February Wrap: The month of sickness and slumping!

March 4, 2019

First off, this wrap-up is gonna look a little deceptive, because it looks like I had a pretty solid reading month in February… ha. HA. Don’t let that fool you, friends, because February is barely second to January in my “most hated months of the year” list and this February BOMBED. It was rough and I’m glad it’s over.

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(^ me, on my way out of February like BYE BITCH)

Click the titles for links to reviews wherever available!

? = review copy
? = graphic novel/manga/comics
? = POC rep
? = LGBTQ+ rep
?‍♂️ = Fantastic February
? = Splattertine’s Day

5 stars:

4 stars:

3 stars:


2 stars:


1 star:


DNF — no rating:

  • ???‍♂️ Enchantée — Gita Trelease
    • One of those “it’s not you, it’s me” books, maybe? A bit too slow-paced for my liking.
  • ???‍♂️ Gates of Stone — Angus Macallan
    • Slow pacing, unlikable characters, and too much obsessive body-shaming.

in progress & predicted ratings:

  • Nevernight — Jay Kristoff (reread)
    • prediction: 5/5 stars (again)
  • Aurora Rising — Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
    • prediction: 5/5 stars
  • Red, White, & Royal Blue — Casey McQuiston
    • prediction: 5/5 stars
  • A Danger to Herself and Others — Alyssa B. Sheinmel
    • prediction: 4/5 stars
  • The Witch’s Kind — Louisa Morgan
    • prediction: 5/5 stars


Movies & TV Watched this Month:

  • Patient Zero (2018) — 4.5 ⭐
    • Post-pandemic “infected” film featuring Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, and John Bradley
      • Don’t let the sorta over-the-top cover fool you, this was a ridiculously well-made infection thriller with AMAZING acting and very high stakes. I liked it so much, I bought the DVD as soon as I sent back the Netflix disc.
  • One Day at a Time — season 1, eps 1-3 — 4 ⭐
    • A modern sitcom about a Cuban family, shenanigans ensue
      • I finally picked this up a couple of nights ago and thought the first couple of episodes were adorable. I can’t wait to continue!
  • My Roommate is a Cat — episode 1 — 5 ⭐
    • Novelist Subaru isn’t good with people, but when he stumbles upon a stray cat who inspires him to write a new story, he takes her home, where odd things start happening.
      • Oh. My. GOSH. My spouse and I watched the first episode of this a couple of nights ago and it was the most emotional experience. We laughed our asses off, but I got choked up twice, too. It’s such a well-written and evocative storyline and I relate so much to Subaru’s character. ?

Music I Loved This Month:

Image result for wasteland baby hozier
Wasteland, Baby! technically didn’t release until March 1st, but I’m using the album art as a placeholder because almost all I listened to for the entire month of February was Hozier. Whether it was his 2014 self-titled album, the Nina Cried Power EP, or the single of ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’, it didn’t matter; I just had that Spotify artist page on repeat every freakin’ day and I regret nothing. (It’s also still on repeat and I’m sure will reappear in my March wrap-up, too.)
When I wasn’t listening to Hozier, it was just a lot of whatever was playing on SIRIUS’ Liquid Metal channel.

My Favorite Non-Review Posts of the Month:

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    1. Wow, I’m so jealous of all you managed to read and impressed most of them turned out to be 4+ star reads! I was very happy to see Katie O’Neill’s book on your list too; I recently read another of hers that I really enjoyed and am eager to pick up more by her.

      1. Katie O’Neill is SO talented! I want to read everything she ever writes at this point because she just writes the most lovely, sweet stories ♥♥ I’m so glad you enjoyed what you read from her, too!

    1. Sorry February wasn’t a great month for you :/ Fingers crossed that March is much better! I’m planning on reading Red, White, and Royal Blue soon and am also predicting that it’s a five star for me because it sounds super cute and I’ve heard so many amazing things about it.

      1. Thank you so much, friend! ♥ March has (so far – *knock on wood*) treated me SO much better than February did!
        Oh my gosh, I finished RW&RB yesterday and it is honestly one of the most precious, hilarious, swoon-worthy things I have ever read in my whole life and I hope you adore it!!

      1. Aw, thank you!! I am, thank goodness! Today’s the first day I’ve felt pretty much “normal” in weeks. Still a bit tired so I did take a power nap when I got home from work but I’ll take that any day over being miserable lol!

    1. You still read so much, I’m jealous!!! Thanks for the share ❤

    1. Am I right in thinking you read 30 books in Feb (plus DNF and still in progress)??? That’s crazyyyyyy. I bow down to you, ahaha 😉 I’m glad a lot of them were 4 and 5 stars too, but I’m sorry you were ill, that really sucks 🙁
      Here’s to a better March <3

      1. Errrr, I didn’t count, but now that you say it, it sounds about right. ? Wow, that actually… hmm. That makes me realize my February reading was a lot better than I thought it was haha!! It just felt like I was getting nothing done for some reason! Thank you so much ♥♥ March has, so far, been leaps and bounds better than February for me. I hope March treats you amazingly well, Mattie!

    1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog post, Destiny!
      I read Let’s Get Textual byTeagan Hunter the other day because of you and I LOVED it! I’m sorry you had such a sucky month, I hope March is better for you! ?

      1. You’re so welcome, my love ♥♥ haha I’m so glad you loved Let’s Get Textual, I thought it was so freaking cute!! I really want to continue the series ASAP. And thank you! I hope March treats you like a queen ♥

    1. Reading wise it looks like a good month! But sad to hear that it wasn’t really 🙁
      I hope March will be better to you!

      1. Aw thank you!! I guess I’m hard on myself when I don’t achieve my goals even though when I step back and look at things I can see that I still got some good reading done, it’s hard for me to get my focus off of “I didn’t read all of the ARCs I “needed” to read this month!!” I need to get over that mindset I guess! Thank you so much ♥ I hope March is amazing for you!!

        1. I also do that sometimes ? and then I try to convince myself that I read for pleasure not because I have to, so feeling bad for not reading certain things is stupid but it still happens ??

    1. You had a great reading month though with so many 5 star reads. *.* I thought about requesting Gates of Stone but now I am glad I didn’t. And Yeay Giant Days! <3

      1. Thank you! Yeah, Gates of Stone didn’t impress me, sadly, but someone on Goodreads has tried to convince me to give it another try and I decided that I might… but not any time soon haha!

    1. February was a dumpster fire of a month and I am SO GLAD that it is in the rearview mirror! I literally feel like once I settled a bit into March my mood improved a bit, and that possible coincides with seeing a blue sky for the first time in weeks.
      Looks like you had some solid reading, though. Even though it didn’t feel like it! I felt the same way last month, most of my reads were good but I literally read maybe 8 days total last month, so it felt like I didn’t do anything.

    1. I’m honestly so happy that February is over. It was such a stressful month! I swear, my brain and body had no idea what they were doing, because they certainly weren’t working together. The end of February started to get body, but I’m hoping to have a much more productive blogging/reading schedule this March! I’m glad you were able to find many 4 and 5 star reads, love, even if you didn’t read as many books as you hoped you would! (I’ve been wanting to read Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss, and Second Chance Summer, so it’s great to see that they were hits for you!)
      I hope your March is proving to be better than February so far! Haha 🙂

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