it can get stressful when we have those overdue ones!

  • Reply Jaymi at OrangeCountyReaders December 10, 2018 at 10:10 am

    I love this! I’ve got a ton of netgalley to catch up on. ? Great plan ??

  • Reply Danielle @ Life of a Literary Nerd December 10, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Love this idea and I’ll definitely be taking part!

  • Reply Kelly Brigid December 10, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Oooohh, I have WAY too many late ARCs to read. Definitely joining this one, love! ?

  • Reply Catarina @ Pages & Plots December 10, 2018 at 11:43 am

    I don’t have many ARCs to read but there are a lot of books I wanted to read in 2018 that I just didn’t so I may be joining in! 😀

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:49 am

      That’s perfect!! 😀 I’m honestly probably going to also put a few in my reading plans in January that won’t be ARCs but just things I “should” have read in 2018 but didn’t get around to.

  • Reply Kaya @ afictionalbookworm December 10, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Ooh, this looks fun! I’ll be joining!

  • Reply confessionsofayareader December 10, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    I really need to do this, but then I’ll get behind on the arcs I need to read in January. It’s a great idea though.

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:51 am

      Oh yeah, understandable! I was originally going to try to read all of my January releases in December, but now I’m just adding a few January releases into my Late-a-thon mix. 🙂

      • Reply confessionsofayareader December 11, 2018 at 10:53 am

        I’m sort of a month ahead on arcs. I try to read them the month before they come out, but I’ve missed a few here and there.

  • Reply Joining the Late-A-Thon! – WordsWordsWords December 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    […] Destiny @ Howling Libraries in her infinite wisdom is starting a “month-long readathon from January 1st to 31st dedicated to working on overdue review copies and ARCS!” If you’re interested in joining, check out her original post here. […]

  • Reply Elysa December 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    I’m in! https://wordpress.com/post/elysathebiblioblogger.wordpress.com/3331

  • Reply mistysbookspace December 10, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Yeah I’m definitely joining. I will post my TBR later in the month.

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:52 am

      Awesome!! I can’t wait to see your TBR!

      • Reply mistysbookspace December 11, 2018 at 11:07 am

        I’ve already got it typed up and ready to post I just need to decide when to post it.

  • Reply Rachel @ Typed Truths December 10, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    i’ll definitely be joining in with this! i love the idea so much. what a fantastic way to start off the new year! i think i’ll focus on reading the oldest unread books from my physical shelves personally as i don’t really have any review copies to catch up. my tbr post will go up probably later this month

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:53 am

      Yaaay, I’m so glad you’re joining! Oh, I LOVE that idea! I can’t wait to see your TBR ♥

  • Reply Ellyn December 11, 2018 at 12:17 am

    This is such a great idea and I will definitely be participating, here’s my tentative tbr:

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 11, 2018 at 1:54 am

      Aw, thank you lovely!! i’m so glad you’re joining and your TBR looks like a lot of fun. ♥

  • Reply Eliza Eames December 11, 2018 at 5:38 am

    Have added this to the ReadAThon Calendar! Will be joining for sure! I’m so behind. I will post a TBR a bit closer to January!

  • Reply mybookworld24 December 11, 2018 at 5:58 am

    I want to join but have no arcs to read can I still join and if yes what is the deadline for the tbr post?

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 12, 2018 at 10:14 pm

      You can definitely still join! You can just read things you’ve had on your TBR a while or wanted to read in 2018! 🙂 You can sign up any time until Jan 15th.

      • Reply mybookworld24 December 14, 2018 at 12:01 pm

        Ok, will plan the book straight away

  • Reply Discussion | My ARC Shelves – Red Rocket Panda December 11, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    […] those of us who want to tackle those pesky overdue ARCs, don’t forget that you can sign up to the late-a-thon happening throughout January. I know I definitely need to participate […]

  • Reply Kathy @ Books & Munches December 12, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Okay. I need to figure something out for this. Maybe just set that one ARC [author request, ugh] I’ve had on my Kindle for half a year as my Late-a-thon goal or something.. I DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER OVERDUE ARCS. WHY AM I THIS STUPID UNICORN. 😐

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 12, 2018 at 11:31 pm

      Bahahah, the ONE time not having overdue ARCs is seen as a “negative”… SORTA? 😛 Do you have anything you were going to read in 2018 and didn’t get to that you could read in January? That’s what a lot of people are going to do!

      • Reply Kathy @ Books & Munches December 13, 2018 at 2:46 am

        Right? THIS FEELS AWFUL AND AMAZING AT THE SAME TIME. What are you doing to my brain. xD
        Eh.. Well, I’m probably putting those books in my jar anyway sooo.. Guess I’ll just put that one review copy as my “official goal” and then use all others as “books I’m reading late because I wanted to read them before but I never did because books never stop popping up and tempting me” or something. :’)

        • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm

          I love this. 😀 I honestly really wish I hadn’t accepted so many review requests over the last couple of months, because if I hadn’t, I could easily make January half overdue ARCs and half what you’re doing. But alas! I’m not going to force myself, obviously, but I am really hoping to make a big dent in my overdue stuff. :’)

          • Kathy @ Books & Munches December 17, 2018 at 3:52 am

            You simply cannot say no – it’s a known fact, haha. Maybe you should set yourself a limit of ARC’s to accept each month / season or something. 😛
            You can do iiiit!

          • Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 17, 2018 at 3:57 pm

            That’s what I’m thinking, is a limit per season now. I’m not sure if I’ll post about it on the blog necessarily because it might be very specific – like I pretty much always cut myself extra slack for novellas and contemporary books because they’re quick reads, whereas the big thing is that I really need to cut back on how many of them are 450+ page fantasy novels!

          • Kathy @ Books & Munches December 18, 2018 at 1:54 am

            Then maybe you should simply set a limit on THOSE specific ones? Because I can totally imagine flying through novellas and contemporaries but once it’s fantasy thomes.. That’s a whole different story!

          • Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 19, 2018 at 11:18 am

            Exactly! Though it’s funny, I always expect fantasy novels to take way longer than anything else, and then I picked up The Girl King last night and the text is… huge? ? And super widely spaced out. So even though it’s almost 500 pages, I flew through the first few chapters. (Not sure how I feel about the writing so far.)

          • Kathy @ Books & Munches December 20, 2018 at 4:29 am

            Hahaha, I had the same with that one! I was like “ohgod..” since I got a physical ARC when I went to YALC [YAYME], and I also got approved on NetGalley so I was like.. fuck me if I don’t use the physical one for this now that I actually have one for once?! And then the text was HUGE and.. well.. I kind of liked it, haha. :’)
            Saw you DNF’d it and I’m so sorry 🙁

          • Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 21, 2018 at 4:12 pm

            Ohhh it’s no worry! It wasn’t bad, it just… wasn’t for me, sadly 🙁

  • Reply Avery @ RedRocketPanda December 12, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    Yess, you know I’ll be taking part! I’ll be doing my sign up post on the 28th December 😀

  • Reply Laura Newsholme December 14, 2018 at 2:06 am

    This is such a genius idea! I’ve put my TBR on twitter – I’m @LJNewsholme. Hope that signs me up. Looking forward to it after the craziness of Xmas in retail ?

  • Reply Kaleena @ Reader Voracious December 14, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Heck yes, I will be joining in even though I only have two late ARCs. I will sign up probably in my wrapup.

  • Reply mybookworld24 December 15, 2018 at 8:03 am

    Joining but posting about on 23rd

  • Reply mybookworld24 December 15, 2018 at 8:32 am

    Social media for this readathon is your twitter right?

  • Reply Kelly Brigid December 15, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Hey love! Here’s my Goodreads list for the late-a-thon! <3

  • Reply Use Your Words December 16, 2018 at 5:05 am

    Ahhh I’m so excited!! My TBR post will be up after Christmas! I’ll work on it tomorrow ☺️

  • Reply Book Tag | Naughty or Nice Tag – Life of a Literary Nerd December 16, 2018 at 1:31 pm

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  • Reply Kristin December 18, 2018 at 7:42 am

    Here’s my sign-up post. 🙂 https://luktenavtrykksverte.blogspot.com/2018/12/top-ten-tuesday-winter-2018-tbr.html

  • Reply FyreKatz December 19, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    HI! here’s my TBR I’ll be adding a few to the shelf as I go thru Netgalley and Physical Arcs I still have on my shelf! 🙂

  • Reply Reading Challenge: Late-a-thon! – Cait Is Booked December 20, 2018 at 5:09 am

    […] I saw that Destiny at Howling Libraries was making a reading challenge around late ARCs, to say I was excited was an understatement! The reading challenge Late-a-thon is […]

  • Reply Late-a-thon and January Jam Jar – LilaTaylor December 20, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    […] Late-a-thon is hosted by Howling Libraries. The main challange is to read at least one “late” book, […]

  • Reply Lila Taylor December 20, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    I would like to sign up as well ?

  • Reply caitisbooked December 20, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Omg I’m so excited to join! The reading challenge I need right now!

  • Reply Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag // Oh You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry! – Another Book in the Wall December 22, 2018 at 8:00 am

    […] I’m currently rocking a 55%, but hope to bring this number up during the #LATE-A-THON hosted by Howling Libraries! […]

  • Reply Late-A-Thon Update – WordsWordsWords December 22, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    […] created by Destiny @ Howling Libraries. If you’re interested in joining, check out her original post here. It’s starting in January, but I have updates […]

  • Reply LATE-A-THON – Mybookworld24 December 22, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    […] Late-a-thon is a month-long readathon from January 1st to 31st dedicated to working on overdue review copies and ARCS! Hosted by Destiny at Holing Libraries […]

  • Reply samanthajaynex December 23, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    I will be joining in on this! I may get some of the arcs I need to read! I’ll sign up I’m going to write a blog post about it 🙂

  • Reply MY 2018 WRAP UP! + LIFE UPDATE – allonsythornraxx December 24, 2018 at 8:01 am

    […] making so many blogging friends. I’ve become really great friends with Rebecca, Malanie, Destiny and so many others this […]

  • Reply Emma Donovan December 24, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    OK I am so doing this .. not that I have that many that I owe reviews on (*cough*)

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 27, 2018 at 8:34 pm

      HAHA I feel so seen by your TBR ?? I love it. Welcome to the readathon, thank you for joining in!! And good luck!

  • Reply CG @ Paper Fury December 24, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    omgg I should seriously do this ??I am unbelievably behind on SO many books right now…ARCs and books I’ve bought, like, years ago, but have fallen to the bottom of the TBR pile in favour of the new and shiny. I’ve never joined in a readathon but maybe this is a good time to start!!?

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 26, 2018 at 12:52 am

      Ahhhh that would be lovely!! ☺️? I hope you do! I wish I didn’t relate so much to the shinyness wearing off of things before I get around to reading them. ?

  • Reply THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD! – allonsythornraxx December 25, 2018 at 7:05 am

    […] Destiny […]

  • Reply Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag – Reader Voracious Blog December 25, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    […] am going to be tackling as many of these as possible during Destiny’s Late-a-thon in January, though! I am hoping to be able to start 2019 with a mostly clean […]

  • Reply BookSass Book Blog December 27, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    I’ll be joining! This is exactly the kind of thing I need to catch up on some 2018 reading I missed.

  • Reply KateMonroeSeries (@rachel_troyer93) December 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    This is an awesome readathon! I cannot wait to start it. Here is the link to my tbr: https://obsessedwithfairytales.blogspot.com/2018/12/late-thon-tbr.html

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 27, 2018 at 8:31 pm

      Yaaaay, I’m so glad you’re joining! I just commented on your post but seriously, amazing TBR!

  • Reply Readathons of 2019: January – Pages & Plots December 27, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    […] Late-a-thon […]

  • Reply The Late-A-Thon – ABookHaven December 28, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    […] If you want more details here is the link to participate: https://howlinglibraries.com//2018/12/10/announcement-late-a-thon/ […]

  • Reply Bookish Rita December 29, 2018 at 6:39 am

    This is a great idea!!! I have 12 ARCs on my NetGalley shelf. While they’re not technically THAT overdue, I still want to get them read ASAP so I can request newer ones. I’m totally joining this tag! As soon as January rolls around, I’ll put together my TBR for this challenge. Good thing my uni classes only start on the 21st!

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 29, 2018 at 3:17 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m so glad you’ll be joining in – and yay on having that first 20 days free for reading!

  • Reply Month in Review // Christmas is Over Thank Fuck – December – Use Your Words December 29, 2018 at 6:49 am

    […] │Destiny @ Howling Libraries│ANNOUNCEMENT: LATE-A-THON!│ […]

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    […] this month, partly due to being very busy with Christmas but also saving a lot of my ARCs for the late-a-thon in January where we will be catching up on our long overdue ARCs with Destiny. I have, however, managed to […]

  • Reply Dancing Out of December 2018 – A Dance With Books December 30, 2018 at 12:10 am

    […] shared a list of book to movie adaptations for 2019! ⌘ Destiny from Howling Libraries is hosting a late-a-thon for (overdue) arcs in January (but even if you don’t have any you can still join in). ⌘ Fadwa from Word Wonders listed 40+ […]

  • Reply Month Ahead // Happy Birthday To Me + Hiatus Announcement – January – Use Your Words December 30, 2018 at 7:01 am

    […] participating in the Late-A-Thon and January Jam Jar for […]

  • Reply ~Fae’s Finds~ December 30, 2018 at 9:08 am

    Alright! Here is my Late•A•Thon TBR!!!
    I am super pumped for January. ???

  • Reply January Readathons – Amaysn Reads December 30, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    […] (January 1 – January 31) – This readathon is put on by Howling Libraries and the object is to catch up on past due review and ARC copies of books. I have a lot of eARCs […]

  • Reply Jorie December 30, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Hallo, Hallo Destiny,
    I am taking part in this readathon! 🙂 I was already planning to kick-off the New Year by focusing on attacking my #BacklogueOfReviews – so this fits in perfectly with those goals and the yearly reading challenge which focuses on the same! I’m eager to see what everyone is going to be reading whilst finally getting into the stories i want to be reading myself! I’ll be adding a few more to my list but I etched out the main #mustreads I want to read in January!
    See my list via 2019 Reading Challenges, Readathons and RALs.

    • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries December 31, 2018 at 11:10 am

      Hi, Jorie! I’m so glad you’re joining in! 🙂 I’ll go check out your list now.

      • Reply Jorie January 7, 2019 at 3:42 am

        Hallo Destiny,
        I was right thinking this applies to both ARCs and review copies which are not ARCs right? I decided to do a combination this month between the two types I receive for review. I just wanted to double-check I understood?

        • Reply Destiny @ Howling Libraries January 7, 2019 at 10:02 am

          Yep, that’s right! 🙂 Anything you received for review.

          • Jorie January 7, 2019 at 11:30 pm


  • Reply ✩ Ashley ✩ December 31, 2018 at 2:35 am

    *Raises hand with the enthusiasm of a 6 year old!!!* I think my JanJamJar needs my ARCs first. This is a fantastic idea to catch up! =D

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    […] with January Jam Jar, I’m going to participate some-what in a different read-a-thon as well. Late-a-thon, hosted by Destiny @ Howling Libraries! This one is actually specified to be for overdue ARC’s / review copies but since I’m […]

  • Reply fivedimes December 31, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    I’d like to join, but I don’t know what any of these acronyms stand for. What’s a ‘TBR’? ‘ARCs’? I’m pretty new to the ‘book community’, so this is a little confusing.

  • Reply TBR: What I’m Reading in January 2019 | Let's Get Galactic January 1, 2019 at 10:41 am

    […] a couple of ARCs I’ve received recently if I have time, as well as a part of my lovely friend Destiny’s Late-A-Thon. Destiny’s challenge is originally intended for review copies or ARCs that we’re behind […]

  • Reply 2019 Reading and Blog Goals – yarnowlreads January 1, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    […] incomplete 2018 reads (LateAThon): Destiny is doing the LateAThon through January, which is a reading challenge to catch up on late ARCs, books you meant to read […]

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    […] THE LATE-A-THON […]

  • Reply January TBR January 2, 2019 at 6:01 am

    […] the #LateaThon for January. If you are unsure what exactly the Late a Thon is, please go over to Howling Libraries and check it out for […]

  • Reply January TBR | #Late-a-thon edition – Red Rocket Panda January 2, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    […] honestly been so looking forward to my January TBR for the past few weeks because it meant that the late-a-thon would finally be here to rescue me from my overdue ARCs. Destiny knows what we all need to get […]

  • Reply Becky Conley January 2, 2019 at 3:27 pm


  • Reply TBR • Jan 2019 + Lateathon – Typed Truths January 2, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    […] is also Late-a-thon! It’s a monthlong readathon hosted by Destiny @ Howling Libraries all about getting up to date with your overdue review copies. However, I am twisting the prompt a […]

  • Reply let’s read all the ARCs! #lateathon TBR ? – Bookish Rita January 3, 2019 at 8:22 am

    […] previous months, but in January we’ll surely be good. Following this logic, I decided to join Destiny @ Howling Libraries‘s month-long readathon dedicated to our […]

  • Reply January TBR: New year, new rules! – howling libraries January 3, 2019 at 9:04 am

    […] Late-a-thon — January 1st→31st […]

  • Reply Everything I want to read in January |Monthly TBR – Phannie the ginger bookworm January 3, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    […] Jam Jar 2019 – Devour your TBR (Goodreads Group by Kathy & Destiny) – Link to the […]

  • Reply Bookish Rita January 3, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    I’m so excited to join! So far, I’ve already finished (and loved to pieces) one of the ARCs on my list. Now, on to the next five. I actually think I’ll be able to squeeze even more ARCs in (here’s to wishful thinking ??). My TBR post went up today and you can find it here: https://bookishr.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/lateathon-tbr/ !

  • Reply The Year of the ARC (Catch-Up) – Murder by Tomes January 4, 2019 at 7:16 am

    […] this to be successful, I’ve found two reading challenges that I plan to put into practice: Late-A-Thon, which was announced by Destiny over on her blog; and Blogger Shame. Both challenges revolve around […]

  • Reply Late-A-Thon TBR – mistysbookspace January 8, 2019 at 7:00 am

    […] to join some read-a-thons and my first one is the Late-A-Thon which was created by Destiny from Howling Libraries. It’s a month long read-a-thon and the goal is for the participants to read all of their […]

  • Reply mistysbookspace January 8, 2019 at 10:14 am

    I have finally posted my TBR for this and I am so excited to see how many I can get through.

  • Reply TALKING ABOUT MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS! // BLOGGER LOVE – allonsythornraxx January 9, 2019 at 8:10 am

    […] Destiny @ HowlingLibraries […]

  • Reply Becky January 9, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    This is such a good idea! Unfortunately exams are taking priority over books at the moment but good luck to you and everyone else for this!

  • Reply Did I Read My Anticipated Releases of 2018? (Fails, Reactions, GIFs + Emojis Galore) – Librae Paints Pages January 9, 2019 at 8:35 pm

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  • Reply My Late-A-Thon TBR! – Sapphistication January 10, 2019 at 8:16 am

    […] the ever-wonderful Destiny at Howling Libraries has created something I didn’t realise I desperately needed until this month: The […]

  • Reply Sapphistication January 10, 2019 at 10:57 am

    Sorry wrong link! https://sapphistication.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/my-late-a-thon-tbr/

  • Reply The Television Tag || Shows I’m trash for – Fictionally Sam January 11, 2019 at 11:02 am

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    i am now done with 50 books and i am reading more

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