Happy New Year! January 2024’s TBR & Journal Spreads

January 2, 2024

Another month, another stack of reading goals

I didn’t quite make it through all of my December TBR picks, but I made good progress! I’m generally pretty laid-back about my TBR lists in all honesty, but this year I’m really going to do my best to make sure I’m not treating them like “required reading”. I’m still going to try to keep my monthly TBRs pretty small, though, because I want to make monthly progress on each of my seasonal and annual TBR lists instead of saving them all to cram in at the last minute! 😅

December goal check-in: 

  • read 100+ pages per day
    • I managed to hit this goal for all but 6 days of the month, so I’m pleased with that!
  • finish my 2023 TBR list
    • Sadly, I didn’t quite manage this one! I’m still reading The Shadow of What Was Lost, and didn’t start Exquisite Corpse or The Kaiju Preservation Society yet.
  • catch up on reviews
    • NOPE. 😭 I didn’t even start on this task!

My goals for January are: 

  • succeed at all of my monthly checklist goals
  • start taking reading notes again
  • complete all of my January buddy/group reads on time

monthly checklist:

Every month I’m going to try to make progress on my seasonal TBR, 2024 TBR, 2024 series goals, and TBR jar goal!

  • 2 books from 2024 TBR
    • likely choices: Clown in a Cornfield, Cabin at the End of the World
  • 2 books from seasonal TBR:
    • likely choices: Clown in a Cornfield, That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon
  • 2 titles from TBR jar
    • random picks: Darkest Unsolved Mysteries, Cinema Viscera (which is also on my winter TBR, lucky me!)
  • 2 prompts from TBR jar
    • prompt picks: romance, anthology
  • 2 books from 2024 series goals
    • likely choices: City of Heavenly Fire, Caraval

JANUARY’S picks:

The theme for January is the same as the theme for the past few months: buddy reads with Misty! 😂 I love how many books we’ve been buddy reading lately and I can’t wait for everything we picked out for next month. I also have a few group reads I committed to!

  1. Throne of the Fallen // Kerri Maniscalco → Misty re-read the Kingdom of the Wicked books with me to help me finish my series goal, and now we’re moving on to the spin-off!
  2. Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries // Heather Fawcett → This is another buddy read for me and Misty. I’ve been putting this one off a while but I think I’m gonna love it! 🤞
  3. The Shining // Stephen King → I was planning for the past several months on reading this one sometime this winter, and then a few people in my discord volunteered to buddy read it with me!
  4. A Court of Silver Flames // Sarah J. Maas → I know, this one has been on my TBR before… but I think I’m finally really ready this time! 😂 Another BR with Misty!
  5. My Roommate is a Vampire // Jenna Levine → Another Misty BR! This sounds so cute and my audiobook hold is almost ready.
  6. Bewitched // Laura Thalassa → This is the January BOTM for Misty’s Lost in Romance Book Club and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since it came out.
  7. Clown in a Cornfield // Adam Cesare → This is on my 2024 TBR, my winter TBR, and a few of us in the discord are buddy reading the series!
  8. Bookshops & Bonedust // Travis Baldree → This is the BOTM for my Discord server (which you’re welcome to join here if you’d like)!

JANUARY reading journal spreads:

New year, new reading journal! I treated myself to an Archer & Olive 8″x8″ journal for 2024 and I’m really enjoying the extra space. I went with a basic snowflake-y theme for January (even though we never get snow here lol) and I like how it turned out.


What are you reading this month?



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    1. Your journal look amazing. I wish I could keep mine this clean

    1. I got a kick out of “The theme for January is the same as the theme for the past few months: buddy reads with Misty.” I’m excited for all of our reads even though one of them has already let us down.

    1. So many good goals here, and your reading journal looks gorgeous! ❄️ I’ve been putting off A Court of Silver Flames for a while too, but I’m determined to get to it at some point this year. I’m still trying to finish off my December reads but hopefully I can make a start on my new year reading goals soon!

    1. Good luck with your TBR! ❤️ I hope you enjoy the books you’ve picked out! I’ve already read Bookshops & Bonedust and it was the perfect book to start the year with! 🥰

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