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June 14, 2018

Thank you so much to Heather for tagging me in this super fun tag! A:TLA is one of my favorite shows of all time, and has been ever since it first premiered, so I was incredibly excited to see this tag. ♥

The Leonardo DiCaprio Book Tag

This tag was created by A Clockwork Reader.



1. Katara and Sokka: the best sibling relationship

The first book that comes to mind for this is Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts. I adore the sibling relationship between Tilla and Jax. ♥

2. Yue: favorite star-crossed lovers

This one, hands down, has to go to Blue and Gansey from The Raven BoysI absolutely adore them so much, and they have one of the most tragic romances I’ve ever read (and no worries, that’s not a spoiler – you’re warned in the very beginning of the first book!).

3. Blood Bending: a book with disturbing content

For this, I’d go with either The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison, or The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel. While they’re very different books, they also follow some similar themes: switching between the past and present, featuring topics such as rape and pedophilia, and mysteries that unravel as the book goes on. The Roanoke Girls also has depictions of incest, but I personally was more traumatized by The Butterfly Garden; that said, they’re both 5-star reads for me.



1. Toph: a character with surprising strength

Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy by C. S. Pacat. From the beginning of the series, he comes across as a spoiled child who’s handed everything he wants, but as the story progresses, you come to realize that he’s actually extremely formidable – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2. The Tales of Ba Sing Se: best short story/poetry collection

Oh, man, this is tough because I love so many anthologies! I’ll just go with the most recent one I gave 5 stars to, which was A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, a collection of own-voice Asian mythology retellings.

3. Kioshi Warriors: best warrior character

I was tempted to go with another Captive Prince pick here and say Damianos, but since he’s more of a king than a warrior, I’ll go with Cassian from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I adore my little man-bun-wearing, joke-cracking, self-sacrificing little Illyrian bastard.


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1. Zuko: best redemption arc

Honestly, I’m just going to say Zuko, because I feel like not a week passes by without me rambling to someone about how Zuko has my favorite redemption arc (and character progression arc, in general) out of any media source throughout all of time. He’s perfect.

2. Iroh: wisest character

This was a tough one for me to pick, but I’ll say Eleanor West from the Wayward Children series. Right from the prologue of the first book, she just strikes me as being so wise and such a terrific mentor.

3. Azula: best downfall

I’ll try not to spoil, but Pekka Rollins from the Six of Crows duology has a downfall that, while dirty and underhanded, is positively brilliant and made me literally gasp out loud when I first realized what was happening. There are just so many layers to his downfall.



1. Appa: favorite fictional animal/pet

Ooh, I have two for this one!
1. Lysander! He’s the big bear from Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh, and I absolutely adore him. He’s so precious and helpful and heroic.
2. Mr. Kindly from The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff. He’s the coolest, bestest little shadow kitty.

2. Aang: purest cinnamon roll

I know he’s not what a lot of people think of when they think cinnamon roll characters, but Niklas Malikov from The Illuminae Files is so damn innocent, and sweet, and loving, and brave, and has had such a horrible hand dealt to him in life. Isaac Grant’s note to him in Obsidio, by the way? Totally wrecked me. ♥♥ Nik deserves nothing but the best.

3. Avatar State: a stubborn character

Oh man, I gotta give this to my favorite little bloodthirsty beastie, Lada Dracul from The Conqueror’s Saga. She always means that she’s going to get what she wants, when she wants it, and nobody can stand in her way.


I don’t know which of my blogging friends are A:TLA fans and which aren’t, so I’ll let anyone who is a fan tag themselves in this one! Please comment below or link back if you fill it out so I can read your answers! ♥



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    1. Ah Avatar is perfection! It’s totally understandable to tell EVERYONE about how great Zuko is bc gosh darnit his character development is amazing!
      Also, AHH CASSIAN IS MY MAN (Imma fight Nesta for him, right after I fight Feyre for Rhys, I can have both of them right?)

      1. Right?!?! It’s soooo freaking good and Zuko… ugh. One of my greatest fiction loves of all time, haha. And yes to Cassian, lmao! He deserves better than Nesta. >_> *grumbles*

    1. This is awesome! Two things I love books and The Last Airbender…now I feel like I need to go and watch all seasons again!!!

    1. THIS TAG EXISTS?? How have I not heard of it sooner? Let’s be real, who doesn’t love Zuko and hasn’t had even a minor crush on him. I’m still bitter about Zutara not happening, I’ll never live that down XD

      1. Bahahaha I hadn’t heard of it until I was tagged in it, it’s crazy! Okay, so I was actually a Kataang shipper, but I also 100% supported Zutara – it’s one of the only series (books or tv) in life where I was totally okay with more than one ship for my beloved characters, I think. In hindsight, though, it surprises me a little that Zutara never happened.

    1. Oh my gosh! I found another ATLA fan! And ZUKO on my god he was probably my first ever fictional crush, and I definitely ship Zutara, however uncanon it may be. Have you watched the Legend Of Korra yet? It’s really great!

      1. Yesssss haha! *high-five!* Dude, Zuko… he’s amazing, truly. I could ramble for days about how much I love him. I’ve only seen a little bit of LoK because I’m really funny about spin-offs of things that I love – I almost NEVER touch them. But I’ve heard so many rave reviews for LoK that I want to make an exception for it soon!

    1. Zuko zuko zuko <3 Favorite of ever. This is a great tag. Must do it. (Man it looks hard to answer haha)

    1. I loooove this tag!!! And 100% agree about Zuko! No one will ever have better character development ??♥️

        1. Me, too!!!! He’s so great, I love him ?♥️

    1. OMG, we’re rewatching ATLA at the moment. Just 1 episode per night to stretch it out!! Then we’ll redo Korra afterwards (but it’s not quite as good). Also, yes to Mister Kindly and Nik Malikov ?

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