July Possiblity List: PopCulture Readathon, 90s Edition!

June 29, 2020

Hello, friends! I can’t believe we’re about to enter another month. I usually save my TBR — or “possibility list” — for the beginning of the month, but this one’s special because…
I wanted to share my PopCulture Readathon goals with you all a little bit early in case anyone who sees this hasn’t had the chance to sign up for the readathon yet!

If you missed last month’s announcement, I’m challenging myself to avoid making strict monthly TBRs for the rest of 2020. Instead, I’m making “possibility lists”: lists of things I’m in the mood for, some basic goals I have, planned buddy reads, etc.

Basically, it helps me avoid writing a TBR post while still leaving the opportunity for you awesome, lovely people to yell at me to pick up specific things and/or for us to make some kickass buddy reads happen. ??

Now… let’s get on with the possibilities, shall we?

✨ POPCULTURE READATHON: 90s edition! ✨
Round 1 of the PopCulture Readathon is going from July 1st to July 31st and is based on 90s movies! Be still, my beating 90s kid heart.
For the PopCulture Readathon, there are 4 bingo boards, and you can try to get a bingo on 1 or multiple of them, fill out 1 or multiple cards, whatever you like. I decided to go with the THRILL RIDE bingo board and I’m aiming to fill the entire card!


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? graphic novels/manga |
? poetry | ? audiobook

? reread | ✨ review copy | ? recent haul

  • ??? Court of Lions — Somaiya Daud
    Nancy Downs: book with a power hungry character
    I’m just going based off of the first book and assuming this one will fit! I think I’m group reading this one with a few lovely people on Twitter. ♥
  • Kill River — Cameron Roubique
    Jurassic Park: book set near water
  • The House on Abigail Lane — Kealan Patrick Burke
    “What’s your favorite scary movie?”: a book by one of your favorite authors
  • A Lesson in Thorns — Sierra Simone
    The Faculty: a dark academia book
  • ?? On the Come Up — Angie Thomas
    I Know What You Did Last Summer: a 2019 release

  • ?✨ The Wives — Tarryn Fisher
    “Everybody’s a suspect”: a mystery/thriller
  • The Shadow of What Was Lost — James Islington
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a book with the “chosen one” trope
    I’ve been working on this forever but I’m literally like 15% in… and Whitney said as long as we were less than 50% into a book before July 1st, it still could count. ?
  • ??✨ Burn Our Bodies Down — Rory Powers
    Calling the corners: a book with one of the four main elements
    I’m buddy reading this one with Storme!
  • ?✨ Ghost Wood Song — Erica Waters
    “It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus”: a book that includes magic
  • ?✨ The Only Good Indians — Stephen Graham Jones?
    “Light as a feather, stiff as a board”: a book with a creepy/haunted feel

  • ?✨ The Ghost Tree — Christina Henry
    Candyman: book with supernatural creatures
  • ?? Full Tilt — Emma Scott
    Scream 2: book in your 2nd fave genre
    I’m buddy reading this with Misty! I actually don’t have a favorite or 2nd favorite genre, because horror/romance/fantasy are all pretty much tied, so I just randomly picked from one of those.
  • ?? House of Earth and Blood — Sarah J. Maas
    Sidney Prescott: book with a badass MC
    I’m buddy reading this one with Whitney, and I hear the MC is pretty badass!
  • ?✨ The Fell of Dark — Caleb Roehrig
    The Mummy: book with the undead
  • ?✨ The Year of the Witching — Alexis Henderson
    Blair Witch Project: book with a black or white cover

Are you participating in the PopCulture Readathon? And what are you most excited to read in July?
Let me know in the comments!


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    1. I hope you have a great reading month! I’m hoping to read The shadows of what was lost and Burn our bodies down this month as well!


        1. Audio is so good! I never knew how good audiobooks were until I listened to Illuminae. Changed everything! I hope you end up loving it! ?

    1. Oh my word, I love 90s movies! This looks amazing. Have a blast! As for me, I’m excited to finish Just Mercy, read The Nickel Boys, and re-read Evicted. I also just received an ARC copy of “Buried Colony” from a friend in the NaNoWriMo Facebook group, and I can’t wait to dive into that one.

    1. ok… i am sooo jealous, because you have arcs of so many of my anticipated releases ? but i really hope you enjoy them & knock out a lot of books this month ??

    1. Omfg, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s 100% up my 90s loving alley, I wish I had the bandwidth to participate! Maybe I’ll lowkey do it without blogging, just for fun?! I love it!!

    1. Yaaaay!! I’m doing Thrill Ride too. I kind of wish there was a prompt for Fear with Reese Witherspoon and Marky Mark. I loved that movie, probably too much. Or An American Werewolf in Paris. So many good slasher 90s films!!

      1. The 90s were truly a magical time for horror if you ask me! If next year’s theme is the 80s like they’ve been talking about, not gonna lie, I NEED there to be another horror/thriller board, because that’s going to be great, too. 😀 I love a good 80s horror flick.

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