January Haul: my first bookoutlet order in almost a year?!

January 31, 2020

It’s the end of another month, which means it’s time to talk about my haul for the month! This month’s is a pretty decent one because I got my BookOutlet Boxing Day sale order. Let’s get to it!







  • Physical Library Loans:
    • Nothing this month!
  • Digital Library Loans (including subscription services):

42527596. sy475


  • Console purchases:
    • Nintendo Switch (!!!)
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
    • Stardew Valley (Switch)
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)
    • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Switch)
      • You guys… I have no shame. This is my favorite game in the world and, now that I have a Switch (and this was one of the first games I bought for it), I have FFX on literally every single platform you can own it on. ?
  • Steam sales [PC]:
    • Fable Anniversary
  • Humble Bundle [PC]:
    • Graveyard Keeper
    • Mages of Mystralia
    • Whispers of a Machine
    • Far Cry 5
  • Epic Games freebies [PC]:
    • Darksiders
    • Darksiders II
    • Steep

What was your favorite thing you hauled this month — or if you didn’t haul anything, is there anything you hope to haul soon? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. ooh, I’m super interested in the protection spells book; thank you for putting it on my radar! I really want to add to my witchy library and get information from sources other than witch tumblr, lol.

      I also requested Mexican Gothic immediately after reading your post because I’ve been interested in it but did not know it was on NG.

      I hope you enjoy all these books!

    1. BUNNICULA! Sometimes I feel like I imagined those books because no one every knows what I’m talking about when I mention them, lol.

    1. I see so many interesting things on here!


    1. Amazing haul! I love Book Outlet. I haven’t really gotten any books from them in probably over a year. I’ve been trying to limit my buying since I already have so many books that I haven’t read, haha.

      1. Thank you! Oh, I feel you! I used to order from them all the time and this was my first time in about a year, too, and it was so fun to pick out a big haul of books but definitely reminded me of why it has to be a rare occasion. ?

    1. Oooohhh I’m so jealous! I wish we had Book Outlet in Aus ?

      I hope you enjoyed your Switch! They look so fun!

      I bought Sawkill Girls recently too and it looks so pretty on my shelf ?

        1. Would be so good! Although my bank account wouldn’t be so grateful because I’d use it as an excuse to constantly buy books ?

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