Graphics-a-thon: ROUND 2!

September 21, 2020

It’s time for a special announcement… round 2 of the Graphics-a-thon!

Ellyn and I had such a good time hosting Graphics-a-thon last year that we’ve decided to make it an annual readathon — and this year, the amazing Rebecca from BookishlyRebecca is joining us!

1. What is the Graphics-a-thon?

This is an annual readathon where we just take it easy and read graphic novels, manga, comics, or anything else you like — as long as the story is mostly told through pictures!

2. What are the readathon dates?

Graphics-a-thon is taking place this year from October 11th, 2020 (12:00AM your time) to October 19th, 2020 (11:59PM your time)!

3. Who are the hosts?

4. Where can I talk about the readathon?

You can make posts to your blog and link back to us (or comment on our posts), and you can check out the official Twitter page @GraphicsAThon!

5. Are there prompts for the readathon?

We came up with a few really exciting prompts — of course, these are optional, but we hope you’ll use them when picking your reads!

💞 a book with BIPOC rep
💞 a book with disability and/or mental health rep
💞 a book with queer rep
💞 a spooky read
💞 a 5-star prediction

We also came up with 3 bonus prompts for the folks who really want to challenge themselves:

➕ a book that has (or will have) an adaptation
➕ a book with pink on the cover
➕ a genre or story you wouldn’t usually reach for

6. Anything else?

We wanted to make this readathon really special and immersive, so we’ll also soon be posting a bingo board (totally optional!) and a document of recommendations for each of the prompts — so stay tuned for those!


And finally, each of us decided to recommend you 9 of our favorite graphics recommendations! Check out Ellyn and Rebecca’s posts for their recommendations, and here are mine: 9 of my favorite graphic novels and manga that I think you should check out! (Thank you to Ellyn for the recommendation collage image!)

🌟 Fence graphic novel series (queer rep + BIPOC rep)
🌟 The Way of the Househusband manga series (BIPOC rep)
🌟 Giant Days graphic novel series (queer rep + mental health rep)
🌟 Check, Please! graphic novel series (queer rep + mental health rep)
🌟 Fruits Basket manga series (queer rep + BIPOC rep)
🌟 Something is Killing the Children graphic novel series (queer rep + spooky)
🌟 Through the Woods graphic novel (spooky)
🌟 Harleen graphic novel (mental health rep)
🌟 My Brother’s Husband manga series (queer rep + BIPOC rep)

And that’s it for today’s big readathon announcement post! I hope you’ll check out the Twitter page and stay tuned for more information and recommendations, and that you’ll join us for a week of fun, laid-back reads in October! ♥


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    1. Ahhh FENCE AND SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN are my faves! I hope you enjoy them. Oh my god I didn’t know that Fruit Baskets has both BIPOC and Queer Rep?? This is awesome, and I was only looking for a new manga series to read 🙂 Great TBR!

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