December Physical Haul—my last big haul for a while?! (hopefully)

December 31, 2018

Two of my biggest goals for 2019 are:
1. borrow more, buy less
2. read 5 owned books for every 1 unread physical book I purchase!

With these two goals in mind, HOPEFULLY, this will be the last big physical haul I post for a loooooong time!

(Click the titles for Goodreads links!)




  • Black Heart — Holly Black
    • YA fantasy, definitely didn’t know this was #3 in the series… oops
  • This Mortal Coil — Emily Suvada
    • YA sci-fi, rec from Kal, Bex, and Taylor
  • Spell on Wheels — Kate Leth
    • NA fantasy graphic novel, queer witchy girls?!?!
  • Beastly Bones — William Ritter
    • YA historical fantasy/mystery, #2 in Jackaby series
  • Tales from the Darkside — Joe Hill
    • adult horror graphic novel, I need all the Joe Hill in my life
  • Dark Cities — edited by Christopher Golden
    • adult horror anthology, SO MANY GOOD CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS

Misc. Purchases:




  • The Radium Girls — Kate Moore
    • adult nonfiction about women who were irradiated through chemical testing
      • thank you, Allana!
  • Horrorstor — Grady Hendrix
    • adult horror, haunted IKEA?? yes please
      • thank you, Bex!
  • Cry Wolf & Hunting Ground — Patricia Briggs
    • adult paranormal, books #1 and #2 in Alpha & Omega series, WEREWOLVES ♥
      • thank you, Meredith and Meisha!
  • Out Behind the Barn — Chad Lutzke & John Boden
    • adult horror/dark fiction, family bonding time + murder
      • thank you, Martha!
  • The Visible Filth — Nathan Ballingrud
    • adult horror, horrible things in a found cellphone, probably going to scar me for life with creepy-crawly bugs?
      • thank you, Jacqui!



ARCs & Review Copies:


  • Ink Knows No Borders — edited by Patrice Vecchione & Alyssa Raymond
    • YA nonfiction poetry collection, own-voice immigration stories
  • The Raven’s Tale — Cat Winters
    • YA fantasy, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” retelling with a twist, I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS OMG
  • The Playing Card Killer — Russell James
    • adult thriller, serial killer who leaves playing cards as evidence
  • Black Wings — Megan Hart
    • adult paranormal/horror, creepy kid with magical bird-related powers
  • The Nightmare Girl — Jonathan Janz
    • adult horror, re-release, creepy cult murders
  • Savage Species — Jonathan Janz
    • adult horror, re-release, WENDIGOS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? (I really love wendigo stories)


  • The Haunting of Henderson Close — Catherine Cavendish
    • adult horror, ghostly hauntings
  • Little Darlings — Melanie Golding
    • adult thriller, a new mother thinks changelings took her babies (terrifying, wow)
  • The Test — Sylvain Neuvel
    • adult sci-fi novella about immigration & citizenship tests
  • Perihelion Summer — Greg Egan
    • adult sci-fi novella about black holes, unlikely friendships, and a crew lost at space
  • Ragged Alice — Gareth L. Powell
    • adult paranormal novella about a detective who can see evil in suspects’ souls

How was your December haul? Are you also cutting back on your purchases in 2019?


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    1. This is such an amazing collection of books! I love that one of your goals is to borrow more books. It’s a great way to support libraries <3 and save money 🙂 Wishing you the best of luck!

    1. This is such a fantastic haul! I always have a tough time finding graphic novels that I want on book outlet lol. And good luck with your goals!

      1. Thank you! Omg same, I think this was the first time I ever bought graphic novels from BookOutlet because usually all they have are super random comics lol! And thank you, good luck to you too! 😀

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