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October 7, 2017

Autumn may have started a couple of weeks ago now, but here in the southeastern part of the country, it’s been in the 80-90F range everyday until just the last few days! It’s still a little warmer than I’d like for it to be, but leaves are finally starting to turn a little, and the evenings have that gorgeous crispness that makes me just want to go for a long car ride with the windows down – or curl up outside with a book and a cup of cocoa. *wistful sigh*

I digress! This tag was created by seelieknight.

? Best autumnal themed book cover?
? Oh, this is an easy choice for me:


The color scheme of this gorgeous art by Charlie Bowater screams autumn to me, and this whole book just gives me all of those cozy fall feels. ?

? Which fictional friend group would you trust with a Ouija board?
? I’ve gotta go with the gang from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. Not only would it be a spooky blast with Blue and her boys, but her psychic family would be a great asset if shit hit the fan. Lmao!

? Which book setting would you love to be celebrating in during Halloween night?
? I feel like a Hogwarts Halloween celebration would be incredible!

? Best autumnal food description inside of a story?
? I can’t say that I’ve actually read many books – if any – in recent years that have made me drool over food descriptions, so sadly, nothing is coming to mind. 🙁

? Which fictional character would you dress as?
? Kady Grant from The Illuminae Files. We’re both pink-haired and short, and everyone always fancasts me as her whenever those little games go around. ?

? An antagonist you would pledge your allegiance to?
? I’ve only read the first book in the Shades of Magic series, but I’m going to go with Kell. Judging from first book’s impressions of him, he’s kind, protective, loyal, bright, and capable as hell. I wouldn’t mind pairing up with him to kick some ass!

? The creepiest book you’ve ever read?
? Books do not creep me out easily at all, but there was a short story in Slasher Girls & Monster Boys that really struck me: In the Forest Dark and Deep by Carrie Ryan. It’s an Alice in Wonderland retelling about a girl who grows up near a forest which hides a sinister white rabbit who does some pretty gruesome and devious things, but what disturbed me most was that he never speaks; simply watches from the treeline. Something about that imagery just freaks me the hell out.

? A book you’ve yet to read, but will read this October?
? Definitely Strange Weather, Joe Hill’s upcoming anthology release. I love Joe Hill, I love anthologies, and I’ve got an e-ARC of it that I’ve been itching to dig my claws into.

? Which fictional character would you put in charge of the decorations for a Halloween party?
? Hideo from Warcross. He could just create an incredible augmented reality party decor and give everyone Warcross glasses! The possibilities would be literally endless.

I tag… EVERYONE! Just post your link in the comments and/or ping back to me so I can see your answers!

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    1. The second answer is legit made of The Raven Boys to be the answer. Hahaha. And oh my gosh, I read the Alice in Wonderland short story you’re talking about. And, girl, 2spooky4me. I read a short story a night out of than anthology and immediately realized my mistake. ????✨

      1. Haha it IS! It fits perfectly! And I love that. The rest of the stories didn’t disturb me as much, but that one legit gave me chills! Oh, and Stitches by A.G. Howard (I think?) – SO GROSS and wonderful.

    1. I have to agree that I would want to be at Hogwarts for the Halloween celebration! That would be a dream come true, haha. I think I will keep this tag in mind the next time I do one.

    1. That Carrie Ryan short story was a good one. You just reminded me that I should really get my hands on that anthology so I can reread it. I have not read Joe Hill, but I always see his name pop up. Have any recommendations for me? Loved reading your answers!

      1. Dammit, I accidentally hit “send”, lmao. Anyways, I got my copy on BO, for what it’s worth, but I’ve also recently seen paperbacks in Books A Million, I think? I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to grab, this time of year. 😀 Oh man, Joe is one of my faves! His work can be very triggering and he uses a lot of rough speech to vilify the baddies, for what it’s worth (the villains in his stories tend to usually be homophobic/racist/ableist/sexist etc.), but MAN, the guy is brilliant and creepy and WEIRD. He’s gotta be my fave horror author. Sorry to gush so much, haha! I’d say, for your first read by him, I highly recommend Heart-Shaped Box. It was my first book of his and I adored it. I’m tough to scare but something about it DEEPLY unsettled me!

    1. ugh these are like…next level amazing answers. like i can’t even single one out because i love them all aggressively

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