February TBR: spooky ladies, contemporary-a-thon, and feeling optimistic!

February 4, 2020

Another new month means another new TBR, and despite February being the shortest month of the year, I decided to put together a pretty optimistic list! ?

The themes this month are…

  1. Fantastic February — come join us at Devour Your TBR on Goodreads while we focus on fantasy reads!
  2. #LOHFReadathon — Ladies of Horror Fiction is hosting a readathon all month devoted to reading horror written by women! (Check out my sign-up video here!)
  3. Contemporary-a-thon — Chelsea, Julie, and Natasha are hosting round 6 of the Contemporary-a-thon and I’ll be following along on here, twitter, and booktube! (I won’t be putting most of my Contemporary-a-thon TBR in this list, though… you’ll have to keep an eye out for my TBR video coming later this week!)

And, of course, I’m still devoting 2020 to #ARCApocalypse!

Now, on to my TBR!

? buddy/group reads | ✨ #ARCApocalypse | ? graphic novels/manga |
? poetry | ? audiobook | ? kindle unlimited |
? reread | ? #LOHFreadathon | ?‍♂️ fantastic february


Rolling in the Deep ??‍♂️

* for the LOHF queer author prompt *


Taaqtumi ✨?

* for the LOHF WOC author prompt*


The Haunted ✨?

* for the LOHF YA or MG prompt*


False Bingo: Stories ✨?

* for the LOHF backlist prompt*


The Deep ✨?

* for the LOHF great cover prompt*


Let’s Talk About Love ?

* Dragons & Tea pick of the month *

48808459. sy475

Laughing at Shadows



Docile ✨?‍♂️


42967479. sy475

Gate 4: Volume One Episodes


Riot Baby ✨?‍♂️


Lullabies for Suffering ✨?


Foul is Fair

Leftover from January:


Seven Deadly Shadows ✨?‍♂️

37650881. sy475

Jane Anonymous

Monthly Goals:

  • previous month’s goals:
    • start every book on my January TBR ❌
    • stay on track with all buddy reads ?‍♀️ (mostly yes but I missed one that… didn’t really happen, I guess? so I don’t think it counts!)
    • post 3+ booktube videos ✅ (I posted 4!)
  1. Read 2+ books from my 2020 TBR
  2. Catch up on my pending reviews
  3. Read at least 50 pages every single day in February!

What book on your TBR are you most excited to read this month?


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    1. I hope you enjoy all you read! And can manage all your goals!


    1. Love this!

      I’m really sorry to hijack your post but how did you enable comments when there was an issue? My wordpress has put me on this damn update and now my comments bubble and form have gone…..and I cant figure out how to get it back!

      1. Thank you! <3

        Oh no, I'm sorry! Honestly I just toggled a bunch of settings on and off until a few people told me they weren't having issues anymore. ? I am SO sorry because I know that truly isn't helpful at all but I don't think I "did" anything so much as Jetpack finally getting their shit together on my blog. Have you had any luck figuring it out? I'm sorry, I know this comment was from a few days ago now.

        1. Thanks! I emailed WordPress and they told me how to switch back on but I’ve been so busy this weekend I havent had a chance to sort it out!

    1. Foul is fair is on my to do list this month. I have a blog tour post for it in like 2 weeks so I’m going to try and be responsible and start it by this weekend. We’ll see lol. Good luck on your readathons this month!!

    1. I hope you end up liking Foul is Fair! I’m a little less than halfway through and think it’s really good so far. 🙂

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