Authors I “Discovered” in 2021 (and other books by them on my TBR!)

December 20, 2021

Let’s take a look at authors I discovered in 2021!

Earlier this month, Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books wrote a post I really liked, so I was really happy that she was okay with me writing a similar post! If you’re not following Kristin, definitely go check her out, because she makes some really lovely content – posts and Booktube videos!

The idea is to look back on a few authors who you first read work by in 2021, and then to showcase their titles that you hope to read next. I think I didn’t read as many ton of new-to-me authors this year as I usually do, but I had a few I really enjoyed and can’t wait to read more from! I’m not including any debut authors, just authors who have at least one other book for me to check out.

Sonora Taylor


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I read Someone to Share My Nightmares a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it! This was a collection of horror/romance/erotica crossover stories that were really fun and offered a nice mesh of the genres involved.


Sonora has a few backlist titles I’m really excited to get to, but Little Paranoias is the one I look forward to the most because I’ve heard so many people rave about it! I also have Seeing Things on my kindle, and once I’ve read both of those, I’ll probably grab a copy of Without Conditiontoo.

Alice Winters


51091136. sy475 review here

I started the VRC: Vampire Related Crimes series earlier this year, and the first book (How to Vex a Vampire) was so adorable and hilarious, plus I loved the disability rep (the main character has two prosthetic limbs). I get the feeling this author specializes in humor and lovable characters that are perfect for a comfort read!


First, I want to continue the VRC series soon with How to Elude a Vampire – I’m missing these characters! I also want to read Dear Cassius, which looks like a standalone, as well as the first books in two other series, Happy Endings and The Hitman’s Guide to Making Friends and Finding Love.

Aveda Vice


58289811. sy475 review here

I read Skin recently after hearing a lot of hype for it, and wow, I loved this paranormal romance short story so much! These characters had me pulled in so fast, and the level of yearning between them, just… wow, all the feels.


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I think this author only has the one main series so far, so I technically only have one more book of theirs on my TBR right now, but that’s just because the other book I would’ve put on this list comes after Feed. I’m planning on reading this soon and I’m really looking forward to it! I think Skin was set in the same world as this series, but I’m not sure because it’s listed under two separate series names on Goodreads.

Sergio Gomez


55673849. sy475 review here

I just read The Visitor a week or two ago after wanting to read something by Sergio Gomez for a while, and it was really fun! It’s a Christmas horror novella with aliens, and it definitely made me look forward to more of Sergio’s work.


I feel like I’ve heard sooo many people talk about Camp Slaughter, and I’m shamelessly obsessed with camp settings in horror, so I want to read this one soon for sure. On the other hand, I haven’t heard much about The Toymaker, but I love stories about possessed or creepy toys.

S.H. Cooper


49679120. sx318 sy475 review here

I read The Festering Ones recently and had a lot of fun with this cult horror! It had some really cool creatures, and while it wasn’t a perfect read for me, the writing was enjoyable enough that it made me want to read more (especially if S.H. Cooper ever writes a sequel to this book!).


I pre-ordered Inheriting Her Ghosts, so that’s the one I’ll be getting to first (plus, I heard it’s “cozy horror”, which I love), but I also want to check out All That’s Fair and From Twisted Roots!


Matt Shaw


20585082review here

Matt Shaw is known for extreme horror, and he’s one of my mom’s favorite authors, so I finally picked up Sick Bastards by him a little while back and thought it was pretty fun! I have a feeling he has a lot of other books I’ll enjoy even more, too.


I picked two very different books of Matt’s to try next: How Much to…? is supposed to be one of his more gruesome extreme horror works, while Full Moon, is not extreme at all, I think, and is more of a standard werewolf horror story.

Anica Mrose Rissi


54746639review here

I picked up Anica’s MG horror collection Hide and Don’t Seek and really loved it. It gave me all of those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark vibes that I constantly find myself looking for in middle grade horror shorts.


For whatever reason, Anica Mrose Rissi’s YA books always seem to get really poor ratings overall, because both of these are sitting at about a 3.3 average on Goodreads right now. That said, they both sound interesting to me and I like the writing style in Hide and Don’t Seek, plus I already own both of these, so I’m hoping I’ll be the odd one out and love them! Always Forever Maybe is about an abusive teen relationship, and I think Nobody Knows But You is a murder mystery.

Who are some of the new authors you discovered this year and enjoyed?



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    1. So glad you found some authors this year that you really enjoyed!

    1. SH Cooper is such a treasure! I think you’re going to love Inheriting her Ghosts.

    1. I love this idea and may need to steal it myself when I actually start reading new-to-me authors again. I’ve been looking at S.H. Cooper’s work, so happy to see them on your list.

      1. You totally should! It was fun to write, and honestly a bit eye-opening because it made me realize how few new-to-me authors I checked out this year. I feel like I typically read a lot of debuts each year, so I was a bit disappointed to see how few I picked up in 2021! Ah well, there’s always next year. 🙂

    1. I always love reading what authors people have discovered, it’s great to find a new favorite, especially if they have a backlist! 🥰 I don’t know any of the authors except for Anica Mrose Rissi, I also read Hide and Don’t Seek by her and would be curious to read a full novel instead of a story collection 😊

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