Goodreads TBR Purging #3

June 14, 2019

Last month, I decided to start a mass clean-out of my Goodreads TBR shelf! Naturally, if I’m going to spend the time doing it, I figured I might as well blog about it. I’m just doing it in small chunks to keep it manageable!

If there’s anything in this list that you think I should KEEP on my TBR, please let me know why, and I’ll consider adding it back!

TBR Tracking:

before purge 1: 1,536
after purge 1: 1,496
before purge 2: 1,534
after purge 2: 1,494
before purge 3: 1,504

  1. Watch Hollow — Gregory Funaro
  2. You’d Be Mine — Erin Hahn
    • I honestly wouldn’t have taken this when it was up for “download now” status on NG if I’d known it was about country music. No offense to country fans! It’s just that, as a southerner who hates the genre despite being unwillingly subjected to it everywhere you go, well… it makes it hard to enjoy any media revolving around it.
  3. Girls of July — Alex Flinn
  4. Race the Darkness — Abbie Roads
  5. Crazy Cupid Love — Amanda Heger
  6. I Let You Go — Clare Mackintosh
    • I want to read this, but it involves the death of the MC’s child, which is a theme I really can’t enjoy stories with.
  7. The Playing Card Killer — Russell James
  8. Black Wings — Megan Hart
  9. Look Straight Ahead — Elaine M. Will
  10. The Snow Child — Eowyn Ivey
  11. Priestdaddy — Patricia Lockwood
    • I love cult-related memoirs but I heard this one’s pretty boring. Does anyone have recommendations for good replacements?
  12. Snotgirl, Vol. 1 — Bryan Lee O’Malley
  13. Amber & Dusk — Lyra Selene
  14. North of Happy — Adi Alsaid
  15. Colder, Vol. 2 — Paul Tobin
    • I liked Vol. 1 a lot, but not enough to buy Vol. 2, and none of the libraries in my system have it. ?‍♀️
  16. Wishtree — Katherine Applegate
  17. The Dragonet Prophecy — Tui T. Sutherland
    • I’m definitely not intrigued enough to start a 14-book MG fantasy series.
  18. Inside Out & Back Again — Thanhha Lai
    • I appreciate that this exists, but I flipped through it a little at work once and didn’t enjoy the writing.
  19. An Orchestra of Minorities — Chigozie Obioma
  20. Stay Up With Hugo Best — Erin Somers
  21. Otokogokoro — Neko Kanda
    • Not sure where to even find an English version of this…
  22. From Breath and Ruin — Carrie Ann Ryan
    • No memory AT ALL of adding this.
  23. Once & Future — Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy
    • I know this has been hugely popular this year, and I dig that it’s a queer story by queer authors, but… man, I gotta be honest, NOTHING about this synopsis interests me, and I’ve tried Capetta’s writing before and was thoroughly unimpressed.
  24. It’s Not Hansel and Gretel — Josh Funk
  25. She Spoke — Kathy MacMillan
  26. A Mark On My Soul — Jordon Greene
  27. The Broken Circle — Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller
  28. A Fire Story — Brian Fies
    • Maybe I should pick out an emoji to notate books I simply don’t remember ever adding to begin with ?
  29. The Art of Leaving — Ayelet Tsabari
  30. Between Before & After — Maureen Doyle McQuerry
  31. Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution — E.E. Charlton-Trujillo
    • Not writing off the series, I just didn’t know this was a sequel when I added it.
  32. Sherwood — Meagan Spooner
  33. A Monster Like Me — Wendy S. Swore
    • I was pretty excited for this one, but I’m hearing a lot of chatter about some harmful Native American rep in it, so I’ll pass.
  34. Fallen Mountains — Kimi Cunningham Grant
    • Again, where do all of these random thrillers I don’t recognize and none of my friends have read even come from?!
  35. Clueless: Senior Year — Amber Benson
  36. The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix #2: The Truth About Stacey — Raina Telgemeier & Ann M. Martin
    • I read the first adaptation in the graphic novel series recently and thought it was really poorly adapted. :/
  37. Black Bird, Vol. 1 — Kanoko Sakurakouji
  38. Come Find Me — Megan Miranda
  39. Virtually Yours — Sarvenaz Tash
  40. A Lily Among Thorns — Rose Lerner

Remaining TBR: 1,464



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    1. The Dragonet Prophecy is so good though ;___; I would recommend just reading the first novel because the characterization especially of the villains is so worth it! And it’s one of those stories that really plays with tropes and is so unique!

    1. Priestdaddy isn’t really about a cult, just a messed up family life (unless you consider the Catholic Church to be a cult, which is a valid argument). It is also very much a scree against the “religious” men who control much of the current government and her rage against them. It could have been edited better.

      1. Oooooooh, good to know! I was totally told it was a cult-based story, WTF. ? I mean, I do have a lot of issues with the Catholic Church, to be fair, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for when I think of cult stories. Thank you for telling me this!

    1. I am ABSOLUTELY in support of you getting rid of Snotgirl – that comic is AWFUL. Without a doubt one of the worst things I’ve read this year.

    1. Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution, reads fine without having read the first books as I didn’t realise it was a sequel.
      That being said, I found the way it was written so jarring and trying too hard to sound hip. Also, I think it’s historical but that was never made clear if it was historical OR they just all use old tech from the 90’s.
      Also, I found the way Angie’s body is referred to by the author the opposite of empowering. I have a fuller review on my blog if you want to see it.

      1. I’m somehow just now seeing this comment as I play catch-up, but wow, thank you so much for the info on Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution! It sounds like one I can easily pass up without feeling bad about now. It’s so hard to find books with fat rep that I tend to get super excited at the opportunity, but sadly, I feel like about half of the few that DO get written end up being more harmful than helpful. 🙁 I’ll check out your full review, too! Thanks again, darling <3

    1. I enjoyed Priestdaddy, but don’t think I’d quite categorize it as a cult memoir. However, it is quite funny if you feel like giving it a shot eventually! I really liked the writing and actually followed the author on Twitter because I was so interested in keeping up with her.

    1. snotgirl was a wild ride and i can’t say it was something i’d ever recommend. (so. damn. weird)! and i totally feel you on the bsc’s graphic adaptation. it was lowkey awful.
      i’m sad that once & future’s reviews haven’t been great ’cause i just picked it up the other day and, i mean, queer arthurian retelling? such promise!

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