January TBR: New year, new rules!

January 3, 2019

The themes this month are…

  1. Late-a-thon — January 1st→31st
    • A whole month of reading overdue ARCs and books I meant to read ages ago!
  2. January Jam Jar
    • Devour Your TBR Jar’s challenge for the month: pulling your reads out of a TBR jar! My jar is full of overdue ARCs for Late-a-thon!

By the way, have you joined the new Goodreads group Kathy and I are hosting, Devour Your TBR? If you haven’t, you should! ♥ It’s a group solely devoted to monthly reading challenges and knocking out those pesky TBR mountains!

Instead of clicking the titles for Goodreads links, you can view a Goodreads shelf of my entire month’s TBR here!

Now, on to my TBR!

? = ARC

? = POC rep
? = LGBTQ+ rep
⏰ = Late-a-thon

(keep in mind that I haven’t read these yet, so I may miss the rep on some titles—if you see anything I missed, please let me know!)


  • Darkest Hours — Mike Thorn ?⏰
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (illustrated ed.) — J.K. Rowling
  • The Last Olympian — Rick Riordan ?⏰
    • Time to finally finish up this series with a buddy read with Sylwia! ♥
  • This Mortal Coil — Emily Suvada
    • I know Bex, Kal, and Taylor will be happy to see that Kelly and I are reading this one later this month!
  • Darkfever — Karen Marie Moning ⏰
    • I’ve been eyeing this forever, and finally decided to pick it up for a group read with some people in one of the Goodreads groups I’m in.
  • Dead of Winter — Kealan Patrick Burke
    • Do I even need any justification for this one? ♥

UNHAUL Challenge TBR

I decided to change the way I choose my Unhaul Challenge book(s)! I’m lowering it from 2 books per month to 1, and instead of having Twitter and Goodreads make suggestions, I’m gonna ask YOU all to! ♥♥♥ So, if you could please pop over to my owned-TBR goodreads shelf HERE and suggest a title for me to read this month, I’ll pick one lucky winner, and I’ll have to either read it by January 31st or UNHAUL it!

Leftover from December

Image result for jonathan can you believe gif


No optional TBR this month! In the spirit of self-care this year, you guys will notice I’ll be making much smaller TBRs, so I might do away with this section altogether next month.

Monthly Goals

  1. Surviving my first month at my new job without falling off the face of the blogosphere! That’s it. That’s my whole monthly goal list. ?

What books on your January TBR are you most excited to read? Will you be joining in with Late-a-thon or the January Jam Jar challenge? And PLEASE be sure to suggest an Unhaul Challenge title for me below!


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    1. Good luck with the new job and your goals! I need to check out the jam jar post and see if it can help me with my jar this year. 🙂

    1. I suggest Hammers on Bone! I love Cassandra Khaw’s writing, and while Hammers on Bone isn’t my favorite of hers – I liked the companion sequel A Song for Quiet more, and my favorite thing she has written is the short story I Built This City For You on uncanny magazine – I still really liked it and I want to know what other people think of it, since I never hear anyone talk about it.

    1. My pick is The Miseducation of Cameron Post! I’m actually hoping to reread it sometime soon if I can find my copy. 🙂

    1. Ooo good luck on the TBR challenge! And with the new job! These are great goals – and I did not manage to start a new job without falling off the blogosphere haha so I wish you much luck!

    1. My JanJamJar/Lateathon post will be up this wk! And that’s so crazy I’m doing a HP readalong too for the first half of the year!

      1. Yaaaay, so exciting! And that’s awesome! I feel like a handful of my friends are doing different HP readalongs and I’m trying to keep up with them, I should just make a list so I can help promote them all lol!

        1. Ohh that would be really cool!! I’d love to know about them all! I’m doing the #PotterheadReadalong19 (there’s deets on my home page right bar / mobile bottom) hosted by Noura @ The Perks of Being Noura! We’re doing a book and movie a month.

          1. Ooooh yes, I’m in the twitter DM chat for that one but I keep forgetting to check it because I’m not really on twitter right now! But I am definitely in that too, I need to add a link to my post! I love the addition of watching each book’s movie alongside it because I love the films ?

            1. Yay!! So much fun! I haven’t started yet this month because I’m on holiday and my illustrated ed is home, and that’s the one I would like to read this year!! I haven’t seen the movies since the theater! ☺️

    1. My suggestion is Goodby Perfect. I haven’t read this book yet but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and I really want to read it. Good luck with the new job you got this!! I am participating in JanJamJar and the Late-A-Thon this month but I haven’t started my reading for either one yet.

      1. Thank you!! I’m actually really wanting to get to that one ASAP so that might be the one I go with from the suggestions! 🙂 And thank you <3 Good luck with your reading! I haven't finished anything yet this year with the new job and all, I'm still adjusting but hopefully I'll get a lot of reading done this weekend.

        1. I can’t wait to see what you think of it. Thank I’ve only finished the last 25% of Dumplin’ so far. I’ve been trying to get everything organized and I can’t seem to catch up lol. You will get used to it and then it will come naturally. I hope you get tons of reads done this weekend.

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for sharing my HP readalong!! I just finished Dead of Winter last night and really liked it, although I think maybe I liked Dead Leaves slightly more? Can’t wait to hear what you think of both it and Darkest Hours! I’ve had that on a shelf for awhile!

      1. You’re welcome, lovely!! Ooooh, I’m glad you liked DoW, I’m excited for it! Maybe this weekend. *fingers crossed* I haven’t finished anything since the year started. I had to email Mike this morning to ask for animal abuse trigger warnings because a couple of the stories had some graphic moments, but he was SO sweet and gave me heads-up on a few, so please let me know if you need those. ♥ He’s such a lovely human being from all of the interacting I’ve done with him so far so I’m happy to say his writing has been great!

    1. Hey Destiny, hope youre enjoying the new job! Whilst I’m here I’d better cast my tbr vote for Coraline. I keep forgetting to give this book a go, I’d love to hear what you make of it ?

    1. congrats on your new job! and ahhh, making a big change like a new job and still blogging at the speed and quality you do is a MASSIVE freaking accomplishment. you should be really proud of yourself, destiny!
      and oh my god, i found it really !! hard to choose just one but my vote is for the screaming staircase. that whole series was a new favourite of mine last year. it’s such a good creepy ghost adventure series. but and i’m also interested to see what you’d think of and the trees crept in … and like twenty others. good luck choosing! ?

      1. Awww thank you Rachel!! ♥ I’m legit typing these comment replies up as fast as I can while cooking dinner haha. It’s been really hard to juggle things this week but I know it’ll be better next week when my schedule evens out. This week, since the library was closed Monday and Tuesday, I had to fit 20 hours into 3 days, which meant working full shifts (basically) yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Next week, though, it’ll go to working about 4 hours a day M-F, which is gonna be SOOOO much easier on me! Plus, I’ll be gone less time in general, because not only will my working time be shorter, but I won’t have to take a lunch break either, so overall, less time away from home = win-win! 😀
        Awww thank you for the suggestions!! Haha you can suggest as many as you want since I love ya ??

    1. A “Late-a-thon”, I love the term! I’m going to have remember that for the future. My late-a-thon was last month though, where I made a last ditch attempt to catch up on 2018 review books/ARCs before the year was over. Good luck to you though! My January will be about new books and not falling (even more) behind lol 😀

      1. Thank you! Haha December is really the perfect month for it. I was originally going to do it then, but ended up co-hosting another readathon instead and they didn’t mesh well, sadly. ? Good luck in 2019! So far I’m not doing well. It’s the 6th and I’ve literally only read about 75% of one book and a few chapters of another, plus I’ve DNFed 2.

    1. Congratulations on your new job! That’s exciting. I am in the same boat with goals. I started a new job a few weeks ago and my January goal will be similar in that I will be trying to keep up with bookish things and juggle having a new job. Fingers crossed that we will both rock our Januarys. =)

    1. Oooh, I see Station Eleven in your owned-TBR, so I suggest that! I just finished that book and really enjoyed it! It follows a bunch of different connected people and has a nonlinear timeline and it’s just really interesting.
      Happy reading and good luck at your new librarian job! 🙂 (Tho you’ll no doubt rock it)

      1. Thank you, Keri! Ooooh that sounds really cool—it’s one of those that I wasn’t totally sure what it was about, I just saw it on bookoutlet and had heard such rave reviews I grabbed it. ? And thank you so much! ♥

    1. Good luck with your new job Destiny. You can do the balance. 😉
      I’m curious what you will think of Darkfever. I’ve read the first 6 books.

      1. Awww, thank you. <3 The first week was hard but I think this week will be better since my schedule will be a bit easier and more balanced. 🙂 The first week is always tough when you're starting in the middle of the week, and having to cram all the hours into a shorter amount of days. And I'm a few chapters into Darkfever, so far so good. Mac is a little annoying but I'm very intrigued by the plot!

    1. No clue whether or not it’s too late to vote, but I’m going with “Emma in the Night” for your unhaul challenge! I really liked that one so I’m curious to see how you’ll feel about it?
      [Secretly compared your TBR to my favorites shelf, but I could hardly ask you to use Kingdom of Ash / The Exact Opposite of Okay / My Whole Truth for this challenge, right? I think?]

      1. It is not too late! Sadly, as I’m seeing this comment now, I’m realizing it’s halfway through the month and I never did go back through these and narrow it down to one. ? Oops… Maybe I’ll pick from these comments for my February unhaul challenge, and let people comment on my February TBR with options for the March challenge, and so on? Thoughts?
        You could totally use anything you want! Kingdom of Ash is one I’m still desperately hoping to get to before the month is out ?

        1. Hahaha, oopsies! 😛
          That’s definitely an option. Gives you a bit more time to go through them as well. And by the time you create your next TBR, you’ll remember to check the previous post and such.
          *Secretly puts all the “Kingdom of Ash” notes in your jar.”

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