August 2019 Haul/TBR Checkpoint

August 17, 2020

It’s time for another haul/TBR checkpoint post! In these posts, every month, I look at the haul and TBR posts from that same month one year prior and see how many of those books I actually read since then. It’s just a fun way to show some stats and hold myself accountable since I want to start doing a better job of reading my new books soon after hauling them!

Side note: I will not be counting library loans or Kindle freebies in these stats. I also do not count rereads in the TBR checkpoints.

TBR checkpoint

August is always “ARC August” for me, which means I always have REALLY ambitious goals, as you’re about to see… That said, I did really well with this TBR, given its size!

pie chart depicting 3.7% removed from TBR, 44.4% still on TBR, 51.9% read

✅ read, DNFed, or in progress
? still on TBR
? removed from TBR without reading

? Little Darlings
✅ The Gossamer Mage
? We Love Anderson Cooper
✅ The Fearing
✅ Ration
? Unbreak Me
? A Reflection of Shadows
? Echoes
? The Girl the Sea Gave Back
? Darkdawn

? Call it What You Want
? Dust Devils
✅ Ghost Mine
? Middlegame
? The Five Senses of Horror
The Silence
? The Toll
? Growing Things and Other Stories
Silver in the Wood
✅ Made for You

✅ Bloom
✅ Love in Focus, Vol. 1
✅ 10 Dance, Vol. 1
✅ Hitorijime My Hero, Vol. 1
✅ Yuri is My Job! Vol. 1
✅ The Quintessential Quintuplets, Vol. 1
✅ Great Goddesses

haul checkpoint

pie chart depicting 26.7% read, 73.3% still on TBR

Again, I called this “the final big ARC haul”. I’m low key disgusted by my own lack of follow through… I guess I meant to hold myself accountable by doing these posts but I didn’t know I’d be coming for myself this hard lmao.

✅ read, DNFed, or in progress
? still on TBR
? removed from TBR without reading

Fence, Vol. 3
? Fair Game
? River Marked
? Beware the Night
? The Glass Woman
? Queen of the Conquered
? Remains
? The Liar’s Daughter
? Among the Fallen

? The Fearing #2: Water & Wind
? Sea Witch Rising
Wonderland: An Anthology
Monster, She Wrote
? The Storm Runner
? The Fire Keeper
Your Heart is the Sea
? The Hunger
? The Deep
? You Deserve Each Other

Dine with Me
The Unsuitable
? Never Have I Ever With a Duke
? Follow Me to Ground
Hex: A Novel
? Betty Bites Back
Work for It
The Intuition Journal
The Ritual Yearbook

10-Minute Declutter
10-Minute Tidy Home
? The Silence of Bones
? The Shadows Between Us
? Bent Heavens
Miss You Love You Hate You Bye
? Dark and Deepest Red
? All the Bad Apples
? Harley in the Sky
? Rules for Being a Girl

? The Easy Part of Impossible
? All Your Twisted Secrets
? Loveboat, Taipei
? How to Make Friends with the Sea
? Girls Save the World in this One
? Bone Crier’s Moon
? Scared Little Rabbits
? Ink in the Blood
? Lucky Caller
Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood

So, do you ever look back on your old TBRs and hauls to check your progress? Is it usually better or worse than mine? ? Mine isn’t great in this checkpoint, but I’m hoping these stats will get progressively better — partially because I haul less books than I used to in the average month, and partially because I’m trying to get better about actually reading things shortly after hauling them!


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    1. I love a lot of what Seanan McGuire writes, and I cannot get into Middle Game. I’ve tried three times now, and it’s just not resonating. I guess you can’t love all of the books.

      1. Oh no, what a bummer! 🙁 I’m sorry! I don’t know how I haven’t picked it up yet but I’m hoping to very soon. I don’t usually like superhero-esque things, but I heard she puts a pretty unique spin on it, so ??

    1. I’d be really scared to see how long I’ve had books on my tbr….but I really want to know so I might find out!!

    1. I am scared to look at past hauls because I am sure there are plenty of books on there that haven’t been read. I do love looking back and seeing the books I’ve gotten. I do feel I need to be more on top of it. I haven’t really been buying books as of late. I am trying to get rid of a bunch of books anyway. I have been putting a lot more books on hold at the library so that hasn’t been helping with reading what I own.

      1. I would love to see your take on something like this!! There’s something really fun about looking back at past hauls, especially when you can look at them and remember, like, “Oh yeah, I have that and I’m still really excited to read it!” Oooh, great work on not buying much lately! The library thing is such a double edged sword. I just got the Brooklyn library card online plus I just got 2 free months of Kindle Unlimited yesterday so I’m subbed to that again now and it makes me not want to read anything I already own lol.

        1. Now I really want to look back and see previous posts. I did see some books some of the books from my TBR this month were bought years ago so that makes me nervous. Oh yeah I saw you got a Brooklyn library card. That is so cool that they allow you to do that. I was thinking of doing Kindle Unlimited for next month cause I saw some books on there and saw they had the 2 month free promotion. It does get overwhelming at times.

    1. Oh I absolutely love Middlegame! I hope you will read it at some point!


      1. I really can’t wait to! It sounds so good. And I have heard that her upcoming novella Over the Woodward Wall ties in somehow? So I’m thinking maybe I should pick up Middlegame before that!

        1. Yess! There are excerpts from over the Woodwark wall in Middlegame!

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