July TBR: #StalkAlong, Sci-Fi July, and the return of ARC TBRs!

July 2, 2019

The themes this month are…

  1. Sci-Fi July — all month
    • come join us at Devour Your TBR on Goodreads while we reread some favorites!
  2. #StalkAlong — all month
    • check out the announcement post and join us in reading (or, like me, rereading) the Stalking Jack the Ripper series leading up to the release of the finale!
  3. Bringing ARCs back to my TBR lists!
    • this isn’t a “theme” necessarily, but it was worth mentioning. At the start of 2019, I made a “no ARCs on TBRs” rule in hopes it would relieve some pressure off of myself, but all it’s done is: 1) give me less time for mood reading because I end up trying to read a full TBR AND ARCs, and 2) make me sad, because I miss putting review copies on my TBRs! So, screw it, they’re coming back!

And of course, there’s always the risk of an Unexpected Readathon Time announcement! 😉

You can view a Goodreads shelf of my entire month’s TBR here!

Now, on to my TBR!

? = ARC
? = POC rep
? = LGBTQ+ rep
? = Sci-Fi July
? = buddy/group reads

  • ??? Hunting Prince Dracula — Kerri Maniscalco (REREAD)
  • ? Dead to the World — Charlaine Harris
    • A group read for the Vampires, Weres and Fae! GR group!
  • ? If You See Her — Ania Ahlborn
    • Ladies of Horror Fiction GR group read!
  • ? We Have Always Lived in the Castle — Shirley Jackson
    • Another GR group read — this one’s for Horror Aficionados!
  • ?? Dahlia Black — Keith Thomas
  • ??? Salvation Day — Kali Wallace
    • I sampled this one for the TaC challenge and was super into it, plus I’m supposed to post a review for it next week ?
  • ?? How We Became Wicked — Alexander Yates
    • Sampled this one for the challenge, too!
  • ?? Changeling — William Ritter
    • Super casual/slow buddy read with Owl, and I have a blog tour spot on the 22nd~
  • ? The Work of Art — Mimi Matthews
    • The author JUST reached out to offer me this one over the weekend and I legit freaked out because I so strongly loved the last book I read by her! ?


Leftover from June:


Library Loans:

I finally worked through that massive stack of graphic novels I had on loan~! Now I just have a few titles leftover to finish and take back:


Monthly Goals

  • previous month’s goals:
    • finish my entire June TBR ❌ (so close! the only one I didn’t at least start reading was Slave to Sensation)
    • get into a better ARC schedule ❌ (I read three ARCs last month…)
    • play the Sims 4 while audiobooking ✅ and not feel guilty ✅ (I’m finally learning to stop feeling so bad for gaming when I could be reading!)
  1. Finish playing Fran Bow ?
  2. Finish my summer class without quitting grad school or exploding ?
  3. Finish watching the Friday the 13th movie franchise
  4. Read 5+ titles from my summer TBR jar
  5. Watch Happy Death Day Happy Death Day 2U


What books on your July TBR are you most excited to read?


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    1. Windwitch and finale! Can’t wait to read those!

    1. Crossing my fingers for you!
      I’ve got a summer reading list of 20 books….on month in and I’ve read 7 so not going too badly! Happy reading!

    1. Good luck with your monthly goals! I’m glad you’re finally starting to not feel guilt while gaming. I get like that with certain things too, when I know I could be reading.

    1. Good luck with your goals Destiny! Changeling was a sweet, short book and I enjoyed it 🙂 I’m curious about Salvation Day since I’ve heard good things about the author

    1. I hope your summer class goes smoothly! And that you manage to read everything you plan this month somehow! This is one of the first months where I don’t have any new releases that I want to read, so my TBR is super flexible and I’m very excited! I’m hoping to finish up a few books that I started months ago, including my Throne of Glass reread that way I can finish the series up with Kingdom of Ash!

    1. How We Became Wicked sounds super interesting! AND I AM HYPED TO READ WILDER GIRLS. I have this intense tingly feeling that it’s going to 100% be my jam. Aquicorn Cove is supposed to be reallyyy cute – I’ve heard great things about it. Hope you have a good month!

    1. We have some of the sames on our TBR! (HPD, obvs, If You See Her & WIlder Girls!)
      ALSO PLS LET ME KNOW UR THOUGHTS ON HAPPY DEATH DAY!! The first one is one of my favorite movies!

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