Cress — Marissa Meyers

February 15, 2017

Warning: spoilers ahead for previous Lunar Chronicles books! If you haven’t read Cinder and Scarlet, you may want to stop here.

Cinder is stranded in space with Thorne, Scarlet, Wolf, and Iko. The wedding is only days away, Luna has attacked the people of Earth, and Queen Levana’s search for the runaway cyborg is in full force. The fate of Cinder, her friends, Emperor Kai, and the world itself lies in their plan to stop the wedding and dethrone Levana. Things get a lot more interesting when they enlist the help of a young Lunar shell named Cress: the girl from the D-COMM chip Cinder found weeks prior. Cress is a hacker and a prisoner, living in a small satellite orbiting between Earth and Luna. When she decides to go rogue, Cinder attempts a rescue mission, but an enemy intervention sends the entire trip to hell as it separates the Rampion’s crew. Will they find one another in time to continue their plan to halt the wedding, or will Levana become the Empress of the Eastern Commonwealth?

All. Day. Long! This was easily my favorite so far of the series. These books just keep getting better! Cinder and her little band of misfits are such endearing and complex characters, and Cress makes an amazing addition to the group. Cress herself is an adorable and humorous character, between her social awkwardness, obsession with Thorne, and overall sweet demeanor. The crew being scattered from one another raised a lot of tensions and kept me tearing through the book from start to finish.

I don’t feel like there is much I can say beyond what I’ve already said, without major spoilers, but let me tell you that, if you have enjoyed Cinder and Scarlet, it is absolutely imperative that you pick this book up at your next possible opportunity. I am so sad to be over halfway through this series, but I’m sure that won’t stop me from devouring the next title as well.

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